Standard Operating Procedures

The William and Mary Rugby Football Club

These procedures can be considered passdown advice to the current edition of the W&M RFC. We can safely say that this advice is not inclusive but is certainly based upon past foul-ups. We are merely attempting to avoid making the same mistakes year after year out of our failure to pass down the basics to maintaining a strong rugby club.


As a member of the William and Mary Rugby Football Club you are expected to compete, of course, to the best of your ability. While convened as a group you represent our Club, your teammates,your family, the College, and the Virginian Rugby Union. Represent yourself with honor.

Look the part, as well, on match day ensure that your playing kit is complete (jersey,black rugby shorts,green socks,boots). If we look good, we will be perceived as a serious sporting organization. If we look like clowns with missing colors and unmatched undershorts, we will be perceived as clowns and treated as such.


WM RFC Constitution

Officer Duties

President: He is responsible for everything. The president must have superb leadership skills and a cadre prepared to support his leadership. The president must be sensitive to the morale of the membership and motivate his officers to perform to the best of their ability.

Treasurer: He is responsible for collecting dues,CIPP fees,and establishing a budget for the Club. He is responsible for purchasing and hosting requirements at all home matches. He must keep good records. He must insure that the College Recreation and Club Dept. is billed in a timely manner for the Referee Society, the Virginia Rugby Union, and Ed Lee Cup (State Tourney Fee). These three bills should be into the Rec.Dept by early Sept. You may have to contact these organizations and advise them on proper billing procedures. The VRU bill and RSV (ref) invoice is forwarded to Cary Kennedy and Cary forwards this bill to the Rec Dept; please confirm with Cary that this chore has been performed. The treasurer is ultimately responsible.

Match Secretary:

He is responsible for estabishing our match fixtures. He must confirm all dates within one week of the match and stay in close contact with Cary Kennedy in regard to details and information. The match secretary should have a directory and log all phone numbers and keep a good email file. Match inquiries should be reponded to within 24 hrs. Please info, Cary,, the team manager with all emails in regard to fixtures! Some basic advisories in regard to scheduling:

1.Insure that we are at home on Parents Weekend

2.No match on Homecoming-we host the Alumni.

3.Do not schedule during fall and spring break

4.Allow,at least, two weeks of training before commencing the fixtures.

5.Confirm all matches 7 days in advance of kick off.

6. It is the responsibility of the match secretary to contact the ref for all home matches and confirm the start time. The ref schedule can be accessed Here.

7.If we must reschedule or cancel a match, act as soon as possible,inform all.

8.Send our schedule to collegiate coodinator ( and Cary ( for publication.

Annual Reunion Match 1994

Selectors: They must be more dedicated than the players they are selecting. Selection is not an easy position but there are some general guestions one may ask yourself that may keep you out of hot water with the lads.

1.Has the selectee attended practice?
2.Is the selectee fit?
3.Did the selectee pay his dues?

It is always easy to pick the top 12 or 13 players; the last deserving players for the A-side are not always a clear-cut decision. Select, at least, 30 mins prior to kick-off. Once the selection is made and announced, do not make any changes.

Captain: He must lead the team on match day and practice harder than all members. The Captain strives to get 100% effort from his mates and should be prepared and have the strength to give 150% personally to achieve his goals. The Captain must know that his mates will practice and compete no more than he is personally perpared to give. The Captain is a special person; the entire success of the Club pivots around his dedication,work, and playing ability.

Coach/s: The coach is reponsible for the practice agenda and identifying areas that must be emphasized. The coach must insure that practices are productive and enjoyable. The Coach serves as an advisor to the club and is open to questions and counsel from the club leadership. The coach "has been there and done that."

Academic/faculty advisor: The advisor is available for academic counsel. We want the players, above all, to succeed in the classroom and to succeed as rugby players as well. Our advisor can help to sort out this dual mission.

Time Line Necessities

Jan: At least one club officer must attend the annual VRU meeting.

Fixtures must be nearly in place and ready for submission to the RSV by Feb 1st.

Treasurer begins collecting and submitting CIPP forms (with Check attached) to Cary for mailing. Make checks payable to "William and Mary RFC".

Feb:Spring Fixtures should be in place.

March:Start fixture list for the fall.

April: Deadline for VRU dues is April 1st.

Insure that the VRU has billed our REC and Club Dept. properly.

May: Make sure all the officers have summer contact info with Cary.

June: All players are encouraged to contact local clubs in their area and play summer 7's.

July: Play 7's.

August:Match secretary firms up the fall fixtures and submits them to Cary. President confirms that our insurance waiver is in place with the VRU. The treasurer confirms that our VRU,RSU, and Ed Lee Billing are paid or on track.

All players return to Williamsburg in late August to recruit new members and attend the weekend rugby clinic (usually the last weekend in Aug).

Sept:Make practice and play hard.

Oct: More of the same.

Nov: Rest and visit with your coach.

Dec: Pass your exams and have a great holiday!

Jan: We do it all over again. Start at the top.

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