Norfolk City Rugby Football Club,circa mid to late 70's

Here is some super 8 converted to WMV.file of Norfolk City Rugby Football Club,circa late 70s,at Lake Taylor High School. Some of the players in the file are Bubba Cochran,Bob Gebron,Willie Jones,Jody Walker,Alex Kalazinsky,John Ellis,Otis Purvis,Dave Chapman,George Boothby,Ed Browder,Dale Carlson,Cary Kennedy,and Terry Curtler reffing. Please email Cary with recollections of this video stream and we will add your comments to this website.

From Mike Herron:

Keith Wright and I were playing for the Norfolk Irish at that time, but that certainly is how I remember everyone on Norfolk. Lord it was good to see Jody Walker...and that was Willie Jones on the wing (didn't hear his name mentioned). Best Regards, Mike Herron.

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