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The Virginia Cardinals,The Virginia Gentlemen, and The Poltroons are gathering momentum for The World Golden Oldie Rugby Festival in Edinburgh,Scotland September 2008. Get ready to join the assault on Edinburgh with 3000 other rugby players from around the world for epic week of rugby,good times,sightseeing,links golf,St.Andrews,history,land of Braveheart and The Highlander.

The Cardinals and Gents have thrown in with The Poltroons for this venerable and special venue and we will be traveling under The Poltroon banner. The Poltroons are already entered in the tournament. Mike Keane is our principle representive and team manager for the tour. Cary Kennedy will be helping to intergrate The Cardinals and Gents with The Poltroons. Do not hesitate to contact Mike and Cary with your questions. We want this tour to work for everyone.

It is important to understand that this tournament is packaged with your accomadation,tournament matches,shuddle transfers to venues, opening and closing reception,and parties. We estimate that your total cost for the tour,which will include your airfare that you will book on your own,food and beverage,and tournament package could approach $3k. Hotels are first class and include breakfast. We encourage all to start the planning with family,job,money that will allow all of us to make this venue. Life can be brutal,short,and fragile with no guarantee that you will be around for the next opportunity to tour with a classic group of ruggers of the same mind. There is no substitude for a good time. Make the committment and contact Mike Keane and Cary Kennedy.

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YOUTUBE video on Golden Oldies

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Edinburgh Brochure

Scotland Tour Document

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Ladies and Gents

I have added a few folks to this list who have expressed an interest in this tour. The deposits have gone in for two teams. 50 plus 40 plus Before you realize it Sept. 08 will be upon us. I plan on getting this list finalized in the next few weeks. Reach out to your mates and determine if they are in or out. If they are in it will cost 500 bucks by July 15th and 500 more by 8-15. Start saving! I may have been overestimating when I said $3,000 but I'm thinking $2,000 for air and hotel package and $1,000 for beer. No matter what, we are going to lock these spots down the day after the Saranac weekend. Have a great weekend. More to post next week

Cheers Phil D

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" Today I have paid deposits for two teams to Scotland since there is an enormous amount of interest I need Gerry's new e-mail Mike please forward this on to our main group list and anyone interested will be contacted. I need Rex Gordon'e e-mail to keep him in the loop. Chris - you need to round up the Baltimore contingent

First of all the trip is 15 months away. you need to start saving. Estimated costs $3,000 If you don't want to be included let me know within a week otherwise start saving the downpayment $1,000 which will be due by the 15th of July Dates are Sept. 1-8 2008 I will line up a travel agency within two weeks"

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The Tour is open to all Poltroons,Gents and Cardinals across all ages,experience,talent,and reputation. We will slot our side or sides into the appropriate bracket after we determine our actual touring roster. The Golden Oldies Rugby Festival is about fun competition. Scorelines are seldom tallied,conversions and penalty kicks are normally waived. Its about the rugby not the glory or hardware.

Golden Oldies Nine Commandments

1 I will play the Game of Rugby for the Game's sake.

2 I will not remember the score at the end of the Game. 3 If I " made it " during my Playing days, I will not use that to embarrass others.

4 If I didn't "make it" during my Playing days, I will not use the Golden Oldies to do so.

5 I will at all times during the Game, respect the older and more decrepit Members of the other Team.

6 I will follow the Golden Oldies philolosophy of Fun, Irreverance and self - indulgance.

7 I will be an Ambassador for Golden Oldies and spread the good word.

8 I will never loose sight of the Rule to make friends and renew acquaintances in exotic places.

9 I will always remember that I'm at far greater risk at what I may do to myself, or have done to me socially, than anything which may happen to me on the Field!

Mike Keane and Cary Kennedy would be delighted to hear from you with your interest. REPLY.757 532 1356.


EDINBURGH CASTLE,site of the opening ceremonies for the World Rugby Festival

Roster of interested:
Laucher,Karl and Kathy