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Saranac Can Am Aug 2003

Virginia Reds at Can Am 2003
L to R standing=Danny Patterson,Jon Hill,John Carr(partially hidden),Brad Mills,Mike Herron,Jerry Gilfoyle,Tom Sarisky,John Via,Marty Edrich,(totaly hidden behind Marty is Mike "Cajun" Bermes),Ken Flynn

L to R kneeling=Russ Simoes,Dayle Runner,Stuart Corker,Mike Toole,John Lawrence,Mike Puopolo,Steve Flynn---on the turf with ball-Cary Kennedy,Colin Crawford and Al Lucas are not in picture

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To all The Players,Wives,Girfriends,family, and entourage, thank you for supporting the tour! Compelled to extent special thanks to Mike Puopolo for originating the idea that we could organize a group of master ruggers to travel a long distanse, spend their hard earned money, and play their guts out for three physical matches in less than 24 hours. Mike's enthusiasm,leadership, and sporting flair for excellence is much appreciated. In the end, we can all be proud of our effort; we honored ourselves and the game we play. 2004 Can Am is Aug 7/8.
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Colin,Mike,John,Marty ponder their chances

First match v Albany was tough. Albany was able to mount driving punishing mauls--packing down v their front row was kinda like trying to move a bush hog in full gear and their backs, particulary, #10, were talented and deadly. They grabbed an early lead and bogarted---we matched them well in the second half. If ya showed up in the second half, you would swear we were thrashing them. Short video of Mike P. exploding up the pitch v Albany--click here.

Brad and Sandra

We were happy after our second match defeating the ORBS, mostly composed of Old Boys from Atlanta Renagades. We looked good. The backline had a little space and exploded with some nice movements. John Lawerence executed a game breaker from a quick tap. Forwards provided ball at the breakdowns and laid some driving mauls on our opponents deep in their territory. John Via with a little help from Cary was robbed of a try after reversin maul back to the left. Ref missed the touchdown---no matter- we came back with even greater determination and closed out our opponent with consistent hard play. Dayle Runner was THE MAN with his violent runs and cover defense that can only be seen to be trully appreciated.

Mike and Bethany

Third match v OMEX, mostly from Long Island, was EPIC. We pounded on each other. No clear superiority was established. We had our moments of outstanding rugby and we had our chance to win. Tied at full time, we played sudden death. OMEX to their credit put together a spasm of total rugby committment that allowed them to run one in for the try and the victory. We left everything we had on that pitch. Danny Patterson was total committment. John Lawrence punished them with his running out of all kinds of pressure. Mike Puopolo put together a ghosting run up the right side supported by Steve Flynn for the try. Marty Edrich's thunderous tackling and a blocked kick that resulted in a try set our tone for this match. Mike "Cajun" Bermes made suicidal efforts in defense and advancing the ball. The list goes on! Even though it slipped away--this match is the one I will remember for the effort,intensity, and sporting competitiveness. We honored ourselves and our game.

Al with his babe and family
Dayle and lovely

Cary and Marty

Mike Puopolo breaks away

Russ and Mike



Most versatile: Brad Mills played all three positions in the front row without complaint and tangling with all those overfed props

Savy defender:Jon Hill faced about a million over lapping attackers in the ORBS match

Instant offense: John Lawrence for making offense out of nothing

Committment: Danny Patterson for his courageous defense and he can still get into the gap with those 1/2 century legs.

Power Glide Legs: Mike Puopolo has the smoothest acceleration in traffic

Sledge Hammer: Steve Flynn for rucking his brains out and having the reserves to make tries in the open field

Still has it: Ken Flynn for catching all those high balls under huge pressure and countering with aplomb

Expeditionary Warrior: John Via for flying in from vacation in a thunderstorm, losing his luggage, arriving wet and tired at 2 am, buying new kit including mouthpiece & boots Saturday morning, and not only playing in but kicking ass for 3 tough matches. I think he melted down his mouthpiece just by giving it a nasty look.

Ageless: Al Lucas still looks like a college senior--what's up?

Prime Alfa: Dayle Runner is our pack leader in deed spirit,play,effort,committment,desire,strength,and contentious vision to dominate

Understated excellence: Mike Toole's work around the scrum is seamless

Best technical forward: Tom Sarisky can do it all in the open and is the smartest supporting forward in the close contact stuff.

Sky pilot: Gerry Gilfoyle for having the most air time

Amazing: Marty Edrich for the huge tackles and stops,the blocked kick to a try,the energy snapping front row play and still emerging as a force. Nobody runs through Marty.

Speaks with his play: Russ Simoes

Brave: Mike Herron for playing in the last match under lots of pain

Maul master: John Via

Massive ruck truck: Colin Crawford

Suicide Mission: Mike "Cajun" Bermes

Team player: John Carr-Was supposed to play flanker but agreed to fill in at prop after long departure from the front row

Best player pound for pound: Stuart Corker

Most deadly:Trish's vodka punch on sunday

Most grateful: Cary extends thanks to Brad,Marty,Russ,John for saving my neck for another tournamnet

Stuart and Son

Kathleen and Cary

After win over Atlanta Renagades

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