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At the Richmond Highland Games Oct 2001

Virginia Gentlemen
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Directions and Bus details for our Raleigh fixture 23 March may be accessed at the Club Notices.

Old Boys are needed at the Porter Cup-Both Days. Click here for more details.

Basil Nesbit

Letter from Reyn
Bleep Test
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Bill Grogan

The Natural, Pete Sweet

Reyn Kinzey,The Boss
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Jon and Brian

Billy Strauss
Jerry and Malcolm Otis,Danny,Larry,John,Marty

Roster Mar 23rd
as of Jan 19th

Patterson 12
Kinzey 14
Kennedy 9
Runner 8
Schmitt 3
Olszewski 9,12,13
Hill 6
Punch 5,7,8
Grant 1,3
Selby 12-15
Butler loosehead
Sarisky flank
Gilfoyle lock
Picture of Jerry's daughter
Corker 2,6
Friedrich lock
Losen pack

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Welcome to the website of the The Virginia Gentlemen Rugby Football Club. We are the operating Old Boy division of the United RFC of Richmond, Virginia, USA. We welcome any new member to our club. Our only prerequisite standard for entry is that you be old enough to run for President of the USA (35 years). A little rugby experience goes a long way but is not mandatory. We would be delighted to host any touring Old Boy sides passing through historic Richmond, Virginia.

Thanks to all the Virginia Gents that participated on Oct 28th 2001 and made it a special day. Post match awards as follows:

Best dressed--Basil in full Highland dress
Braveheart's bro--Doug
Best comback--Reyn gets demolished by Dayl and lives, to make another tackle on Dayl
Man with the game--Cauthorn
Lineout Wizard--Gilfoyle
Mr. Consistensy--Punch
The best mole--Corker
Best left foot--Doug Clark
Best vision and trickiest--Dan
Coolest in contact--Sarisky
Team player--Rick
Noble sacrifice--Jon Hill
Impossible to run thru--Marty
Respects his elders--Murph
Man of the Match--Marc Butler

More stories on match. Click here.

Fixtures 2002

March 23rd v Raleigh Old Boys--Away

April 7th Porter Cup

Oct 27th Richmond Highland Games

Our March 23rd fixture is our first road trip in a few years. We have demonstrated lots of interest and participation in our local fixtures and we owe Raleigh Old Boys this effort. This is a little test for all of us to make the Virginia Gentlemen the best Old Boys side in our State. Plan now and make your committment to hit the road with the Gents. We will be traveling with the lads (A-Side) in buses for this fixture and will be an excellent opportunity to forge stronger bonds with all the Club membership.

The Virginia Gentlemen kit is black socks and shorts, New jerseys supplied courtesy of Easy Street Restaurant (Jerry Manning) and Reyn Kinzey. Please extend your personal thanks for their generosity.

The Virginia Gentlemen Rugby Football Club is all about celebrating the game we love, rugby, renewing ancient lifetime friendships and forging new connections with mates who share our collective interest in furthering the game of rugby in our local area.

The Virginia Gentlemen welcome your financial aid to pay for jerseys and hosting requirements.

Sent your donation (suggested player obligation $25/year) to:Reyn Kinzey
1610 Pope Ave.
Richmond, Virginia 23227

Payable "Reyn Kinzey/Va. Gents Trustee"

Want to know how you can make a personal difference in promoting our game in Richmond? Visit The Richmond Rugby Foundation site. Specific questions? Contact Reyn Kinzey.


Virginia Gentlemen Panel

Celtic Gentlemen

Marty and Cary at Richmond Highland Games

Virginia Gentlemen April 01 v VCU Old Boys

Virginia Gents and Wild Geese at Richmond Highland Games
Basil in full highland dress
Chris Wareham
Virginia Gentlemen Fall 2000
Va. Gents fall 2001
Jon and Brian
Jerry and Malcolm
Bill Grogan
Reyn Kinzey
Danny Patterson
John Fleming
Billy Strauss

The Virginia Gents have a standing invitation to train with United RFC on tues and thurs evening at Mt Road/Glen Allen starting Feb 2002Tuesday is prefered night for Old Boys. If we have enough, we could have a separate and sensible training session geared for the master rugger.

Old Boys meet first friday of every month at Penny Lane for drink up.Contact Tom Rose for more details.

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