The Fort Lauderdale Ruggerfest Tournament!


The Virginia Cardinals Rugby Football Club, of late the "Virginia Reds" or/and "The Knights of the Goldenhorseshoe" are comprised primarily of master ruggers from the Virginia Rugby Union and Potomac Rugby Union that played for and against each other over the last 3 decades. We, however, welcome all master players over 35 regardless of your prior or existing affiliation--favorite quote from active master rugby player,"Old rugby talent is rare, always in demand, and welcome as long as it doesn't cut into my playing time,of course."

Reyn Kinzey and Mike Puopolo have stroked the checks for two sides in the Fort Lauderdale OB Division, 35 and over and 45 and over. Therefore,we are committed to assembling 40-45 mates ready to go to war in sunny warm tropical Fort Lauderdale. This Tournament is competitive by any standard for OBs in our country---you must be fit and prepared to contribute on the field of battle and "invited" in order to participate.

Phil Bassett goes up for the ball

Tourney Feb 28th How many day to KO?
You do the math.
Today is:

Extracts from the Tourney Handbook

{Tournament Party}{Tournament Restaurants}{Directions}{Schedule}

Captain's social friday evening at Parrot Lounge next to Holiday Inn Ft.Lauderdale on Sundrise Blvd.

Sat Tourney Party-click on "Tournament Party" above.

45's first match is 9am Sat

35's first match is 10am Sat

We have a practice friday 4pm at Holiday Park on Sunrise Blvd just west of Holiday Inn,Ft.Lauderdale

No coolers or beer is permitted at Tradewinds Park. Six gallons of water will be provided to each team for each match--pick up at the tent. Cary will have gatorade and power bars--just ask.

Your kit is navy shorts and navy solid socks--Cary has a limited supply and expect Matt Godek, player with the 45's, to have a few for sale as well. If ya need shorts and socks contact me now.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for "message from the Tourney Director"

Va.Cards training side Feb 22nd,2004/Pete SweetkJohn Ellis,Jon Hill not shown

Some final notes before we convene in Florida:

-lets get to Tradewinds Park on Sat one hour before KO-Murphy's Law is lurking everywhere

-on friday if we don't see ya at the Coral Ridge,then see ya at 4pm practice Holiday Park,Sunset Blvd friday afternoon, otherwise, catch ya at the Parrott Lounge that evening,otherwise,Sat am at Tradewinds Park ready to play some rugby!

Click here for video.WMV of Skip Yeager dotting down in Norfolk 7's--for dial up modems wait about 2 minutes for loading

John Via ,tall guy with head band, supports the try

John Via,head band,rucks hard for the try

Tom Sarisky,#7 for the 45's

Lance Vandecastle,mighty lock for the 45's


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The 45 and over side is being lead and organized by Mike Puopolo and John Ellis, respectively. Please direct your questions directly to these gentlemen in that regard.

John Ellis ellis@infionline.net

Mike Puopolo mdpuopolo@aol.com

Important notice from Johnny Ellis posted Jan 9th:

We need ALL definites for the Over 45's going to Ft Lauderdale to respond to this e-mail that you are going to play----or just going. Even if you have indicated to Mike Puopolo or to me that you intended to go, PLEASE respond again to this e-mail. Players, or anyone, that want a tournament jersey must send $50.00 immediately, made payable to John Ellis and mailed to :

Lance scores in the right corner/Masters Div/Commonwealth Cup
helluva try as Lance makes contact about 12 meters out-drops and drives through multiple defenders to touch down-ya can just see the back of his grey head on the dot down.

Sons of Beaches,lead by Ellis, win 45 and over
Aspen Ruggerfest 2002
ID'ed in picture Sands,Whelan,Lonergan,Painter,Old,Herron and company

John Ellis
Sons of Beaches RFC
P.O. Box 1131
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451

The $50.00 will buy your individual jersey and pay for the entrance fee to the tournament. With your check, indicate size and number on the back that you desire. No check ---no jersey. We need the order by January 16th, 2004. Only one order will be made.

We still do not know "officially" when we play, yet the tournament is billed as Saturday and Sunday, February 28th and 29th, with the Over 45's playing only on Sunday. Regardless, we intend to have a practice at 4:00 PM on Friday, February 27th, so plan to arrive accordingly. Get the best flights you can to and from Ft. Lauderdale---there are no local packages from us. Refer to the web site if needed.

Hotel options are on the web sites. Dan Lonergan's personal favorite is the Holiday Inn Ft Lauderdale Beach. Let your budget be your guide, yet this hotel is in the thick of the social action. There are no $129 rooms left, yet they have $155 rooms as of now. Several players have booked there, several at the Coral Ridge Inn. Once we get an exact count of players, I will post it on the web site. Then we can also make sure we have enough rental cars to get players back and forth from hotels to the park.

We know an exceptional side has been formulated, so get your $50.00 payment in immediately.

Thanks. Contact me if you have any questions

John Ellis,Team Manager for the 45's

Danny Patterson and Pete Sweet on the 45's

Bill Gardner
The 35 and over side Team Manager is Bill Gardner totalpkg@erols.com,high flying NOVA 7's Manager for many years, with able support from Cary Kennedy,as Tour organizer for the 35's. Cary@richmondrugby.net. Roster possibles for the 35 and over side are listed at the bottom of this page.

Bill Gardner totalpkg@erols.com
telephone: 703 591 2300
page:703 708 8868

Cary Kennedy cary@richmondrugby.net
telephone: 757 566 4727

Recommended hotel options for the Virginia Cardinals:

-- Option 1. Kathleen and I are estabishing our headquarters at the Coral Ridge Inn (of late "Holiday Inn Express") and will have a hospitality on friday evening for the players at our room and opportunity for the guys to pick up their kit; we will retire to Parrott Lounge after our 4pm practice for dinner and more hospitality. Call 954 566 4301 for reservations. The Coral Ridge Inn is located about midday between our park and the beach and has favorable rates of $88/night. 3355 North Federal Highway,Ft. Lauderdale.

--Option 2. The Westin Hotel just off I-95 400 Corporate Drive in North Ft. Lauderdale is a full service hotel with pool,restaurant etc for $119/night. Call our travel agent Barbie at 1-800-826-6713 or email barbie@surfexpress.webmail.com

--Option 3. The Holiday Inn Pompano Beach is across the street from the beach with water view rooms ranging in price from $136 to $154/night. Call Gail at 1-800-223- 5844

--Option 4. The Riverside Hotel is Old Florida Style highly recommended by locals. Skip Yeager,Steve Yeager, and Al Lucas are crashing this elegant traditional venue. Click onto www.riversidehotel.com.

If you are traveling "economy" and need to crash a room with a sleeping bag, let Cary know and we will match ya up with a cooperative mate. Just get yourself to Ft. Lauderdale! Sorry, Kathleen and I are not sharing our rack.

Lex Maccubbin,steadfast scrumhalf for the 45's, is ready to share a room. Email lexmaccubbin@yahoo.com

Group airfare packages are just too high! You can do better booking on an individual basis. The sooner you book the better the price! Current prices out of Dulles on US Air are $220 round trip,Jan 4th.

Tour Emails
MAPS of the local area where we play

Our Jersey order-click here -check accuracy

Click here for some information on Ft. Lauderdale accomdation,travel,car rentals.
Tourists are expected to arrange for their transport and accommadation on an individual and small group basis. Yet, this website stands ready to assist with collaboration on rooms and rental cars etc. Please contact Cary and share your travel and accomadations plans with us so we can all stand ready to help each other and make this the best tour ever!

John,Andy,Will,Chris B,Chris P.

Darin "Barney" Darden and Chris "Pint" Porter

David "Dixie" Dean

Malakai "Mala" Delai

Dave "Can" King and Andy "Mad" Mattocks
Enterprise car rental For the special Ruggerfest Discounted rates please Call (800)736-8227 and use I.D. Code 4K1386.

The 35 and over Possibles as of mid Jan:

"Possible"=Has been invited and interested

="Yes,I'm Going!"--to get the redball behind your name you must sent $50 dollars to the Tour Panel--Your deposit represents your earnest committment to the fixture, tourney fee,and you tournament jersey which will become your personal property and team hospitality at The Beach.

Tour kit is solid navy socks and solid navy shorts, you must acquire that on your own if ya don't have that color in your vast personal collection of rugby kit ---

Send $50 payable "Cary Kennedy,FTL Tour" to Cary Kennedy,9405 Barnes Road,Toano,Virginia 23168. OR pay instantly online with a credit card or paypal account go to www.paypal.com your payment email is seawright@webtv.net.

Cary Kennedy,Tour organizer for the 35's,
757 566 4727

fax: 240 384 0346

THE 35's

1.Dave King
2 Stuart Corker,Darin Darden
3.Todd Edwards
4.John Via,Darden Couch
5.Frank Punch
6.Larry Sweger
7.Steve Yeager
8.Phil Bassett,Andy Mattocks
9 Skip Yeager
10. Mark Fowler,Co-CAPTAIN
11. Malakai Delai
12. Chris Porter ,Will Thornton ,Siti Naivota
13. Andy Truesdale,Al Lucas ,John Lawrence
14. Dixie Dean,Vince Granger
15. Chris Petrakes(-Captain) ,Bill Russell(Player/Coach)
Team Manager: Bill Gardner
Telephone:703 591 2300
Page:703 708 8868

***The roster will be limited to 25 players or less with the right balance of positions. In order to guarantee your position on the roster you must get the "red ball" by your name. To get the "redball" by your name you must have tendered your tour deposit and confirmed your travel and accomadation with us.

THE 45's

Mike Bermes
Bill Brownley
Steve Burgess
John Carr
Colin Crawford
Marty Edrich
Gerry Gilfoyle
Matt Godek
Cary Kennedy
Mike Old
James Painter
Jeff Sands
Tom Sarisky
Tim Spruill
Lance Van de Castle
Steve Walters
Keith Wright
Dane Cheek
Johnny Ellis
Chip Fenn
David Hamberg
Mike Herron
Reyn Kinzey
Alan Larivee
Terry Lee
Lex Maccubbin
Danny Patterson
Mike Puopolo
Pete Sweet
Hennie Van Zyl
Mike Wright

Mike Puopolo,Captain of the 45's

Vince and Mark

[Saranac CanAm Rugby][Virginia Reds][ Virginia Gentlemen RFC][ Virginia OBs][F-Word]
"Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a total mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Fcuknig amzanig, huh?"
Phone numbers:

Aherns 513 241 2324
Campbell Chris 703 856 3567/703 327 5279
Caravelli 203 431 1822/646 334 4922/203 286 2242
Couch 678 795 9811,678 898 0145
Ferguson 804 928 8713
Fiscella 757 873 1321
Flynn 443 223 6131/202 616 7186
Fowler 804 796 5583
Gardner 703 591 2300,703 708 8868
Gilfoyle 202 329 6672
Herb 407 228 4827
Kennedy 757 566 4727
King 202 619 0610
Petrakes 703 255 2100,703 929 2762
Russell 305 445 9977/305 448 9725/305 798 7955
Sarisky 202 329 6672
Sweger 717 215 0771
Truesdale 240 423 0247

Competition Schedule:

over 45's

ORBS old renegades boys side
Senior Virginia Cardinals
Older Tobacco rd Legends
FOB's Florida Old Boys
Niagra old boys Canada
Older Ft Lauderdsale Silver knights

First match for Cards v Niagra 9am

over 35's

Boca Raton old boys
Wilmington old boys
Junior Virginia Cardinals
FECES west palm bch
White Plains Classix
Philly Whitemarsh
St Lambert Locks Montreal
Tobacco Rd Legends
Albany Knickerbockers
Buffallo old boys
Manhattan PresidentsXV
Caribean Old Stars west indies

First match for Cards v Albany 10am

Message from Tourney Director 20 Feb:

Fellow Ruggers,

Well the tournament is right on top of us now (thank goodness) and hopefully all of your squads are ready. Just a couple of reminders and some new things to know.

I have looked through the players handbook and there are some very specific things you need to know about gametimes etc. For the first time ever we have a pre-published schedule and times, keep in mind anything can happen at a rugby tournament and we develope "Rugby time" so be prepaired to do what needs to be done to help things go smoothly, as to the handbook it states; all matches will be 25 min halfs and all finals will be 40 min halfs Your team must be ready to play and at the specified field BEFORE the completion of the prior match and has 5 min to assemble on said field after the prior match is completed. This issue is paramount for this weekend as we have the maximum number of teams competing that we can fit in a weekends playtime(46 teams, the largest tournament number by far) also stated in the handbook; if after 5 minutes your team is not ready to compete on the specific field which is ready to be played upon you will FORFEIT your match at the referee's discretion. They will drop the hammer on you, they know how critical the time factor is this weekend, so make sure your team is ready AHEAD of time and if you need players get to the announcement area in order to get men well ahead of time.

Substitutions: for the over 45's this is unlimited (we are lucky we can walk for 25 min, never mind 50 ) For the over 35's we would like to see you limit subs to something more normal (6 ish) but there is no mandate( there will be next year) so try to be more "normal" with subs in the over 35 div

The fun starts when you get here but the official monkey business starts on fri at the capt's party, this is for everybody not just the capt's, you dont want to miss this, great fun and mixing it up. this is at the parrott lounge across the street from the holiday inn at A1A & sunrise blvd, so if you're staying there you can stumble to and from. then we beat each other up on sat and sat night the "tournament" party (unlike some other major tournaments where you have to make your own party, we give you a BIG one) you dont want to miss this either, this year it is at the "DOWNTOWNER" saloon which is nestled in the newly done downtown party area which will be on fire with people even if the ruggers are not there, the addition of the ruggers should be interesting and as i said you really dont want to miss downtown ft lauderdale on the weekend, we will push the limits over the top, you'll see. then sunday if you were good enough, we get to beat each other up again !!! last but not least a POST tournament party !!! now this is something new for this year and it is held at the cafe BLUE FISH which is near the parrott across from the hloiday inn on the beach. at this venue your second beer is free and i am sure it will spill over into the streets.

Looking forward to seeing you all here, weather has been great, a little cold snap lately, down to the 50's at night high 60's in daytime but going back to 70's this weekend which is what i hope we have for the tournament.

yours in rugby,

check website? www.ftlrugby.com

mike resta...littleman