When the "F" word was appropriate-Lessons for the informed Rugby Mate

"What the "F" was that?
--Mayor of Hiroshima 1945

"Where did all these "F"ing Indians come from?
--General Custer

"Any "F"ing idiot could understand that"
--Albert Einstein

"It does so "F"ing look like her!"
--Pablo Picasso

"How the "F" did you work that out?"

"You want WHAT on the "F'ing ceiling?"

"I don't suppose it's gonna "F"ing rain?"
--Joan of Arc

"Scattered "F"ing rain my ass?"

"I need this parade like I need a "F"ing hole in my head."
--John F. Kennedy

"Who the "F" is going to know?"
--Bill Clinton

Ever wonder where the "F" word came from? Well, in ancient England fornication and baby making had to be under the consent of the King. So, when a fortunate couple got permission to have sex, they were required to hang a sign on their door stating Fornication Under the Consent of the King. So now you know where the "F" word came from.

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Fcuknig amzanig, huh?

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