Tribe rugby Feb 2012

Matt Moss,Glory,Ryan,Ryan,Tilchman Goldsboro,OJ,Justin,Reynolds,Ollie,Matt Kang,Collin,Robert,Taylor Reveley,President College of William and Mary,Dick,Sam,Boston,DJ,Matt,Jake Sprang,Colin,Aidan O'Connor,DK,Biscuit,Sam Johnson,Pretty Joe

Feb 2009 v ODU
Tribe Nov 2006 at State Championships
Tribe Oct 06
Tribe March 25,2006 after victory over State Champions VCU
Tribe Feb 2006,2006 before scrimmage
post longwood Oct 06

Rugby Football Club

M attacks off pass from Chris,Ras in support
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Virginia RU

Welcome. The William and Mary RFC is located in historic Williamsburg,Virginia,USA; our Club represents the second oldest university in the United States founded in 1693.

We would be delighted to hear from any highschool atheletes interested in entering the College and , of course, current students,faculty, and friends of the College are encouraged to join and support the Club in their pursuit of the finest field sport played in the world.

We encourage you to browse the Table of Contents to your left and get to know us. If there are any questions about the Club or the College please email us.

Moses makes tackle at Cherry Blossom Rugby Tournament 2009,click on picture for video stream

courtesy click on image for larger view