Aug 8th 2003--About your $100 Tour deposit.

A few notes on the post tour money and pesky details. Total deposits were $2100 and total expenditures were $1907. We have a surplus!

Entry fee was not charged to Al Lucas, as a guest player and paid member of Princeton RFC, or Rich Britten, who had to beg off at the last minute due to banged knee.

Tourney fee was $400 divided by 20 players--$20/player

Hospitality at Mt.Rd,Dugout,Mex. Rest--$340---$17/player. If ya made the hospitalities, I hope you enjoyed yourself. If ya did not make the hospitialities, you have the satisfaction and joy of financing your mates pursuit of beer,pizza,appitizers, and happiness.

Total kit purchase was $1172---this cost was assigned based upon your individual purchase.

The following players are elgible for refunds:

Rich Britten---$38
Rus Simoes---$21-refunded Aug 13 as credit to VG RFC dues
John Carr---$28-refunded Aug 11th
Brad Mill---$28--refunded Aug 16th
Mike Herron---$28-refunded Aug 12th
Mike Puopolo--$28-refunded Aug 11th
For the six players eligible for refund, contact Cary with your mailing address or "" payment email

Total breakdown of cost assignment:

Mike P.--$72
Jon Hill--$99
John Via--$99
John Carr--$28
Colin C--$99
Mike H.--$72
Dayle --$99
Steve --$99
Ken --$99
Tom --$99
Rich --$62
John L.--$99
Mike T.--$99

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Pre tour requirements:

Click here to contact Cary

Roster mates who have tendered their $100 deposit with kit request:

Marty Edrich , size XXL, 42 shorts
Mike Puopolo, size L #10
Danny Patterson, size L #12,36 shorts,socks
Cary Kennedy, size L #2,navy 34 shorts socks
Brad Mills, size XL #2 or #1
Colin Crawford, size XXL #4, 40 shorts ,socks
John Carr, size L #6
John Via, size XL #7 or #8
Russ Simones size XL 6,7, socks only
Tom Sarisky size L # 7 34 short,socks
Rich Britten size L #11 34 short,socks
John Hill, size L #7, 34 shorts socks
Mike Herron, size L,#13
Dayle Runner, size XL,#8, 36 shorts,socks
Ken Flynn, size L #15, 36 shorts,socks
Mike Bermes, size XL, 36 shorts,socks
Steve Flynn size XL, 36 shortssocks
John Lawrence size L, 36 shorts,socks
Jerry Gilfoyle size XL, 36 shorts,socks
Stuart Corker size L, 32 shorts, socks
Mike Toole size L, 34 shorts,socks

Total deposits on hand=$2100

Current expenditures:

Hospitality post training session/tailgate/Dugout=$104

Tournament entry fee=$400

Estimated kit purchase=$1400 (TBD)

Reminder that your $100 deposit is mandatory and covers your entry fee, kit purchase,possible team social, and committment to this weekend. Expect a partial refund if cost per player is below $100. Expect your share of the expense to be mitigated if you already have navy shorts and socks. Your tour kit is your personal property. If you do not make a deposit , you will not get your kit and you will , therefore, have to beg your mates for a sweaty jersey when called to action, what a drag!