Message from Mike posted June 8th


I am excited about our trip to Saranac. While I am a real screamer and control freak on the pitch, I am a much quieter control freak off the pitch. Every good side, club, tour, etc. needs a good central "worrier" /organizer. For our Aspen side, it is Mr. Johnny Ellis and for our Saranac side it is Mr. Cary Kennedy. As I said, I am excited about going to Saranac, particularly with a competitive side that has realistic expectations of winning the tournament. I think many of you would be surprised how much time and energy Mr. Kennedy selflessly volunteers to our endeavor. Some of you will be able to commit the time and money required to make the trip and others will not. Some had the understanding that we were going to enter a side in the over 45 division not the over 40. We couldn't get in, the division was full with two "alternate" sides already waiting. We can now enjoy playing with some 40 to 45 year olds that we couldn't have played with otherwise. I want to take a strong side. With only eight weeks to go, we need to firm up our commitments. Please get back to me (and/or with an update that you are in, out, or still unsure (which is fine). If you are still unsure then please advise us as to when you will know whether things will work out or not.

Our experience at Aspen taught us that we should not take many more than 22-24 players. Therefore each roster slot is important. Any of you who can't make it, we need to start working now to replace you with someone who can help us win the tournament.
If you prefer to call me, please do so at 434 531 5360 (cell) or 800 977 2761 (office)

Mike Puopolo


Posted July 20th by Al Lucas Guys:

Skip, way to take one for the Team!

Steve, this means you OWE IT to us to make an appearance in Saranac! Cary I will definetely be there. However, I am playing with Princeton (Div 3 club, playng in the Club Division). But, I think I could play a few with you guys as well (if you have room). I played 7's all summer and should be fit enough to play several matches. ALL, I am bringing my personal, live-in massage therapist. Steve refers to her a the "necked chick." Now he will finally get to meet her. No, will not be giving free massages to men with hair on their backs. Looking forward to you guys in Saranac.



Posted by Steve Yeager in reply to Al Lucas

Well, I suppose I cannot remain silent any longer. Having read Al (yes, I can play rugby and shampoo my hair at the same time) Lucas' self promotion regarding his ability to still run, or really lack of his ability to still run (i.e. check your hammy Al and Mr. Al, one little chase of a 450 lb prop for 20 yards and a 70 yard scamper when everyone else had left the field for half-time does not maketh it a truly inspiring highlight). and that being said, I have taken the first wee step in approaching management on whether I might be allowed to scurry to upstate NY on two weeks notice and surprisingly I was not immediately bopped on the head so perhaps there is hope. I will seek final approval this weekend upon management's return from an out of town adventure which thankfully did not include me. I will let you all know if I can make it and hope I can as I actually do have both my hamstrings in fine tune shape - Al!

Steve Yeager

Posted by Al Lucas July 15th


Long-time no see. It was good to see that you are still running around. I relocated to Cincinnati from NJ last summer. I have been working back from a total knee reconstruction and am happy to report that it is going well. While not at full-speed in Vegas, I still was able to dazzle skip with a try-saving chase and a 70 meter break away. Then I of course pulled a hammy. However, the recovery continues and I am playing this weekend in the Jersey 7's with my old squad,Princeton AC.

I am also playing in Saranac this year. I am traveling there with Princeton and expect to play three matches with them. But, I have to find a way to get out with you guys, too. I haven't seen the Flynn brothers in years! I have seen the Yeager brothers a lot; they're bald and slow. They would be perfect for an Old Boys team (maybe I can inspire them to make the trip to Saranac if I taunt them on e-mail). Anyway, I hope all is well with you. I will look for you guys in Saranac.

Best Regards,

Al Lucas

Posted July 12 by Jeff Lange

ok, so fill me in! is it a 2 day event? 3 days? will there be an issue if i cannot stick around for the after-tourny drink up? are we going to carpool? i have room for another bloke comfortably, and a third if he's one of those hooker-types (you know, short legs, limited attention span), or i would be happy to pitch in for gas money if someone else is driving. let me know.


Posted July 14th

ok,Ken,thanks for quick reply---we will try our best to honor position requests---


As our best trash talking, most confident player, you may have to serve some duty at fullback. cheers,
--- wrote: > Cary, > > I will not be able to attend the practice session. > > By the way, I would like to play center. > > Ken

Posted July 10th,


Talked to the guys last night and 5 of us will be going.

Mike Toole

I'll send you my check this weekend.

Jersey Large/XL yes on-- navy shorts and socks. 34" for shorts

We are all traveling up together in a mini-van, and we are all staying in a hotel that Dayle booked.

Looking forward to it.


Posted by stellar winger Ken Flynn June 27th

I would definitely like to go but I will need to check work schedules etc. before I confirm. I will speak with Steve as well.

In answer to the fitness question: My godlike physique is unchanged and I am now giving immortality lessons.

In answer to the tackling question: Let's just say devastating and leave it at that.

In answer to the trash talking: What kind of puny little girly man question is that? Why don't you take off your high heels and ask me a real question!

I will let you know

Posted by Ken Flynn July 13th


Sent you a check today for $200 for Steve and I. Did that cover the leopard skin thongs as well or should we bring our own?


Posted by Danny Patterson June 24th

My check is in the mail. No, really, I put it there today. I swear. Sorry I procrastinated for so long. You guys got buried in my email list. I have quite a few pair of black shorts and socks but no blue. I assume that part of the uniform was decide on by either a Norfolk or Virginia player. Are you putting together an order or should I order my own? In my periodization training program I am just completing the sitting on my ass phase and will begin the slow jog around the block phase tomorrow or the next day, or the next... but rest assured, I'll be ready

Posted by Brad Mills June 15th


I'm taking the plunge! I'd like a jersey in size 48 with #2. If there are no 48s, I'll take a 46 rather than a 50.

I'll mail you a check for $100 tomorrow. By the way, rooms are very scarce up there. In addition to the rugby tournament, there's also a figure skating competition. I wonder if Tonya Harding will be doing both?

Back to the rooms: the Maple Leaf Inn (518 423-2471) and the Prague (518 523-3410) in the village of Lake Placid still have rooms at reasonable rates. We booked a 2-bedroom suite at the Maple Leaf for $165/night.

I look forward to a weekend of good rugby.


Posted by Mike Herron, June 9th

Michael me Ken Keasey once put it "you're either on the bus, or you're off the bus". I guess I'm on the bus...although I'll either fly or drive up to Saranac (anybody thought about renting a Winabago?).

Since I passed up my one try in Charlottesville to Tim Trivette, who promptly touched it down on the 5-meter line for your teammates to pick-up, I need to go to Saranac to score!!!

I'm looking forward to this as a tune-up to Aspen, but winning this one would be great too. Lex had me go up to Saranac to play with the Buffalo Old Boys a few years back...what a tournament with some very strong competition. The 40-over bracket should make things quite exciting. I look forward to it, and I'll work on Mickey White to come (Mickey, "you're either on the bus, or you're off the bus"). I just met Doug Moog the other weekend who played with the SOBs and for the Blues. He was excellent. He might be someone worth recruiting...he just turned 40. I don't have his # but Johnny probably does.

For your planning, Inside or Outside Center for me, but as you know I can move to wing if need be. It sounds like you will have plenty of flankers, but as an FYI only, I love playing wing-forward. Whatever you need will make sense to me. I assume everyone will go up a day or two in advance for some run-throughs...I have the tournament as August 2 and 3...I assume that is right. Anyway, keep me posted. Love and Kisses. Mike Herron.

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