William and Mary
Rugby Football Club

April 15th,2006

Greetings Tribe Rugby Alumni! I want to thank everyone for supporting the memorial. The installation and dedication is complete. Rugby Forever,Cary

Tribe gathers around monument to celebarate after devastation of Hampton Sidney 110 to 7.
Plagues mounted on stone. #14 is sandcasting of Alex's number off his jersey--casted by Tribe Rugby mate John Smith

Ed Wigley and Vigg--veterans of history making 1979 team

From Matt Scranton,

The memorial will take shape in a Shenandoah granite boulder, approximately, 4'wide x 4'tall x 2' deep. The boulder will be placed on the uphill side of the IM field on the corner opposite the softball backstop. On a flattened front face of the boulder, 2 plaques will be attached. One is a bronze casting of a #14 Tribe jersey, made by Jon Smith, alum of '04 and Tribe Rugger #5. That plaque is approximately 6"wide x 1'tall. The second plaque will be ordered from a bronze casting company. It will be approximately 1'tall x 2' wide. The lettering, centered on the plate, will read:


In Loving Memory of

Alexander Gilbuena Reyno '03 and Mark Gavin Ludvigsen '91

And All Past and Future Ruggers
Who Go Before Their 80 Minutes Are Up


I have taken all precautions to keep costs to a minimum with competitive bidding for the materials. We would appreciate all the financial help you can give us as our costs are fairly substantial. The unveiling will take place on Saturday, February 25, which is also the date of the 1st Annual Fallen Ruggers Tournament. We would love to see any and all alumni at this 3-team round robin tournament on our rugby field.

Thank you for your consideration and donation. I wish you all my best. Cary Kennedy has details on how you can support this effort. Scroll down.

Very Respectfully,
Matthew W. Scranton, '06
Director, 1st Annual Fallen Ruggers Tournament
Senior,A Side Prop,Tribe Rugby

Good day Rugby Alums,

You can send me a check payable "William and Mary Rugby Football Club" to Cary Kennedy,9405 Barnes Road,Toano,Virginia 23168 or tender instantly online with a CC via paypal.com. Your payment email is cary@richmondrugby.net. This donation is not considered tax deductible. We did not set up this fund raising effort with the College Developmental Office due to time constraints and administrative limitations. Dean Sadler,Dean of Student Affairs,however,is familiar with our effort and you should know that Matt Scranton has made extraordinary efforts to see that this memorial is approved by The College.

We would be delighted to hear from everyone, and your support, no matter the amount, will be recognized and deeply appreciated

By the way,Matt Scranton,steadfast Tribe Prop, is in the middle,laying on his side in the team picture above.

Rugby forever,
Cary Kennedy
Class 1971
757 566 4727

Brendon Hook 
Cary Kennedy 
Jon Swaney 
Don Noone
Jeff Soltess 
Lester Whitney 

Total contributions from our 5 donors is $670 as 6 Feb,2006,thank you!

Letter from Jeff Soltess,Tribe Captain 2001-03,Feb 8th,2006

My money goes to Tribe Rugby,not the College,so if they approve or disapprove is of no significance to me. They will see and they WILL respect.

Fantastic idea,props to Matt Scranton for setting this up. Look forward to seeing it almost as much as I look forward to knocking heads with ya'll some time in the future on my old pitch.

I remember finding out about 9/11 when we learned Lud was in the World Trade Center as well as a number of other Pi Lams. Angered me greatly then,angers me greatly now. Just glad to imform all rest assured that my other brothers,The US Marines, are doing more than their part to make sure that it never happens again.

Reyno was a good mate,rugger,and friend,and he had a huge heart. I'm glad both these guys get remembered like this.

Give Scranton mad props for me.

Semper Fidelis,Never Stop Tacklin

Sergeant Jeffrey R.Soltess
United States Marine Corps

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