This is a working file that may help us to sort out the tasks associated with the Porter Cup. We can make the 40th anniversery as big and as memorable, and as successful as we want. All we need is your help and support.

We need the Old Boys and B siders to volunteer for Porter Cup duties particulary on Sat and Sun of the event. Contact Frank Punch now with your committment and your name will be added to the table. Please review the duties and notes below.

The following assignments are, of course, not final but serve as a working start with our organization and are subject to change,addition, and subtraction. All assignments on this page are subject to BOD review at any time.

Frank Punch

Director Frank Punch
Field Prep/Balls Tim Brown
Touch Judge Whip open
Medical Laison Mac Adams
Alcohol Control at Dorey Cary Kennedy
Consessions Jerry Manning
Press Laison Boog/Hill
Laison with Senator Allen open
Tent/s at Dorey Schmitt
Sat. Social Eric Payne
Accomadation Eric Payne
Fri. Captain's Social Eric Payne
Caps/souvenirs/balls/t shirts Charles Grant/Cary Kennedy
Laison for refs Reyn Kinzey
Tourney Brochure open

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