Virginia Cardinals
Rugby Football Club

The Virginia Cardinals return to the Aspen Ruggerfest for another assault in all the master rugby divisions. Get yourself ready for the finest master rugby competition in the nation Sept 18-21,2008. Absolutely beautiful mountain resort high in the Rockies. Start now with your fitness,money,family,and job considerations that will insure your apprearance in Aspen. Outstanding master rugby can be rare and fleeting;take advantage of this epic venue.

All players that expect to compete in the 45,50,or 55 matches please contact Mike Puopolo,Billy Wilson,Will Thornton with your availability.

Players that expect to compete on the 35 and over side please contact Bill Gardner and Cary Kennedy.All players that expect to play on the 35 roster will have a practice at Rio Grand Park thurs 18 Sept at 5pm. 35s play on friday and sunday.

Bill Gardner,Al Lucas,Tyler Dixon,Ryan Brewer,Chops Simpson,Sal Montemararo,Jason Figley,Matt Robinette,Mike Powers,Andy Mattocks, Brian Fischer,Rory Lewis,Malakai Delai,Matt Szkotak,Dave Hatwell,Skip Yeager,Vince Granger,Jason Wood,Larry Sweger,Richard Thomas Cardinal 35s in Aspen 2007

For the 35 side,Bill Gardner is pulling out all the stops with a fast and talented side loaded with players having territorial and national honors. Mark Blair,former lock for Ulster,is expected to appear.
Mark Blair has 7 caps with the Irish national A side and 55 caps with provencial side Ulster with vast experience in the European Cup.

Mark Blair

Bruce Raque,former FIJI International and Manly veteran

Melrose 10 side in Scotland April 2008 with Cardinals,Rory Lewis,Steve Yeager,Skip Yeager,Chris Petrakes,Bill Gardner,Raoul Sucher,Al Dekin,Howard Graham other players IDed that should be Cardinals are Will Brewington,John Redman,and Mark Miller

Major Howard Graham
Howard Graham,longtime British Army 7s Captain and globetrotting rugby star well known in tournament venues from Singapore,Dubai,to Murrayfield. Has made four apprearances with the Virginia Cardinals and is expected to return to Aspen.

JASON RAVEN Scores for Virginia Cardinals

Players invited and have expressed "interest"

1.Dave Hatwell,Mike Szymanski
2.Tony Brooks
3.Jason Wood,George Sucher
4.Mark Blair,John Via
5.Kevin Gilligan,Darden Couch,Guy Johnson
6.Steve Yeager,Brandon Brucker,Matt Whelan
7.Jason Figley,Mika Mcleod
8.Andy Mattocks,Jaime Wiles
9.Skip Yeager,Matt Robinette
10.Howard Graham
11.Tim Brasher,Bruce Raque
12.Dan Payne,Craig Wells
13.Nick Bell,Chris Porter,Al Lucas
14. Jon Vula
15.Jason Raven
Alternate: Joe Somerville 

Player/Coach: Keith "Highlander" Mclean
Team Manager:Bill Gardner
Tour Organizer:Cary Kennedy757 532 1356

In order to guarantee your slot on the 35 roster you must have the redball by your name. How do you get the coveted redball by your name??? Confirm your travel and hotel arrangements with Cary and tender those pesky dollars. Your $25 tourney fee is fully refundable until Sept.

Without the coveted redball by your name we cannot close the roster for that position. We will be compelled to continue inviting players. Your valuable playtime could be affected. Get committed. You know you're gonna do it. So do it today and lets build momentum for a very special side.

Every player must pony up with $25 for tourney entry fee. If you do not have the Adidas kit, you must tender those dollars to insure proper size and number. $50 for jersey. $25 for shorts. $5 for socks.

You can pay instantly online via Your payment email is or send check payable to Cary Kennedy,9405 Barnes Road,Toano,Virginia 23168. Please advise Cary via email that your money is on the way.

Recommended hotels:

St Moritz 800-817-2069: good price,about 10 minute stroll to Wagner Park,free continental breakfast

Mt.Chalet 800-817-2069: my favorite,good price,a little more than St Moritz, right next to Wagner Park, pool, huge jucuzzi, full breakfast free, family type atmosphere

Gant 800-549-0530: luxury suites,kitchen,really good if you bring kids

Little Nell: 970-920 4600 5 Star,the best service,outstanding bar that the Cardinals frequent before strolling off to dinner, pricey rooms


Cary - I'm in and looking fwd to it.
Best Regards, George J. Sucher
From Jason Raven:
Yes! I am going to be there. I will be playing with OMBAC in the open division and Virginia in the old boys division.
Nick Bell writes: Sent a check, playing a bit of 7s to keep in shape but nothing special.
Hi Cary, just got tickets for the show. I fly into Aspen from Denver arriving Thursday @9:30am. Leaving from Aspen Monday @ 10 am Getting the itch for 15's training. Hitting it steady from 7-7-08tell Bill thanks for the consideration.Thank you too Cary Can't wait. see ya soon......Tony B.
Sir of Grand stature, Want to send you pesky dollars this weekend.Please advise how those Adidas Jerseys Run. I am thinking Lg. for games.Got shorts/socks. Say hello to the Va. Boys.getting a ticket next week. Adios.........Tony Brooks
Bill,Look forward to seeing you in Sept. Cheers,Mark Blair
I've run 2 full marathons and 1 half marathon this year so far, just to challenge myself in something other than Rugby. I'm training for another half in August and another full in October. I should be fit for Aspen? I'll take jumper #8 in a size 46-48. $75 covers the jersey, partial entry fee, and shorts/socks, or are they seperate?

Mika McLeod

I would love to come out again. I will work to setup travel and hotel and let you know when that is confirmed.

Thanks for the invite.


Yes on kit. Please order me two sets of shorts/socks (36-38 waist) and two jerseys - one #5 and one #7 (both XL). I'm mailing you a check for $160 tomorrow.

My travel plans are: Thu, Sep 18, 2008 - Fort Worth, TX (DFW) to Aspen, CO (ASE) United 0401, Depart: DFW 06:20 AM, Arrive: DEN 07:23 AM Non-stop United 7181, Operated by: United Express/mesa Airlines Depart: DEN 08:50 AM, Arrive: ASE 09:49 AM Non-stop Mon, Sep 22, 2008 - Aspen, CO (ASE) to Fort Worth, TX (DFW) United 6716, United Express/skywest Depart: ASE 07:00 AM, Arrive: DEN 07:48 AM Non-stop United 0708, Depart: DEN 08:40 AM, Arrive: DFW 11:32 AM Non-stop Cheers, John Via

Chris Porter and I are in. We are both playing 7's this summer. How do the sizes run for the Adidas kit? I will be mailing you a check this weekend for $100 to cover the items mentioned below.

Thanks! Darin Darden

I'm glad to hear that we are all getting geared up for some great rugby in September. 9000ft may be tough but I'll do some training. I'll do some push ups in my top floor flat in Edinburgh. Thats about 40 feet but i'll keep the windows closed to reduce the airflow. Both Stan and myself are looking forwrd to the weekend although Stan is alot older than myself he struggles with late nigths and rugby. I'll make sure he's in bed early alone sober. I can socialise for two.

Many thanks Mark Blair

I'm in like Flynn. Can't wait to strap on the boots.

Respectfully, Mika McLeod

I'm in. Finally taking the time to rehab so hopefully won't be playing injured for first time in long time.

Andrew Mattocks

Thank you... it is nice to be really fit at 9,000 feet! Can't wait, the best weekend of the year.

Jason Figley

Nick Bell wrote: I'm in.

Nick Bell

Thank you for the invite. I am honored. I have an issue though. For work, I am transferring to Germany but am unsure exactly when. I should know for sure by mid-late June. I know I may be replaced on the team by then and understand. I will let you know when I find out and if there is still a place for me I would love to take it. Thanks again.

Take care, Scott Bracken

As always...would love to be part of team!

Craig Wells

I would love to play out in Aspen again, we need to win it!! Mark Blair is a good lad if we can get him on board.


Very Interested.

Jamie Wiles

Sir yes sir. I also have a very talented wing fullback that will be more than happy to join us. He played for team america in Jersey and bermuda. Michael Farris is the name. I am so interested.

Jason Raven

hi all just a quick hello and very glad to be onboard for fun n frolics from one of the irish guys with the funny accents! as long as the ladies like it i'll be very funny indeed! the 9000 ft thing is mildly troubling how long do the games last.... mark will be good for about 10mins after that u will find him loitering on the wings trying to hide!

Stan McDowell

I am in. Already have it in my book.

Darden Couch

Cary, I would be interested in being part of the 2008 tour to Aspen. Let me know some more details as it plays and I will plan accordingly.

David Dean

Hello Stan, Glad to hear from you and delighted in your interest in joining us in Aspen. The competition is fierce by master rugby standard,the town is beautiful. We are honored and humbled that provencial Ulster veterans like you and Mark are keen to throw in with us for this epic weekend of rugby in Aspen,Co. No worries for Mark with altitude and match length. Open and unrestricted substitution is allowed and you can re-enter a match after taking a rest on the touchline. We all look forward to meeting you and Mark Blair in Aspen this fall.

Cary Kennedy

David Dean,former Duck Brother and 7s Eagle,Bill Gardner,Best Team Manager in USA,Nick Bell former 7s Eagle

Record of payments and kit order

Blair,Mark (46 jersey,50 shorts,socks)
Brucker,Brandon $75(46 jersey #6)
Brooks,Tony $75  (48 jersey #123?)
Darden,Darin $100 jersey,short,socks (46 jersey #2,38 shorts)
Figley,Jason $25
Gilligan,Kevin $25
Hatwell,Dave $25
Johnson,Guy (48 chest #4)
Lucas,Al $25
McLeod,Mika $75 (46 chest #8)
Payne,Dan (46 chest #8)
Porter,Chris $75 (46 chest #13)
Robinett,Matt $55 (32 Shorts and socks)
Raven,Jason 42 Chest #15
Somerville,Joe $80 XXXL #10
Sucher,George (chest 48 #3)
Symanski,Mike $25
Whalen,Matt $75 (chest 48 #7)
Wiles,Jaime (chest 48 #8)
Via,John $160 XL #5 and #7 (two jerseys,two shorts 36" waist  ,two socks)

John Via,gets ready to receive pass during Div III National Championships May 2008