Dynamic Stretches:

Start with the team on the goal line and a couple of balls or cones about 7 meters out as markers. Then run a couple of low speed up ad backs to start and get the blood flowing. High knees, kick your butts and side step shuffles are all good to get this going.

1. 3 steps and stretch ham string. (up and back)
2. Lunge step while reaching for the sky (up)
3. Backwards lunge step with reach and twist (back)
4. Flamingo's - Grab right leg with right hand pulling up to butt while touching left foot with left hand ( up)
5. Big Mac's - Side to side stretch of the groin (back)
6. Mud Steppers - Exaggerated moves bringing knee up high on the side and stepping forward (up)
7. Mud Steppers with a bounce (back)
8. Spider Man's - From push up position bring leg forward so knee is next to head. Also drop elbow on side of the body the leg is up on.
9. Calf Stretches - From push up position pump up and down to stretch out calves
10. Push ups
11. Roll shoulders.

Courtesy Ed Gafney