The Virginia Reds
formerly the Knights of the Golden Horseshit
Rugby Football Club



Our training session was a massive success on sunday July 27th---see ya in Saranac, hospitiality at the Lake Flower Motel in Saranac hosted by Mike P,Cary,Jon,and Danny 6pm Friday evening @ 15 Lake Flower Ave.,Rt 86,Saranac Lake tel:888:628 8901 or local 891-2310

PAIRINGS on Sat Aug 2nd

Group D
Albany vs. Virginia REDS, 11 am, Field 9
Albany vs. ORBS, 2 pm, Field 9
Virginia REDS vs. ORBS, 6 pm, Field 9

We assemble at field #9 at 9:30am prior to our KO at 11am More on pairings and field map click HERE

We ordered kit on JUlY 8th---Deposits on hand are listed here with jersey size and number request---Please contact Cary now with your size request--you must have deposit with us to receive your kit!

Tom Sarisky,silent violent flanker

Welcome to your website devoted to all things great and small for the Knights of the Golden Horseshoe RFC. The Knights are a 40 and over rugby side and we are competing at The CanAm Rugby Tournament in Saranac Lake Aug 2/3,2003. Our roster is composed of premier players from Newport News RFC, old Richmond RFC,Norfolk RFC, and Virginia RFC.

Marty and Dayl

Danny and Marc

As of June 15th--we may have to rename our side The Virginia Reds--no "we are not morphing into a communist political cell!"---kit requirments for our jerseys necessitated the change. Appears we will be purchasing some of last years stock of authentic Canterbury Queenslands Reds at a friendly price. Please contact Cary now with your request for jersey size and , also, indicate if you need navy shorts and socks

Cary models our colors

Click on Picture of Cary for audio and video message.

Important Message From Mike Puopolo Posted June 8th and other emails from our mates. Click HERE

Mike Puopolo has secured our entry into the 40 and over division as of June 2nd.
Accomodation on that weekend tends to book up rapidly--so Cary encourages you to make reservations early! Mike Puopolo, Cary Kennedy,Danny Patterson, Jon Hill and wives/entourage have booked 4 rooms at the Lake Flower Inn already---The Lake Flower is Booked UP. Best Western Mountain Lake Resort might have rooms still available--call immediately 518 891 1970. For more accomodation,phone numbers,and websites go to The Saranac Lake Chamber of Commerce (tel:518 891 1998)and/or click on accomodation.

Advisory from granite hooker Brad Mills on June 15th--

"Back to the rooms: the Maple Leaf Inn (518 423-2471) and the Prague (518 523-3410) in the village of Lake Placid still have rooms at reasonable rates. We booked a 2-bedroom suite at the Maple Leaf for $165/night"

email from John Via July 15th

My travel plans: Flying into Albany on August 1st and driving - will get in to Saranac between 11-12PM.

Friday, August 1
United Airlines Flight 2283 (Operated by US AIRWAYS)
From: Washington Ronald Reagan NationalAirport 5:30 PM
To: Philadelphia Int'l Airport 6:24 PM

United Airlines Flight 2682 (Operated by US AIRWAYS)
From: Philadelphia Int'l Airport 7:50 PM
To: Albany Airport, 8:58 PM

Cheers, John

Ken Flynn, Explosive Irish fullback, is flying into Albany on Aug 1st and renting a car --will be staying at the Hilton Lake Placid Resort 518 523 4411. His cell is 704 906 1809.

Brother Steve Flynn, The Hammer at loosey and US Marine Corps Iraqi war veteran,will be traveling with his bro,Ken

-John Carr,murcurical flanker, and family will be staying at the Lake Placid Lodge.

-Jon Hill,cagey flanker and Cary Kennedy,wanna be surfing legend,and families are sharing a Alamo rental car that weekend and are driving from Richmond. Outstanding rental car deals are available with unlimited miles for 4 days under $200 at most airports.

Alamo 800 462 5266
Avis 800 228 4471
National 800 227 7368
Dollar 800 800 4000

Danny Patterson, atmospheric center, and wife are staying at the Lake Flower

--Mike Puopolo,gifted flyhalf, and wife, Bethany, booked the last room at the Lake Flower Inn on June 2nd and have their plane tickets

John Via, steadfast lock/flanker, has booked at Best Western Mountain Lake Resort and has an extra bunk (queen size). John will accept a roommate.

Russ Simoes,stout flanker and hooker, is looking for a travel mate/es out of the Richmond area. Russ wants to share expenses on a rental car or help out with driving and expenses with his personal car. Call 804 314 4529 or email

As of July 10th Russ and Mike Herron are traveling together in Russ's jeep--will seek a camp site.

Dayle Runner,contentious hard running #8, says the Newport News boys, Rich,shifty winger, John breaking rocket,Mike T.,cerebral scrumhalf,and Marty,violent prop, will be securing a rental and driving up that weekend.

Tom Sarisky,silent but violent flanker, and Jerry Gilfolye, skilled lock, will be driving up with Marc Butler and will be bunking with Wilmington OB's but playing with us , of course.

Colin Crawford,massive lock, and wife, Connie will be flying to Montreal and driving down to Saranac to join us that weekend and will be staying at the Best Western Mountain Lake Resort

Mike Herron,rocklike center, wants to go in a RV---maybe chip in on a rental van? Contact Mike Herron
757 446 2108
757 412 0644
757 439 7158

Stuart Corker,mighty hooker and loosey, is staying at the Adirondack Lodge--booked on June 10th

Russ and Mike are staying at The KAO campgrounds Lake Placid/Whiteface Mountain.---Russ says they have more sites available--Mike has a six man tent. Contact Russ is ya want to join up with him.

Jon Hill on Left

Travel arrangements will be made on an individual and small group basis. This website stands ready to help organize the travel effort. Post your emails in regard to travel and I will gladly paste them into our site. Round trip airfares thru Orbitz are in the low 200s now. Want to combine on car rentals? This is your clearinghouse so we can collaborate with travel and transport.

Okay, its late July--what is expected of you now? You should be fit enough to run around your yard, at least, three times before your wife catches you

You are , also, expected to tender $100 to Mike or Cary to represent your committment to this fixture,to cover jersey/kit purchase,defray tourney fee, and team social obligations while on tour. This deposit will be refundable up until we are actually committed to make the purchase on the jerseys and you will be informed on that date--so make the deposit! Some of this deposit may,also, be refunded if collective team expenses are below $100/player.

You can , also, pay online with a Credit Card. Go to; your payment email address is and send a heads up to Mike and Cary if you use this method.

Rather pay with a personal check or money order? That's Okay. Make check for $100 payable to "Cary Kennedy & Mike Puopolo." Send to my home address:Cary Kennedy,9405 Barnes Road,Toano, Virginia 23168--drop us a heads, up via email that check is in the mail. Send check-so ya don't have to borrow a jersey from your mate that does't fit and is sweaty and dirty before you put it on. Each player that tenders $100 will have their personal team jersey.

"There is no substitude for a good time" This will be a good time for the Knights of the Golden Horseshit -- er sorry Horsedung-I mean HORSESHOE

FAQ: Who were the original Knights of the Golden Horseshoe? Answer.

Roster as of July 13th

"yes, I'm going"=$100 is tendered-travel and accomadation plans in place
"probable"=very interested but no deposit yet
"possible"=invited but still shy

Name Position Status
Mike Puopolo
434 531 5360
800 977 2761
10 "yes,I'm going!"
Al Lucas 9,14,6 Possible
Mike Bermes 6,7,4,5 yes, I am going!
John Lawrence 12,13 Yes, I am going!
Marty Edrich 1,3 Yes,I'm Going
Tom Sarisky 571 227 2720
202 329 6672
7 Yes, I'm going!
Mike Toole 9,10 yes, I am going!
Mike Herron
757 446 2108
757 439 7158
757 439 7158
12,13,7 in a pinch yes, I am going
Brad Mills
610 283 1626
2(1or 6 in a pinch) "yes, I'm going"
Dayle Runner 8,7,12 yes, I am going!
Steve Flynn
410 647 9615
4,7,8 Yes, I'm Going
Ken Flynn 15 Yes, I'm Going
Russ Simoes
804 314 4529
2,6 "yes,I'm Going!"
John Carr 6,12 "Yes, I'm Going!"
Collin Crawford
540 819 6776
540 977 3298
4 "Yes,I'm going"
Stuart Corker
804 559 0004
7,2,6 yes, I'm going
Cary Kennedy
757 566 4727
2,9 in a pinch "yes,I'm going!"
Danny Patterson 12,13,9 "Yes,I'm Going!"
Rich Britten 11,14,15 Yes,I'm going!
Jon Hill 6,7,15 "yes,I'm going!"
The Unknown rugby legend TBD Possible
Marc Butler 1 Possible
Jerry Gilfoyle 4,5 yes, I am going!
John Via
4,6,8 yes,I'm going!
Mass email the roster-click the ball

Mike and Cary

As of July 13, our roster is starting to take real form. We have about 21 mates, I would define either as "going" because they have made travel/accomadation plans and made deposite or have clearly stated their committment but are still sorting out their travel and , yet, to send deposit. We are just about prepared to CLOSE THE ROSTER pending a few more deposits! We have outstanding potential and talent and are laced with steadfast support players, as well. Our chance for real chemistry is trully there! How do we classify our mates as "going?" Please contact us with your travel and accomadation plans and tender your $100 to Mike and Cary. Once a trully committed roster is established with a balance of appropriate positions 20-25 tourists.-- The roster will be closed to any more tourists! As Mike Puopolo stated is his email, the best chemistry and team motivation is achieved with less than 25 players. Therefore,if you are really going--take action now.
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