Minutes: July 12, 2004

Present: Pete Sweet, Jerry Manning, Reyn Kinzey, and Danny Patterson. Malcolm Cormack could not attend.

Inspection of Land: The meeting was held at Pete Sweet’s home so that we could inspect the land as a group. Space for one field has been completely cleared, and access to that area has been greatly approved, although it still needs to be made more accessible.

We are trying to get as much of the materials and labor donated as possible. Jerry is working on getting the use of a back-hoe first and then a bulldozer. At some point, we need to get a tractor and a lawnmower donated.

Chris Bowman’s father has agreed to build a picnic shelter/pavilion/ shed. Pete showed us an example of what he had in mind near his house. He also showed us some fencing options. Mark Butler might also be willing to donate some brick work (Gary Davis might be still another option).

Jerry will talk to Rick about re-seeding the filed in September. Murphy might be able to donate some materials.

We will need some concrete. Pete will talk to Doug Clark to see if he might be able to help with that.

Pete will also make sure that the land will perk. He will also talk to the county about what permits we need as we continue to develop the fields. We need to know that everything will be possible before we attempt to raise and spend large amounts of money.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Danny Patterson passed out a written report of income and expenses. We currently have a balance of over $12,000, but much of that is reserved for the Richmond Lions (($5,400) and the VCU Men ($1,700). So, we have about $4,700 in available funds.

Golf Tournament: The Richmond Lions are hosting a golf tournament to benefit the Foundation. Duncan Stewart is organizing the event, which will be held on Friday, September 24, at the Highlands in Chesterfield. Jon Hill is coordinating hole sponsorship. Jerry will be catering the event. Jerry will talk to Chris Farley about helping with the event, and Jerry will coordinate with Duncan.

Cocktail Party: We will continue to work towards a cocktail party at Bill Grogan’s, possibly on Friday, November 5, before the Ed & Sandy Lee Tournament. Jerry will cater the event. Pete will talk to Bill about whether he would be willing to host the event. Pete will also ask Gil Minor if he would be willing to attend.

Next Meeting: The next regular meeting is scheduled for 6:30 PM on Monday, September 11, 2004.

Minutes: February 18, 2004

Present: All directors were present: Pete Sweet, Jerry Manning, Reyn Kinzey, Danny Patterson, and Malcolm Cormack. Noel Losen also attended the meeting.

Report on Land: Pete reported that the development of the land is continuing. It is now cleared, flat and ready to rough-grade. After rough-grading, we can let the land lie for awhile, and then seed and fine grade. Once we have done that, we are committed to maintaining the land and will need to get necessary permits from the county. At that point, we may need to borrow money to finish developing the pitch so that it is playable by fall, 2005.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Danny Patterson passed out a written report. We currently have a little over $4,700 in the account, but about $1,000 of that is designated for VCU. So, we have ready access to over $3,000.

The Richmond Lions have raised $6,000 in sponsorship. The check is made out to the Richmond Rugby Foundation. The club has offered to give the Foundation 10% of this sponsorship money to use as the Foundation sees fit. However, the club wants the Foundation to hold the remaining $5,400 for the club’s use, similar to the relationship we have with VCU and its Old Boys. This will put the club on firm financial footing.

Mail Campaign: We made final revisions to a letter for a mail campaign to raise funds for the land fund. It will be mailed out with a budget showing how we would use $88,500 for the first phase of development and with an illustration of how the fields might be laid out. A donor card and return envelope will also be included in the packet.

Reyn will deliver the revised letter and illustration as files to Danny. Danny already has the budget prepared by Pete. Both the letter and the budget will be put on letterhead ready for mailing. The donor card will also carry the logo. We will mail out about 80 – 100 packets to former, current, and potential donors, all of whom are identified on Danny’s mailing list.

Pete will give Danny the hard copy of the mailing list that highlights the 40 – 80 best prospects if he can locate it. If he cannot, Danny will email the list to Jerry, Reyn, and Pete, and they will re-identify the best prospects.

We will meet again on next Monday night, April 19, at Easy Street at 7:00 to address and stuff envelopes so that they may be mailed out on Tuesday, April 20.

Liability Insurance: Jerry will discuss our needs for liability insurance on the land with Anthony Holt.

Cocktail Party: We are still planning a cocktail party, but we are now considering holding it in the fall. Bill Grogan may be able to host it then, particularly if invitations are limited to 80 – 100 guests. Pete will talk to Grogan about whether he would be willing to host the event. Jerry and Reyn will look into some alternative sites.

Next Meeting: The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 12. However, we will meet on next Monday night, April 19, at Easy Street at 7:00 to address and stuff envelopes so that they may be mailed out on Tuesday, April 20.


Richmond Lions Board of Directors Meeting

February 2, 2004

7:00 PM, OTools

Present: All board members were present: Charlie Grant, Jon Hill, Eric Payne, Darryl Lowery, Jerry O’Connor, Cody Sutton, Chris Bowman, and Reyn Kinzey. In addition, Frank Punch attended as Chairman of the Porter Cup, and Tim Brown attended as one of our two fund raisers.

1. Presidents Opening Remarks (Charlie)

Charlie began by saying that he would like for us to move forward on a new logo immediately. He wants something simple, unique, easily reproducible and something that says “Richmond” and “Rugby.”

2. Approval of Minutes (Reyn)

The minutes of the January meeting were approved.

3. Treasurer’s Report (Accounting on Banquet) (Chris)

Chris presented a written report. Our balance at the end of January was only around $327, but we made a profit on the banquet and have already begun collecting spring dues. Currently, we have close to $1,500.

The banquet will probably make a final profit of about $600. Much of this is because of the generous donations of Jerry Manning, John O’Toole, and Todd Sowder. Even so, it marks the second social event for the club (after the oyster roast) where we have met our goal of at least breaking even and even raising money on social events.

Chris will deposit the profit in a “special events” account that will remain separate from our general operating account.

4. Status of Merger Talks/ Rebranding of Club (Charlie)

Charlie reported that the merger talks with River have ended. The merger will not take place. The current feeling of the board is that the issue is now closed and will not be reopened in the foreseeable future. We will not proceed with the rebranding of the club as the Richmond Lions.

5. Lion Logo (Charlie and Tim Brown)

Tim Brown passed around some sample Lions logos. He wants it framed within a rugby ball oval so that it will “say” Rugby. Almost all directors seemed to prefer one particular design that Tim presented, although in our colors, of course. Matt Godek is willing to provide the artwork on this for us. Tim will work with Matt and bring something back to us so that we can approve it.

6. Porter Cup (Frank, Darryl, Booger)

Frank Punch announced that at this point we have commitments from five men’s teams (Raleigh, Richmond Lions, Blacksburg, Virginia, and James River); 4 – 5 men’s colleges, including James Madison and VCU; and three mixed women’s clubs and women’s collegiates, including VCU and University of Maryland.

We need to assure more Port-a-johns than last year.

Frank will be responsible for getting medical personnel.

Reyn will work with the referees.

Cary will organize the Old Boy’s tournament for Sunday.

Frank, Darryl, and Noel are working on getting more teams.

The party will be at Catch 22.

Someone needs to talk to the county about whether or not Jerry can set up concessions (the county’s policy is generally that we can set up our own concession stand if the county-recognized concession does not want to remain open that weekend).

7. Marchwood (Booger)

Booger reported that Marchwood RFC will be in the area for about 10 days in late May. They will probably play one match against Newport News, and they will probably field two or three teams in our Monk Vaughn Tournament. They may also want to play a 15’s match with us.

Booger and Reyn will work to make sure that we can have at least 2 field s for Monk Vaughn. Booger will check with the county to make sure we can have Dorey Park. If not, Reyn will contact the Sports Backers.

8. Web Committee Report (Jon)

John presented a written report on the work of the web committee to this point. Billy Tilsen and Cary Kennedy will continue to maintain the site for the short term, although Jon recommends eventually hiring someone to maintain it. However, we need to look at how much that will cost vs. what revenue the site can generate. At the very least, the board of directors will need to create a long-term plan for maintaining the site. We might consider devoting one board position to the maintaining of the site.

Again, for the short term, Billy and Cary will continue to maintain the site, Billy working with the parts of the site that are most relevant to current players and Cary with the sites more relevant to the Virginia Gentlemen (Old Boys) and the Foundation.

Reyn will review the site for content.

Our first priority is to get the Sponsor’s page up as quickly as possible to begin generating revenue.

We also need to back-up our documents on the web and create a link to the Porter Cup.

Chris will contact Pay Pal for the club.

9. State of Recruiting (Cody)

Cody announced that we already have at least 20 new potential players. He has established a data base and email list for all 20. He has also developed a 2 -3 page orientation packet for new players with all the information they need to get started.

Danny Patterson is beginning practices with new players on Saturday in February. He is also trying to get the players at the new Randolph – Macon team (which he is coaching) to come to these new player practices. Cody will also invite new VCU players.

Cody has also put flyers at the community colleges.

Cody also has us on the Comcast Community calendar and in ads in local papers and community weeklies. For awhile, we also had a three-minute spot on ESPN radio.

American Family is having an open house on February 28, from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM. For $35, we can put up a table and banners, show videos, and hand out fliers. Cody will need 2 -3 people to man the table.

We have been developing a form for new players but we also need better information on returning players to create a current roster for the team. We need to collect phone numbers and email addresses at the first few practices.

10. State of Fundraising (Jerry)

Jerry O’Connor’s goal is to raise $3,000 from our web site sponsors by the end of February.

He also has a commitment from Johnny Fleming for $500 for t-shirts or polo shirts with the Richmond Lion logo and the Rose Marie’s logo.

Jerry also wants to survey the current players to see in what rank they would look to see the creation of the following items for the team:

Warm up’s



Polo shirts


T – Shirts

His plan is to eventually provide all of the items.

Jerry would also like to have a “call – a – thon” in March where board members call Old Boys and ask for donations for the club. We will do this, perhaps on a Wednesday night, probably around mid-March.

11. R-Braves Fundraising Possibility (Booger)

Booger reported a possible fund-raiser with the Richmond Braves. They need volunteers to work the various concession stands at the Diamond during baseball games. However, they would want us to commit to at least 30 games during the summer. The consensus of the board was that we could not commit to that many nights. Booger will inform them that we cannot commit to that, but that we might be available for a few nights if they need us/

Next meeting Scheduled for Monday, March 1, 2004


Minutes: February 18, 2004

Present: Three trustees were present, including Reyn Kinzey, Jerry Manning, and Pete Sweet. Steve Simulcik, former treasurer, also attended the meeting.

Old Business: Reyn and Jerry passed on to Pete a mailing that identifies our 10 biggest and 40 biggest contributors and other people that we feel are excellent prospects. Pete will look over the list, make any additions, and give the list back to Danny to prepare a mailing list for a future mail campaign and invitations to the cocktail party.

Treasurer’s Report: Steve Simulchik brought the account books to the meeting to transfer to current treasurer Danny Patterson. He reported that we currently have a little over $4,000 in the account, but about $1,300 of that is designated for VCU.

Reyn reported that we took in $1,500 in cash and checks at the United Banquet. We also collected pledges for about another $1,000. Reyn passed the checks, cash and pledges to Pete, who will pass them on to Danny.

Those donations will raise the balance in our account to close to $5,800, although $1,300 is designated for VCU. That gives us ready access to over $4,000.

Danny will provide the names of contributors and levels of their contribution for 2003 to Reyn, and Reyn will update the contributor plaque. Jerry and Danny will coordinate on collecting outstanding pledges.

Mail Campaign: Pete has drafted a letter for a mail campaign to raise funds for the land fund. He has also developed a budget showing how we would use $88,500 for the first phase of development. We also have an illustration of how the fields might be laid out.

Reyn will revise the letter. He will locate a copy of the letter Danny Patterson sent out for the last mail campaign and combine that with Pete’s letter. Reyn will also work with Dean Andrews on slightly revising the illustration (removing the “scale” and “north” director). He will also develop a donation card that explains that we are asking for financial donations but also for donations of trade, labor, and/or materials.

Reyn, Jerry, and Danny will work on getting letterhead for the Foundation.

Reyn will deliver the letter on file to Danny. Pete will send the budget to Danny. Both will be put on letterhead. The donor card will also carry the logo. We will mail out about 80 – 100 packets to former, current, and potential donors, all of whom are identified on Danny’s mailing list.

Call-a thon: All five trustees will participate in a call-a-thon the United Board of Directors wishes to conduct to raise money from Old Boys for both the club and the Foundation. The club would like to hold the call-a-thon in March; we would like to hold it in April or May. Reyn will discuss this with the board at the March meeting.

Cocktail Party: We still want to hold a cocktail party, but we are now considering holding it in May or June. Bill Grogan may be able to host it then, particularly if invitations are limited to 80 – 100 guests. Pete will talk to Grogan about whether he would be willing to host the event. Jerry and Reyn will look into some alternative sites.

Schedule of Events: Our proposed schedule, then, is as follows:

March: Mail Campaign

April/May: Call-a-thon (with board of United)

May/June: Cocktail party

Equipment: Jerry announced that he has some credit with Sunbelt for the use of some equipment that might be helpful in clearing the land. Pete will coordinate with Jerry on what we can use.

Expenditures Authorized: Given our ready access to slightly over $4,000, the trustees authorized Pete to spend up to $4,000 to make improvements to the land. We need to put in a gravel road to give developers full access to the land.

Next Meeting: The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 12.

Next tasks:

Pete: Will look over the mailing list and pass it back to Danny with corrections and additions for mailing campaign, invitations. Will send budget to Danny (as a file). Will ask Grogan if he is willing to host the cocktail party in the spring. Will coordinate with Jerry on equipment.

Jerry: With Reyn will look for alternative sites for the cocktail party. With Reyn and Danny will work on getting letterhead for the Foundation.

Danny: Will provide Reyn with the letter he sent out for last mail campaign, if possible. Will work on preparing mail packets using mailing list and mail sort. Will provide Reyn with names and levels of 2003 donors for plaque.

Reyn: Will work on letter for mail campaign, develop donor card, and work with Dean on revising the illustration. He will coordinate with United Board on the Call-a-thon. Will look at alternatives sites for cocktail party with Jerry. Work with Jerry and Danny on getting letterhead for Foundation (talk to Cody Sutton).

Mack: With Reyn will continue working on a presentation for the cocktail party in the spring


Minutes: January 12, 2004

Present: All five trustees were present, including Malcolm Cormack, Reyn Kinzey, Jerry Manning, Danny Patterson, and Pete Sweet.

Old Business: Pete reported that he has talked to a bank and will complete the paper work for a line of credit based on 50% of the land’s value. (He believes he can do this without paying for a formal appraisal). We do not intend to use the line of credit, but we believe it would be good to have one established. Pete has also talked to Rich Hayden, A Richmond Old Boy, who is a trustee at the YMCA near the land. Pete will work on developing a relationship with the Y, possibly including the sharing of fields. Pete is also working on developing a straw budget for developing the land. Some clearing is still in progress.

Reyn passed on to Jerry a mailing that identifies our 10 biggest and 40 biggest contributors over the past 10 years. Jerry will look over the list, add possible names for invitation to the cocktail party, and get that list to Pete.

Treasurer’s Report: Steve Simulchik and Danny still need to get together to transfer the funds. Danny will then provide a treasurer’s report via email.

Danny will provide the names of contributors and levels of their contribution for 2003 to Reyn, and Reyn will update the contributor plaque. Jerry and Danny will coordinate on collecting outstanding pledges.

Cocktail Party: Now that the Porter Cup has been firmly scheduled for April 3 – 4, we have scheduled the cocktail party for Saturday night, April 4. We are planning to have a golf tournament during the day on Saturday, the cocktail party on Saturday night, and an Old Boy’s tournament at the Porter Cup on Sunday.

The cocktail party will be a social event, but we will also have a formal presentation of the development of the land and ask for pledges and contributions. Malcolm and Reyn will develop the presentation. They will meet at Easy Street at 12:00 PM on January 20 to begin planning the presentation.

We will announce our intention to use our own pitch for the fall season of 2005.

Bill Grogan cannot host the event. Pete will look into hosting both the golf tournament and cocktail party at Belmont. Basil is looking into the Sammis Grotto as a back-up, and Danny will look into Birkwood.

Pete will talk to Stephie Jo Edwards about inviting some of the James River women and perhaps some of the old Richmond Iris players. He will also talk to Terry Whelan about inviting some of the UVA Old Boys. Reyn will invite Elaine Recchiuti, the new MARFU president. Reyn will work on getting an article into Rugby magazine.

Web Site: The Foundation granted United permission to use our tax exempt status to secure free hosting for the web site for the club and the Foundation. Reyn will pass this permission, along with our tax id number to Billy Tilsen, who is developing a new web site for United and for the Foundation.

Next Meeting: The next meeting is scheduled for 9:00 AM on February 18 at Easy Street. Jerry will provide breakfast.

Next tasks:

Danny will email the last mailing list for invitations to Jerry, Malcolm and Reyn (again). He will also meet with Steve, transfer accounts, and send out a treasurer’s report. He will provide Reyn with the names and amounts of donors for 2003. Finally, he will look into Birkwood as a backup for the banquet.

Jerry will identify others that should be invited to the banquet. Jerry and Danny Will coordinate on collecting outstanding pledges.

Pete will identify other people to invite, including James River Women and UVA Old Boys, and get that list to Jerry. He will also look into using Belmont for the cocktail party and the golf tournament.

Reyn will invite Elaine Rucchiuti and work on getting an article into Rugby Magazine. He will also update the donor plaque.

Jerry and Dean Andrews will get the invitations out.

Pete will develop a straw budget for the development of the land as it appears in the illustration. Danny will work with Pete on developing this budget.

Malcolm and Reyn will meet for lunch at Easy Street on January 20 to begin planning the presentation for the banquet

United RFC Board Minutes Dec 2003

Present: Charlie Grant, Darryl Lowery, Jerry OConnor, Cody Sutton, Chris Bowman, and Reyn Kinzey

(note: Darryl now has an email address:

I. Presidents Opening Remarks

Charlie stressed the need to establish goals and to hold board members responsible for their own areas of responsibility and for helping other board members in theirs. This includes attending all board meetings. Charlie has sent the following message to board members before the meeting:

Statement of Goals for 2004

Establishing Goals for 2004:

As President, Id like to see the current Board of Directors set specific goals in the following areas during 2004. These goals can be both tangible and intangible, but they should be realistic as long as we work with dedication. As an elected officer, each of you is responsible for insuring that we accomplish these goals by working independently when necessary in your area of responsibility, and with other Board Members when necessary in their area of responsibility. This requires that you regularly attend the Board meetings, which will generally take place the first Monday of each month. The Board is extremely important to the Club because we set the tone. A positive, optimistic, committed and enthusiastic Board translates into similar attributes for the rest of the Club, the players and the coaches. As I look at the officers elected to this Board, I can't help but be impressed and motivated by what I see as a dedicated and driven cast. Now let's get to work for United!

Here are the areas where I think we need to set goals:

Financial Stability:

1). Handbook
2). Website
3). Sponsors
4). Events

Recruiting: Active, Aggressive, Creative and Ongoing.

Active Team: Motivated, Organized, Informed, Committed, Equipped.

United RFC: Proud, Goal Oriented and Projecting a Championship Image.

II. Reading and Approval of Previous Minutes

The approval of minutes was not conducted because this is a new board. Reyn Kinzey stated his attention to have minutes of each meeting published on the web site so that all club members will have access to them.

III. Treasurers Report, Financial Goals and Budget for 2004

Chris reported that we only have about $200 in the account at the moment, but we have paid of all of our bills. Still, we are not in a good financial position. The board resolves to be financially very prudent this year to get us back to a more solid position. Treasurer Chris Bowman is the only person authorized to purchase items for the club. Club members should realize that if they spend any money for the club without having prior authorization from Charlie (president) or Chris (treasurer) they should not expect to be reimbursed.

We lost money on all of our socials last year, partially because people said that they were coming and then didnt. All efforts will be made to make all social events at least break-even this year.

Chris presented a budget for this year. Our income has primarily been derived from dues, which this season will be $80. If we have 25 players pay $80 for each of two seasons, that will result in $4,000 of income. We hope to make another $2,500 from the Porter Cup for a total of $6,500 in income (not including fundraising)

Our operating costs include $1,000 to the referees society, $800 to the VRU, and $600 for after-match parties, and other expenses.

If we can maintain the budget, we should end the year with about $3,000, which will put the club back into a stable financial position. (Note further: the budget would still balance without any income from the Porter Cup).

The budget was passed unanimously.

IV. Other Officer/Directors Reports

Jerry OConnor has set a goal of raising $10,000 for the club, $5,000 of which would be in cash and the other $5,000 would be in trade. Jerry will be primarily responsible for raising the cash and Tim Brown will primarily be responsible for raising donations of trade (food, jerseys, etc). Jerry will raise the cash primarily by selling sponsorship/advertising on the club web site for $150 per ad.

If we are successful in this fund raising we will be in very good financial position and can provide more services for the club.

Cody acknowledged that recruiting is a huge issue for the club right now. He has currently been following up with potential players who have filled out the United form on the web site. We need to launch an active campaign with fliers in January prior to the spring season. Cody will look into costs for advertising in weekly editions of the newspapers. He will also coordinate with Danny Patterson who will have primary responsibility for coaching new players.

We will offer a 50% reduction in dues (dues of $40) to all new players during the spring season.

We still need to raise another $1,200 to publish the Club handbook. To do this, we need to sell about 40 more business card adds at $35 each. Jerry Manning has not gotten much support from club members in this effort. The form is available on the web site. Charlie and Darryl will attempt to get legitimate leads form club members at the oyster roast, and Jerry OConnor will follow up on those leads.

V. Scheduling/Social

A. Porter Cup/MARFU Collegiate Final Fours

Reyn reported that United has placed a bid with MARFU to host the MARFU Collegiate Final Fours (mens and womens, Division I and II) in connection with the Porter Cup. The county has said that it does not see any problem with letting us use four fields at Dorey Park, although we need to formally apply after the first of the year.

Reyn will talk to the Sports Backers to assure their support for this event.

VI. Old Business

A. Porter Cup Thank You for FP ($75.00 GC and stein w/name etc.)

Darryl will take care of this and another thank you when he gets the awards for the banquet.

VII. New Business

A. Oyster Roast at Corkers Dec 13th.

Preparations for the Oyster Roast are well in hand. We need 40 people at $10 per person to break even. Charlie has had at least 25 people tell him they are coming. Cody and Darryl volunteered to call current players: Cody will call the forwards, Darryl will call the backs.

B. Banquet at Belmont on January 31, 2004

Chris has already secured Belmont. The rental is $600. Chris will get the ABC permit, which will cost another $100. Reyn will talk to Jerry about a bar and bartending. John OToole has already agreed to cater the food. Reyn will talk with him about a budget so that we can establish a cost per person. We will probably have to raise the cost from $40 per couple to make the event break even.

The Richmond Rugby Foundation will pay for mailing invitations to Old Boys. The invitations will include a solicitation for the Ground Fund, and a request for donations will be made at the banquet. Current players will be invited through email.

C. United Paraphernalia (hats, tees shirts requested by players)

Jerry and Tim will look into this. Jerry hopes to be prepared to take orders at the banquet. All items will be pre-sold.

D. Bath, England Tourney April 2004.

The board does not believe the team is currently able to tour. It was pointed out that we couldnt get enough players together to travel to Northern Virginia to play the Washington Irish in a league match in the fall.

E. New Jerseys for Team.

The board does not believe that we need new jerseys for the spring season. We will re-evaluate for the fall.

F. Other subjects from BOD Members.

Charlie reports that Cary Kennedy and Billy Tilsen have agreed to work on an up-date to the club web site to make it more professional.

VIII. Next BOD Meeting Scheduled for 4 January, 2004 @7:00