Cardinal 35s in Aspen 2007
Cardinal 45s in Aspen 2007

Cardinal 50s in Aspen
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We have a new website at The site you are browsing now is archival in theme. However,we do have information about Aspen Ruggerfest Sept 18-21,2008

Welcome to Cardinals Rugby. We are an invitational side composed of players from the Virginia Rugby Union and Potomac Rugby Union that played for and against each other for the last 30 years. We welcome,however, the interest of any rugger over 35 that can contribute. Favorite quote,"Good rugby talent is rare and needed,as long as it doesn't cut into my playing time ,of course."
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Keith Mclean and Matt Szkotak in Aspen 2007

Lance Van De Castle Golf Classic 22 Aug,2008

Aspen Ruggerfest 2008

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Best Try of RWC 2007

Edinburgh,Scotland Sept 2008

Honor Roll:

2009 Savannah 45 Champions
2009 Savannah 35 Champions
2009 Fort Lauderdale 55 Finalist
2009 Fort Lauderdale 50 Champions
2009 Fort Lauderdale 45 Finalist
2009 Fort Lauderdale 35 Finalist
2008 Aspen Ruggerfest 35 Semi-Finalist
2008 Aspen Ruggerfest 45 Finalist
2008 Aspen Ruggerfest 50 Champions
2008 Saranac 50 Finalists
2008 Vancouver Tour
2008 Fort Lauderdale 45 Champions
2008 Fort Lauderdale 50 Champions
2008 Fort Lauderdale 55 Champions
2007 Aspen Ruggerfest 45 Champions
2007 Aspen Ruggerfest 50 Champions
2007 Aspen Ruggerfest 35 Finalists
2007 Saranac 50 Champions
2007 Maggotfest,Montana Undefeated
2007 Savannah Ruggerfest 35 Champions
2007 Ft.Lauderdale 45 Finalist
2007 Ft.Lauderdale 50 Champions
2006 Aspen Ruggerfest 50 Finalist
2006 Aspen Ruggerfest 45 Finalist
2006 Aspen Ruggerfest 35 Finalist
2006 Commonwealth Cup 35 Champions
2006 Ft.Lauderdale 35 Champions
2006 Ft.Lauderdale 45 Finalist
2006 Ft.Lauderdale 50 Third place
2005 Aspen 45s Champions
2005 Aspen 35s Finalists
2005 Aspen 50s Third Place
2005 Saranac CanAm 45 Champions
2005 Commonwealth Cup 40+ Champions
2005 Ft. Lauderdale Tournament 45 Champions
2005 Ft. Lauderdale Tournament 35 Champions
2004 Ft. Lauderdale Tournament 45 Champions
2004 Ft. Lauderdale Tournament 35 Champions
2003 Aspen Tournament - Old Boys Semifinalist
2004 Saranac Lake Tournament -45 semifinalist
2003 Aspen 45 runner up as Norfolk "Sons of Beaches"
2003 Saranac Lake Tournament - 40+ Consolation Runner-up
2002 Aspen 45 Champions as Norfolk "Sons of Beaches"

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To be a Virginia Cardinal either by skill,reputation,or good looks is an introduction to the best master rugby in the Nation,a passport to the best of rugby times, and a benediction from Almighty God.

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