Alex Reyno,William and Mary Rugger and steadfast mate, died April 23rd,2003 on campus in an accident. The following emails have been posted by date. The context of time will help you to appreciate the brutal loss we , his rugby mates and coaches, feel. God bless Alex and God bless Tribe Rugby.

Anyone who wishes to share something about Alex are emphatically encouraged to forward your email to WM@RUBY.ORG and we will gladly include your thoughts.

Alex is knelling in the first row all the way to the right/with his mates at the Cherry Blossum Tournament just days before his death

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"We have lost a brother rugger"

April 23, 2002

As I'm sure you all know, Alex Reyno passed away earlier today in a tragic accident. As soon as funeral arrangements are made I'll pass them along. I would encourage all of you who knew and played with Alex to attend the services. As well, I know your fellow ruggers are there for each and every one of you in this tragic time. I'd like to include a little story about Alex as an example of the kind of person he was. Last spring we played a dual down at Mary Washington. In the first game Alex started at wing, and had a bit of a rough time of it, allowing a few opposition players through the line. He was substituted for in the second half, and didn't take it too well. In the second match he was reinserted in the starting lineup, and it was apparent that he intended to regain some of his lost pride. Soon enough the ball got out to the opposing winger. Alex was there immediately and made one of the hardest hits I've seen to this day. I'm proud to have taken the field with such a good person. If anyone has any stories or thoughts to pass on, I'm sure we'd all enjoy to hearing them.

Regretfully yours,
Carson. President William and Mary Rugby Football Club

April 23

Hey guys remember the time at the VCU social when Alex yelled at my girlfriend to give the vxyxyl boot? That must've been one of the funniest things I've witnessed, and every time that we'll sing one of those songs I'll remember that. He always had something funny to say, and something to give. We'll miss him, and he won't be forgotten.


April 23rd

Alex was always full of energy and life, and i remember meeting him for the first time at the activities fair. He was one of the guys who got me to play rugby, and i am very grateful that he did . He was like a big brother, on and off the field, and it will not be the same without him. i feel that a nice gesture would be to give Alex an augi or a 3 cheers as a team. if u guys are interested in doing the augi/3 cheers, let me know so that we can get it organized.


Good idea Dan, an "oggie, oggie, oggie" would have made Alex smile. Let me know when. Rugby is a team game and it hurts a lot to lose someone. Alex was full of life, and I will always remember him that way. For a little guy he made a big impact. We might want to think about a small plaque for the railing by Crim Dell?

John Swaddle, coach WM Rugby

April 23rd

I'd like to share a memory of Alex. This month at the Cherry Blossom Tournament, after begging Carson enough, I got in for the first half of the first game on day two. I saw it as an oppuortunity to prove myself on the field and many of you guys were impressed with my performance. But I don't think anyone was as pumped up for me as Alex was. When Carson wanted to put Alex in for me at wing, Alex refused to go in, because he thought I had really earned another half. It was only after much deliberation and protest from Alex that he went into the game instead of me. I can't think of too many people that would do that kind of thing during one of their last games as a senior. I'm sure that this was only one of the thousands of self-less deeds that Alex had done in his life. In the very short time that I knew him, he moved me with his graciousness and his vibrant energy that rubbed off on everyone around him.

Mike Schmitt

April 23rd

Before a home match last fall, I was selling off our old team jerseys to the players, first come first serve with the money! I was down to the last jersey and it was The number 9 jersey that Captain Nate Sandell had worn and honored for the last three years. Alex was the buyer but he immediatley hesitated when he knew Nate was the A side scrumhalf and he ,Alex, was the B side scrumhalf. I dismissed his hesitation and encouraged him to buy the dam worn out rag. The Club needed the money to build up the jersey account. Alex bought the jersy after prodding on my part---after the deal was made--Alex said he would give it to Nate! I was astounded by not only his generousity but his respect for Nate and The Rugby Club he was a member of. Alex loved being a member of Tribe Rugby. I will miss Alex.

Cary , one of the coaches

April 23

April 23rd

And in response to Dan's email, I would be interested in doing an augi. Guys Alex was a stand up guy and we're all going to miss him. My hallmate Colin died earlier this year in a tragic accident right out in front of Dupont. This shit is fucked up, just remember the good times.


Alex was my OA when I transferred in; transfer orientation sucks balls, but he did his best to make us all feel welcome. I remember going over to Pi Lam my first weekend to watch the playoffs with him, and downing kamikazes a few weeks later. He was a great guy.


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