Posted April 17,2007

Where to start? It's been a crazy week as everyone knows. First, please join me in offering prayers and condolences to the victims and their families at Virginia Tech. As many of you know, I went to grad school at Tech and this has been very hard to accept. We have Tech grads on our 7s team and of course former United Coach and current UR Coach Carl Schmitt is an alum too. The dust hasn't settled on this and I believe everyone is still in a state of shock.

Last Friday night we gathered to battle our cross-town rival James River. River was mourning it's own set of tragedies with the recent death of Billy Cauthorn's son in Iraq and the late breaking news that Mary Leech had had another set back in her battle with cancer.

The Lions had full numbers on Friday night and were obviously charged up and ready to wage war. River hit us with their usual aggressive style of play and they actually had the first shot at points via a penalty kick. The kick missed. The play went back and forth for about the first 15 minutes or so, but it was apparent that we were ready to explode. We dominated River up front and in backline play very clearly. Our line-outs went very well, especially considering that in Thursday's practice they looked like, well, you know. Neil "Shaggy" Gillette would dominate these line-outs and that combined with his open field play earned him Man of the Match honors for the forwards.

Our connection from the line-outs and scrums to our scrumhalf, fly and backline was impressive. After the first try we scored the flood gates opened. At the half it was about 25 or so to nil. We made various substitutions throughout the 2nd half and continued to score pretty much at will. The play tuned in by Cory I think earned him Man of the Match honors for the backs. Cory scored a couple, Phil Strunkin' Monkey scored a couple and Brian the Blade Patterson scored a couple. Darryl also had a long run for a try which was icing on the cake. River did manage to pop in a couple of scores late in the 2nd half, though it was too little too late. It was a perfect evening for the Lions. Final score 50-12 Lions.

----- Original Message ----- From: Charlie Grant Sent: Monday, April 05, 2004 2:28 PM Subject: Lions Update: Porter Cup, Tee Shirts, Braves Tickets, B-Ball tonight

Fellers: I must echo Commander Cody's sentiments (that means "opinion" or "judgment" for you King William County guys) about this past weekend and the fine effort we displayed. The River match was a bit sloppy, but even though we played against a superior Raleigh side in the second match and lost it was a hard fought and hard hitting match. The Raleigh guys later on that evening had nothing but good things to say about our play. They were truly surprised at how hard we hit them. The Charlotte match needs no commentary really. We turned it up on Sunday and shut them down 12-0. We took home some hardware too claiming the 3rd place trophy. Great stuff and reminiscent of our strong showing last year at Ed Lee. It's fun to win isn't it?! It would seem we're the kind of team that gets better and better as the day goes on.


Hopefully everyone checked the hotline before going to practice last night and heard that the fields were closed. If not, you will want to call 501-5132 for the field hotline the next time it is raining. The number is also located on your phone list and on the web page. If you went out there I am sorry we did not get an email out.

For Thurs. practice please be sure to bring a light and dark jersey or shirt. We will be running plays, and playing for the majority of the practice so make sure you are there. We will need over thirty guys so that we can set up two teams. It should be a fun and informative practice.

Lastly, If you can make it to OTooles tomorrow at noon, we are meeting with a rep from Red Hook Brewery to try and secure a sponsorship for $4,000. The more people that show up the more likely we will get the sponsorship. Please let me know that you will be attending so that we can reserve enough seating. This is an informal lunch so if you have a tape of a game, bring it and we can pop it in to watch during lunch. (This is also a good time to support a current sponsor) Just so you guys know, these sponsorships that we are securing, the money for them is going to be used for a bunch of stuff including subsidizing the cost of warm-ups, new jerseys, team shorts, field equipment, the development of the land that we own in Henrico for a game field (So we don't have to put up with this shit from the county anymore), etc. If any of you guys are interested in helping out with any of the behind the scenes work that goes on, let me or Charlie Grant know. We can always use some help.

Thanks and see you guys tomorrow night.


----- Original Message ----- From: Charlie Grant Sent: Monday, March 15, 2004 11:56 AM Subject: Lion Update: Gillie's Creek this Saturday & Our Website

Gents: For all your information needs, go to and view the new site.

This Saturday, the mighty Virginia Gentlemen take on the Richmond Lions at Gillie's Creek. Go to to view a map of the City and look towards the Churchill area. Hypothetically, remember Rt. 5 we take to get to NV from Dorey Park, well Gillie's Creek Park is right off Rt. 5. For most, you'll be coming from the opposite direction (i.e. Shockoe Bottom). Go up towards the Churchill area and take a left at the fork in the road on Williamsburg Rd. and then a left on Stony Run Dr. which runs parallel to Gillie's Creek Park. Easy to get there, just check Mapquest to find your best route. Lions please contact Billy Tilson with your availability at or log onto the message board at and post there.

Gents please contact Cary Kennedy at

Gents and Lions: We need everyone at Gillie's by 9:00 on Saturday morning. So that we don't have to pay the park fee for the day, we will be helping the good City and bettering our chances to use that field on an ongoing basis by helping to clean up the field prior to the match. We will kick off right after the clean up is done (lots of debris still there from Hurricane Isabel). We'll need about 30 guys to get the work done quickly. The match will be followed by festivities either there in Churchill at the St. Paddy's day events or possible at NV--stay tuned.

Please pass this message on to all involved with the Richmond Lions - old boys too!

We are meeting the rep for Red Hook Ale on Thur at O'Toole's on Forest Hill at 12 noon. Everyone form the club is invited- this our chance to secure a great long-term sponsor and give John O'Toole some additional business. If anyone has any recent rugby matches please bring that along and we can view as much as possible.

Please reply to me at - even if you can show for only 30 minutes this is a potential $4000 for the club - we are trying to convince him he should put his marketing dollars in our club - not others!

I will reserve tables as needed!

Tim Brown cell: 804-683-4973

from: Charlie Grant
Sent: Thursday, March 11, 2004 11:56 AM
Subject: Lion Update: Newport News

Fellers: Our old pals from Newport News are comin' to town to play the mighty Lions [insert "roar" here] on Saturday March 13th for an 11:00 a.m. kick off at Mountain Rd. Yep, that's right, Mountain Rd., not Dorey Park. This promises to be an exciting and fun filled day of rugby and party events. Get this, first our A-Side slaps around News starting at 11:00, which will be followed by what should be a great match up between Raleigh and PAC (you new guys want to see some great rugby? wait 'til you get a load of that match), followed yet again by our B-Side against News B.

As if that weren't enough activity for one day, the 3rd half extravaganza will be at NV/Catch 22 in the Bottom. There will be roads blocked off and a full fledged St. Paddy's (get that right Nigel?) party all over the bottom and extending up to our friends at Sine. Bring your finest Irish jersey for the postmatch fun!

Bring Water!

Remember that selections are made on Tuesdays at training and if you're not there, you ain't startin'. Make sure you are kitted up and ready to roll by 9:30 Saturday morning. We still have much to "go over" before the match with News. Training tonight will be essential, so do your best to be there as close to 6:30 as possible.

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From: Charlie Grant
Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2004 11:29 AM
Subject: Lion Update: practice and other things

Posted Feb 22nd


I received an email today from a guy I know named Brandon Monahan. He is the Fly Half for Radfords and is looking for a job in the Richmond area. Brandon was the NATIONAL MVP for the Division II national championship team and is a very good and tough player. Here is part of his email on what he is looking for.....

My majors are Computer Science and Math with a minor in Physics. I have had an internship with SAIC (Science Applications Information Technology). I am looking for anything in the IT field; do you know anyone?

I have his resume and can forward it to anyone who may be able to help. His resume is very impressive and he has alot of accomplishments. Please let me know if anyone knows of any possible employment for him. He would make a very good asset to our team. Thanks for your help.


Fellers: Very good numbers thus far, let's keep it up. We counted about 35 on Tuesday, 25 on Thursday and about 15 at GymQuest last night. In addition, we're averaging around 10-12 new players each Saturday for the New Player Practices at Mountain Rd. As of today, count on practicing as usual at Mountain Rd. on Thursday. Check the field hotline at 501-5132 on Thursday after 4:00 for any updates. No mention of the fields on the recording means be at Mountain Rd. If the recording says "fields are closed", then plan on being at Doug Lubkings GymQuest on Impala Place at 7:00 (64 west, right on Staples Mill, right on Hilliard, left on Impala Dr., left on Impala Pl., 1st yellow building on the right).

We're under the gun now with a scrimmage a week from Saturday and a very tough match a week after that. If we're on the fields from here on out, be ready for full contact. Last night at Doug's we practiced some line-outs, so if we're there again I would highly encourage all forwards to be there.

Also, plan on being at Mountain Rd. this Saturday at 10:00 for a training session. Weather forecasts indicate balmy 62 degree weather, though it may rain. If it's sprinkling, we play. If it's pouring, we don't (pouring is defined as windshield wipers being constantly on while driving, not on slow intermittent mode, and must be accompanied by old Florida drivers proceeding at 40 mph in the left lane on 295).

Once again, the field hotline number is 501-5132. Don't go calling me to give you the scoop on Thursday. Call 501-5132, that's 501-5132

From: Charlie Grant Sent: Monday, February 16, 2004 3:31 PM Subject: Lion Update: Practice venue for Tuesday

Fellers: Due to what appears to be impending lousy weather we will hold practice tomorrow night at 7:00 at GymQuest thanks to our Old Boy Doug "Ruckin' Fool" Lubking. See below for address and basic directions. Bring shorts, running shoes etc. for an indoor evening of fun and games.

GymQuest 3004 Impala Place 262-9400

64 West to Staples Mill Right on Hilliard Left on Impala Dr. Left on Impala Place 1st yellow warehouse on the right.

From Rudy Miller Feb 11th

Gentlemen I have secured a great opportunity for infinite recriuting potential via comcast cable channel 6 in Chesterfield. What I would like to do is broadcast an informative show showing matches, commentary, with pre-game and post match interviews. The slot that was given was sunday evenings at 9pm,to run 90 mins.

I NEED HELP ! I would like someone to help who may have broadcast experience that can committ the time to this very important venture. I also have some equiptment needs. The filming will be mostly done by handycam. I need a tripod for one. I also could use some donations like videotape, both vhs for the final outcome, and HI8 for the camera. Being that I will be puting the time and effort into this, i don't really have a ton of $$$ for it all.

I do apologize for not bringing this up to the board, but i had to act quickly on this to secure a prime timeslot. I would like to set up a meeting asap with the board to give a presentation on what kind of format we will have and to let you know what we can present.

If you can help I prefer to be contacted by phone as I am not familiar with everyone's email address. My ph# is 745-0759 if you would like to help otherwise keep your comments by e-mail.

Rudy Miller

From Danny Patterson Feb 10th

Great first practice last night! I counted 35 people having fun out there. Those of you who are rubbing sore muscles this morning (and who isnt?)probably agree that our fitness needs to improve drastically. Plan to jog and stretch tonight and schedule a sprint workout over the weekend. It will come.

Only about half of those who attended last Saturday's "New Player Practice" were able to make it last night(I hope to see the rest of you at practice on Thursday or Saturday) but the time devoted to learning basic skills on Saturday paid off. The brand new guys were executing some of the drills better than others who have played several seasons! I think we have some future stars on our hands!

If you are a new player or seasoned player who feels that you could benefit from a refresher course in Rugby 101 don't miss the two hour Saturday practices at 10:00 AM at Mt. Road throughout the month of February.

From: Charlie Grant
Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2004 11:16 AM
Subject: Lion Update: Tonight & Training Tips

See everyone tonight at 6:30 or 7:00. Try to get there as close to 6:30 as possible to get warmed up. Skill players will use this time to practice kicking and things like that. One of the new benefits that we will from time to time share is our Training Tips column from Wellness Director Brett Gauthier at the Manchester YMCA. Hopefully you'll find them helpful as we train and play this spring. The Manchester YMCA (where I work several hours per week as a Fitness Instructor for those of you who didn't know) has in my opinion the best weight room in the Richmond area. Looking to get in shape? Wanna be able to smack that Prop across from you like a redheaded step child? Come check out the Manchester YMCA on Hull St. Rd. near Chippenham and ask for either Brett or me.

Training tip # 1:

With all the information floating around out there concerning to Stretch or not to stretch as a means to reduce the incidence of strains , sprains, etc…Here are some recommendations. There is no scientific data to support that stretching before an athletic event will reduce or eliminate the chance that you will be injured. Flexibility is an important part of total fitness but does not guarantee you will stay injury free. When warming up for your event or in this case, your sport, this information may help. Always warm your muscles in the same way that you plan to use them for your activity. Start off with a walk around the playing field incorporating some leg swings, big arm movements, and some high stepping. Proceed next into a slow jog and pick up the pace slightly until you feel warm. Some short sprints of 10, 20, and 40 yards at 50-70% Maximum effort should get you sufficiently warmed up for the game. Keep active right up to game time. Following the game some light stretching will help to alleviate some of the next day muscle soreness that may occur. Make sure you drink plenty of water, Muscles that become dehydrated are more prone to cramping and injury.

Brett Gauthier Wellness Director Manchester YMCA

Charlie Grant, President & Propaganda Minister
Richmond Lions Rugby Club
804-338-4556 (cell)

Posted Feb 5th

Fellers: A reminder about the new player practice tomorrow morning at 10:00 at Mountain Rd. Veteran players are invited to attend as well. For directions, go to Our first official training session is Tuesday at Mountain Road 7-9 (we encourage folks to get there as close to 6:30ish as possible). Here again, the site has directions.

{Home}{Register}{Roster}{Officers}{Fixtures}{Old Boys}{Postmatch}{History}
Looking for some great rugby reading? I have the following recommendations for you:

1). Rugby Skills, Tactic and Rules by Tony Williams and Gordon Hunter. Great book packed full of color photos to make things interesting which are a great help in explaining the text. This is kind of a rugby 101 book and so is highly recommended to new players because of the simple text and explanatory photos. The dramatic photos of Jonah Lomu running over hapless backs are fantastic. Well worth the purchase price.

2). Rugby: Steps to Success by Tony Biscombe and Peter Drewett. Another very well written and eye-opening book on rugby. This book is a favorite of our own Pete Sweet because it explains positioning and tactics well and illustrates commonsense drills to be employed to get a team up to snuff. Not as fun to look at as the above book, but great stuff if you want to stay one step ahead of everyone else in understanding what we're doing on Tuesdays, Thursdays and ultimately Saturdays.

3). Rugby: A Player's Guide to the Laws by Derek Robinson. This ought to be required reading for all ruggers and ought to be kept in his kit bag at all times. Why? This text takes the dry and eye-lid closing Laws book and explains the laws in simple, commonsense and humorous ways. This thing is actually very much fun to read. Definitely consider getting yourself a copy and you'll find that you are no longer aimlessly walking around the pitch because you don't know what just happened. Rather, you'll realize that you're aimlessly walking around the pitch only because you're out of shape.

4). Total Rugby by Jim Greenwood. What to say here. This is kind of graduate student level rugby stuff. The benefit of this text to the average player is that you can look up your position in the index and find neat tips and tidbits of information that will hopefully translate into an advantage for you against your opponent. For instance, I quote from the Front Row section "The tight-head prop binds on the waist band of the hooker's shorts; the loose-head on the shirt of the hooker as far round as he can reach at arm-pit level. (If the loose-head binds on the waist band, he tends to inhibit the hooker's strike with the right leg)." Hhmm, now that's stuff we don't normally hear or do. So, get this thing and learn something. It's that kind of book.

Remember your dues ($80 for veteran players and $40 for new players for whom this season is their first official full 15s season). Remember to go to and fill out a CIPP form and mail in your $25. You cannot play in any matches until you've paid both dues and CIPP.

Charlie Grant, President & Propaganda Minister
Richmond Lions Rugby Club
804-338-4556 (cell)

From: Charlie Grant
Sent: Wednesday, February 04, 2004 11:42 AM
Subject: Richmond Lions Update: why did we change the name?

United Name Change

Some players have rightfully asked why the board has decided to change our “trading name” from United Rugby FC of Richmond to “the Richmond Lions.” (Please note: we are still legally incorporated as United and that will continue into the foreseeable future; we simply want to represent ourselves to the community as the “Richmond Lions”).

That question is reasonable and should be addressed.

First, the board was told that a majority of the players were somewhat unsatisfied with the name “United” and with the current shield. A number of us on the board or otherwise in positions where we are expected to market the club or raise money for the club felt that the name was not very attractive to sponsors, was not very marketable, and does not really catch the attention of the community. The name and the logo are, with all respect, plain boring.

Further, we felt that the name had virtually no equity in the community: Very few people in the Richmond community know – or care – who “United” is.

Further, historically, the name “United” and the red and gray shield logo were originally intended as “place holders” until James River joined the merger. It was always intended that, if the three way merger did take place, the new club would develop a new name and new logo to help it create its own identity.

After exhaustive discussions with James River, we have all decided that the three way merger will not take place now, and it is not likely to take place in the foreseeable future.

So, we felt strongly that this was the right time to develop a new name, a new logo, a new identity, and a new web site for the club.

All of us on the board strongly agreed that the name “Richmond” needs to be much more prominent in the club's trading name. Richmond is where we play rugby, and we want to be known as “rugby in Richmond.” The Norfolk Blues, another team formed by a merger, has come to this same understanding (note that almost no one refers to that club as the Blues: people call them “Norfolk”). In fact, the city of Norfolk put pressure on the women’s club, the Storm to start using the word “Norfolk” in their name, and they are now referred to as the Norfolk Storm.

If we are to be successful in raising money and awareness of our club in the Richmond area, we need to be associated with the Richmond area, and using the name Richmond is the most effective way to do this. It’s that simple.

The board was unanimous in this position.

The second part of the name, “the lions” was probably less important to us. No one on the board objected to the name, although some of us probably would be just as happy with “the Richmond Barbarians” or some other traditional “rugby name.”

No one on the board is under any illusion that changing the name and logo will automatically bring us sponsorship money or recruit new players. However, all of us feel that a new name, a new logo, a new image, and a new web site are all good beginnings to help us begin to establish a real presence in the Richmond community. We need to develop that presence if we are going to grow as an organization.

Richmond Lions Board of Directors

Posted Jan 27th

Are you Ready for some Football ?!

This year's annual Chili Cook-Off and Super Bowl extravaganza will be held at the elegant and sprawling Jerry O'Connor Estate (directions below) on Sunday. Festivities kick-off around 5:30. Bring your own liquor (licker) if that's what you want, but Jerry has informed me that his Butler already has a keg ready for the occasion. Maybe grab a bag of chips or some sort of side dish type thing if'n it ain't no big deal. Bring your favorite mug too!

So what's the "Chili Cook-Off" bit you ask. Well, if you think you make a good batch of chili, bring it on. We'll be sampling the concoctions and slapping you on the back if yours is good. Get cookin' boys! Jerry tells me he's stocked up on TP for the cook-off so that if the Super Bowl becomes the Super Bowel, we'll all be okay. If you've had too many trips to the ole keg, we'd rather you pass out in one of the O'Connor's 14 bedrooms than get busted.

Bring some cash too because there's gonna be the Super Bowl Pool to enter. Probably bring about $10.00 to make sure your covered and have a decent chance.

Note: This event is Mandatory for all Southside Snappers.

How do I get to the spacious O'Connor Estate?

Jerry and Shannon live at 3719 River Downs North Drive From Midlothian Turnpike, take a right on Huguenot Rd. by Chesterfield Town Center. Take a left on Robious Rd. Take a right on River Downs North Dr. (this is the next right after you see the entrance for James River HS and Riverton) Jerry thinks he's actually the first finished house on the right as you enter River Downs.

If you're coming from downtown via Huguenot, then obviously you'll take a right on Robious Rd.

From the fan, either take Huguenot or if you prefer Powhite, then exit at Courthouse Rd., take a right on Courthouse and just go straight. Courthouse becomes Huguenot once you cross over Midlothian. Then follow the first set of directions from there.

See you there! Go Panthers!


Posted Jan 25th

Fellers: any of you I saw on Friday night at Razzzzzzles who told me you would be at the banquet and what you want to eat--well, I just don't remember. So you're going to have to call or e-mail me to remind me. Yes I received your messages Jerry O'Connor and Darryl Lowery.

The Banquet draws near at Belmont at 1600 Hilliard Rd. from 6:00-11:00. If you haven't RSVPed, get on it and let me know what you wanna eat.

Today's Training Tip: Negatives and Speed. When working with free-weights or machines at your local gym, keep in mind that most of the strength building occurs while doing the negatives (if you're doing things properly). In other words, pushing the weight up while bench pressing is great stuff, but you really get the bulk of the benefit on the way down if you do it correctly. This means slow down on your sets. You'll find it more taxing and beneficial if you're benching 225 lbs. very slowly up and very slowly down for 5 reps than if you push the weight up and then let it drop down as most people do. This is applicable to all weight training--slow down.

If you've hit a plateau at a certain weight and just can't seem to get to the next higher weight, try negatives. This means you'll need a good spotter. Increase the weight you normally do by about 30%. Have your spotter assist you with the weight to the top position (which means a lift off the rack when benching, or handing you dumbbells etc.). Take that heavier weight and slowly allow it to drop down. The operative word here is "slowly". Wow, feel the burn. In no time at all you'll be increasing your strength and endurance and able to lift more weight.

Posted Jan 16th

Fellers: Vice President Eric "Dance Moves" Booger Payne has won an office party this Friday night from 5-9 at Razzles on Midlothian Turnpike and invites all to attend. Free food, cheap drinks and the best dance tunes from the 70s & 80s. Wanna come? just drop Boog a line at or call him at 467-4628. Should be great stuff as Boog will be giving dance lessons for the "Hustle" and Darryl demonstrates some of his famous dance moves learned on a Caribbean Cruise this past fall. So, Slap on the gold chains, polyester suit and join the fun! Razzles is part of the Best Western Governors Inn (I think) right next door to La Siesta (about 20 years ago some of my friends stole their wooden Indian out front)

Posted Dec 30th

Fellers: Hope everyone had a great Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, whatever. As we gear up for the New Year, we also gear up for Spring Season. We'll start training on February 10th at Mountain Rd. Details to follow shortly for those of you who are new to United Rugby.

Put it on your calendar, January 31st is the Annual United Rugby Awards Banquet to be held at the elegant Belmont Country Club. Details to follow next week on cost, directions, time etc. Still, put it on your calendar now so that your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend (if you're a Back) or Mother-In-Law doesn't try to sneak in a trip to the ballet on you. You'll enjoy a fantastic catered dinner brought to you by O'Toole's and we'll have beer, hard stuff, sodas etc. Reyn Kinzey will be this year's Master of Ceremonies and we hope to have a special guest/celebrity there too. Business attire is requested.

Need a little rugby reading during these holidays? Well check out Wes Clark's "Rugby Reader's Review" at the link below. Always great entertaining rugby related articles, anecdotes and humor.

Lastly, don't neglect the running and weightlifting part of rugby life. With only 6 weeks to go, it's time to whip yourself into shape. This season we hit the ground running!

Cheers and Happy New Year!

Charlie Grant, President & Propaganda Minister

Posted Dec 15th

Fellers: Much thanks to everyone who attended the Oyster Roast on Saturday. Not only did everyone have a great time, but as a Club we actually managed to make a bit of money (which is greatly needed as you know). Congratulations to Danny Patterson and Chris Fidler on winning the two raffles. Chris won the jersey and Danny the Jim Beam. Too bad for Danny that he probably left the Roast with about 3 swigs left of the hooch.

Website renovation is underway, but give it some time. Cary and Billy are hard at work and once it's done I think you'll be impressed. Want to know what's happening with your Board of Directors and thus the Club? We've added a bullet to the site with the Board Meeting Minutes. There you can see the various topics discussed and the decisions made. One stop shopping for Club information.

Sine anyone? Want to get together for a little dinner and drinks outing at Sine this Saturday evening (Dec. 20th)? We're thinking somewhere around 7:00 or so we'll gather at the bar followed by dinner. This is kind of an informal "Thanks to Our Sponsors/Holiday Fun" get together. Please let either Booger ( or me know if you plan to attend so that we know how many tables to reserve. You're on your own financially, so bring some $$$

Posted Dec 1st

Fellers: Had enough Turkey? Well turn those little taste buds loose on some plump bi-valves at the URFC Annual Oyster Roast on Saturday, December 13th 2003 at Stuart Corker's mansion (directions and cost forthcoming). I recently spoke with our Treasurer Chris "eat 'em raw" Bowman who told me that this year's crop is exceptional !!! They're fat, healthy and all that Kepone stuff is gone. We'll have 'em raw, roasted and maybe even fried.

Perhaps you're not an oyster eater? Well, despite this obvious flaw in your character, we'll have plenty of hotdogs, hamburgers, fixin's and trimmin's to appease you land lubbers and your kids.

We'll also have plenty of beer and sodas on hand to quench that shucking thirst! Bring your favorite stein or grab a cup at the Roast, either way it's gonna taste gooood!

Here's what we need from you: 1). Bring your own shucker (knife, heavy fork, whatever you use to extract those little darlings from their cozy homes). 2). Bring a side dish of some sort. Doesn't have to be anything elaborate, and yes a bag of chips counts. I can see this now, oysters and 40 different styles of corn chips. Perhaps the Bicehouse crowd can bring some of that Taco Dip?

3). reply to this e-mail letting us know you'll be there and how many in your party so we know how much "stuff" to order.

This is always a great time and keep in mind that you can crash at Stuart's if you made too many trips to the ole tap.

Charlie Grant, President & Propaganda Minister
Richmond United Rugby
804-790-1721 (w)
804-790-1784 (h)
804-338-4556 (c)

Posted Nov 27th

Fellers: Have a great Thanksgiving!!! Remember out of courtesy to call Darryl and wish him well. This day of celebration for us is a day of mourning for the Blackbutt Tribe. They were the ones dumb enough to give us lots of food on the brink of our starvation so that we could muster the strength to beat their arses and take their land. Suckers!

Wanna play some Fooooootball? See note below from Eric "White Shoes" Payne below about the 3rd annual Gravy Bowl on Friday.


If you send out a group email 2day/2nite---could you include in it if people wanna play some football Friday---The 2nd Annual Gravy Bowl----2pm @ Swift Creek Middle.....Tell them to call me @ 467-4628 so I can get a count..It has been alot fun the past 2 years....

Thanks dude....

Remember also that there is a Forward 7s practice at Westover Hills Elementary at Janke and Westover Hills Blvd. on Saturday at 11:00 a.m. Our motto: "Go Forward, Hit Hard".

Posted Nov 18th

>Golds Gym Richmond -The Fan, is offering all members of the United Rugby >Club of Richmond a substantial discounted rate for membership. Join before >November 28, 2003, and receive no enrollment, no processing fee, and monthly >dues of 29.99 per month.

> >Regular Rates: United Rugby Club Rates:

>$99 enrollment fee $0 enrollment fee
>$44.99 monthly dues $29.99 monthly dues
>$59 processing fee $0 processing fee

> >Join today to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to receive great >rates at the largest gym chain in the world.

> >In Health,

> > > >Taylor Jones
>8 South Harvie Street
>Richmond, VA 23220

Posted Nov 15th

Fell, Fell, Fellers: anyone interested in going to Champps on Tuesday the 18th and Wednesday the 19th for the Rugby World Cup viewing of the Semi-Finals? I thought so, so here's the scoop: On the 18th at 8:00, we can watch Australia vs. New Zealand and on the 19th at 8:00 it'll be England vs. France. Interested parties should let me know so that I can reserve a table(s) and get Chris to line us up a screen. This is it boys, the RWC is getting down to the wire. Champps is located at Stony Point Mall or whatever they call that new shopping Mecca. Great place and Chris is a new member of the team, so let's go drink some beer and watch some great rugby.

Posted Nov 13th

Following the Marathon, we will NOT be having breakfast at Easy St., but rather Easy St. will be setting up a grill and things like that out on Whiteside Road on our pitch property. We ask that you travel from the Marathon out to the pitch for a day of work clearing the land. We own 9.27 acres there and want to start developing this land for an eventual 2 regulation pitches, club house and a practice pitch. To do this, we need your help in providing some manual labor there. Remember the BS we've had to endure because we're at the mercy of Henrico County? This is the answer to the problem. So come on out, bring a shovel, rake, chain saw, wheel barrow, whatever you have and let's get underway. Directions from Cary are as follows:

> Directions to our property:

> > If you are going south on I295, exit at Rt. 60 exit > and head west > ,towards Sandston and Richmond. Whiteside Road is > within one mile of > the exit turn left onto Whiteside Road which will > intersect with old > Whiteside Road, take a left onto old Whiteside, > about a mile or two the > property is there! opposite a country church. Look > for my old ford grey > pick up.

> > If you are heading west out of Richmond on Rt 60, go > through Sanston, > just east of Sanston but before ya reach I295, look > for Whiteside Road > on the right. Go onto Whiteside and then turn left > onto old Whitesiede > ---couple miles you are there-opposite the Church

Posted Nov 4th by Charlie Grant

1). We're working the Richmond Marathon from about 7:30 a.m.-10:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 15th. We'll be manning a water station there. Why are we doing this? Because Richmond Sports Backers has asked us to and they carry mucho clout in this area when it comes to fields and facilities. Among other things, we are looking at perhaps hosting a Superleague match here in Richmond and we'll need their backing to pull it off. I'm told that after the Marathon we'll be retiring for breakfast and Bloody Marys at Easy St. Cody is coordinating our effort and would like to hear from each of you either yay or nay ( Hey Cody--I'm a "yay!" Details on where we'll meet to follow soon.

2). I can't overstate the importance of the AGM or Annual General Meeting. This is our Annual Team meeting where we elect Club officers for the new year, vote on Team awards, discuss important issues like recruiting, divisional play and things like that. It's very important and basically mandatory that you attend this gig and it'll be held at Legends starting at 7:00 on Friday, November 21st. The one thing we ask is that no eating or beer drinking take place at this meeting--yup, it's that important! Each DUES PAYING Club member will be allowed to vote on the various issues at hand. The last thing we need is a zoo atmosphere during the meeting so please respect the request that you not git all lickered up prior. There'll be plenty of time for that afterwards.

3). Please join me in welcoming two new players to United: Adam Kramer and John Childress. Glad to have ya guys and hope to see you at the Marathon, the Annual General Meeting and various other get togethers coming up.

4). Stephen Pierson-Massey has ordered up the South Africa vs. New Zealand match for this Saturday at 5:00 and he invites all to come on over to his crib, flat, whatever the hell they call homes over there. Please get with him directly at or 337-5218 so he has an idea on numbers. Bring beer and anything you want to BBQ. Why he wants a crowd to watch the Boks get the dookus beat out of them by the All Blacks is beyond me, but....

5). Put it on your calendar, the Annual United Oyster Roast will take place at Stuart Corker's on December 13th! Always loads of fun and more food than 50 props can eat. This doesn't even take into account the great quantities of beer on hand. Stay tuned for further details on this as the date draws closer

Posted Nov 3rd


Can you please get something on the web site and maybe broadcast email something about United manning a water stop for the Richmond marathon on Saturday, November 15?

Here's the deal: Richmond SportsBackers have asked us to man a water stop for the marathon. This is very important for us as a club for two reasons. First, it might get us some exposure and good will in the community at large. We can wear our colors and put up banners. Second, and more importantly, the SportsBackers have asked us to do this. They were the ones who got the four fields at Dorey for James River and the Ed & Sandy Lee, and we may need their help to get the same four fields for our ever-expanding (and money making) Porter Cup.

Here's a potential difficulty for us: Boog, Charlie, Bowman and some of the other most responsible active players will be away on Boog's wedding cruise. I leave town tomorrow and don't get back until the night before.

The VCU women said they would send some people, but we still need 10 - 20 United players.

They still need to get back to us with an exact time and place for the water stop, but it will be in the near west end. They will need us from about 7:30 - 10:00 in the morning.

After we're done, Jerry will have breakfast for us at Easy Street: eggs, bacon, sausage and toast, coffee and orange juice. I'll pick up the cost of breakfast as a donation to the club, but people are encouraged to buy bloody marys so that Jerry can make a profit (he's providing the food roughly at cost).

So, we need to get the word out.

Thanks for your help, as always.

Take care,

Posted Oct 30th

Fellers: Nice going this past weekend. After losing a close one we probably shouldn't have lost, it sure was nice to lay the wood on Blacksburg and, of course, James River.

Now we turn our sights and momentum to Severn River. Below are directions to Severn. Please take special notice of the opening line from their Match Secretary. Think he's trying to suggest something here? Don't know about you, but any team with the name "River" in it anywhere is on my dookus list. We must, must, must travel well as a team this weekend. This is it for the season (unless the friendly w/Charlottesville here in Richmond is on for November 8th--will check on that) so let's go kick some arse and drink their friggin' beer. Put off the leaves, wife's B-day, UVa (you be gay) football etc.for one more day and let's travel up there with 25 guys ready to rumble!

You guys making the trip up Saturday? Kick off is at 1 pm Directions below

95 north to
50 east to
exit onto route 2 north (ritchie hwy) to
right at light onto Jones Station Rd. to
immediate bear left behind Crown gasoline onto Manhatten Beach Rd. to
1/3 mile American Legion Post 175 on the left

Fellers: The Ed Lee Tournament is nearly upon us. Suffice it to say we need everyone out to training this week. Tuesday and Thursday will constitute try-outs for positions for the Tournament. After this past weekend's debacle, we must re-commit ourselves as a team. Put the football games, leaf raking, car washing, Mom's birthday etc. on the back burner. This season is not over yet by a long shot. Keep in mind too that we have an away match on November 1st at Severn River. This is a team that we can and will beat if we have players committed to traveling. As a Club, we cannot keep traveling light or not at all. It's unfair to the players who do travel and to our opposition. Keep the two weekends after that open too (November 8th & 15th) with details to follow.

As of today, we do not know what time we are kicking off Saturday, but the unofficial word is that we'll be playing Norfolk in the opening round. There is a good chance we'll be playing on Sunday as well, so don't schedule any Baptist picnics for that day.

Be at training and let's jump start our season. We need 25 players out there this week and the same for the next 3 weeks at least. If you're injured, please come out anyhow. You're part of this team injured or not and we need your assistance at training.

By the way, if anyone lives near Pauli Dixon please go by his house and pick up our tackle pads. We need these and they are team equipment. Feel free to TP his house while you're there.

Posted Oct 14th

Fellers, fellers, fellers:

What to say? We're at a critical point as a Club. We really need to ask ourselves if we want to be a good competitive MARFU Division II team or just a social Division III team (like Jimmy Creek). I think the answer is that we want to be a competitive Division II team, but you'd never know it based on attendance this season both at training and at matches. Quote from the Zen Rugger,"Your toughest opponent is always yourself." We fully expect to hear from the VRU about the uncontested scrums. Yes we had new players out there, but they shouldn't have had to play A-Side at all. We've had some injuries and other things happen, but I think the real problem is a lack of individual commitment to this team. Without your commitment, we cannot succeed. If visiting Aunt Martha in Dubuque, raking leaves or watching football on TV is more important to you, then just let us know. At least we'll know where you stand and can plan accordingly. Otherwise we count on your commitment to the team and expect you to be there regularly at both training and, it goes without saying, at our matches. Enough said.

On November 21st we will hold our Annual General Meeting as a Team. This meeting is as close to mandatory as a mandatory team meeting can get. At this meeting we will elect Club officers for 2004, vote for team awards to be given at the Banquet in early 2004 and discuss matters relating to our Club. Please mark this on your calendar now. The meeting will start at 7:00 at Legend's.

Washington Irish this Saturday. Address for their pitch and directions are below. Plan to meet at Virginia Center Commons off 95N at the Atlee/Elmont exit (take a left after exiting, left on Rt. 1, left into VA. Center, Meet in front of Dillard's) at 9:30. Kick-off is scheduled for 1:00. Gents, we really need to make a good showing both A and B sides. This is also our last opportunity to tune-up before Ed Lee the following weekend.

Tanglewood Rec Center
8339 Woodyard Road
Clinton, Maryland

Take 95 North. Drive towards the Wilson Bridge and into Maryland and exit at Branch Avenue (Rte. 5) going East. Drive about 4 miles and take the Woodyard Rd. exit, making a left onto Woodyard Rd. Tanglewood is 3/4 mile on your left.

See you at training!

Directions to Western Suburbs Oct 4th

I-95 North
Rt. 234 North (It is exit 152) Follow for about 19 miles.
RIGHT on to Prince William Parkway. This road will change names to Liberia Avenue (think Monument becomes Franklin Street) at the intersection of Fairview Avenue.
RIGHT Signal Hill Road.
LEFT Signal View Drive. It is the first left you can make on Signal Hill Road.
LEFT into the Park. The clue will be the soccer field on your left.

Sept 27th

Fellers: This week, after our Isabel debacle, we turn our attention to Raleigh. Our plan is to have a charter bus leaving the Chester area (like 2 years ago) at about 7:00 a.m. The bus will be leaving from Rt. 10 and Jeff Davis at the Bermuda shopping center in front of Ukrops. This shopping center is convenient to 95, 295 etc. and believe me, this is the way to go. You get to watch rugby videos on the way down, sleep, whatever. Drink beer and sing them good ole rugby ditties on the way home. The cost per person will be determined by the number of players who ride. We will be splitting the costs with the VA Gents who plan to ride with us. This is a great opportunity for the young'uns and the old fellers to get to know each other better, so make plans to ride the United Express to Raleigh this Saturday!

This day of fun and games will feature the VA. Gents vs. Tobacco Road Legends and United A and B against the Raleigh Vipers. Raleigh always puts on quite a spread for us there and we owe it to them to show up with good numbers, ready to play. I know many of you won't get this message due to power outages, but if per chance you do, please be at practice tonight and Thursday. For tonight, please call Henrico County's field hotline at 501-5132 prior to venturing out as they have not made a determination on field usage as of this e-mail (translation for the King William crowd: It rained, field mushy, there's a chance they ain't gonna let us play no rugby). We have much polishing to do before this Saturday. This is a huge match for us, and one we can win.

Please read below for VRU Select Side information. I urge you to consider competing for the Select Side. We have a good number of both forwards and backs who have the talent and abilities to compete. Yes, this is the day after Raleigh, but if you're Select Side material it shouldn't be a problem. I, for one, will be at home watching NFL Sunday Ticket thinking about you and your dedication to rugby. Go git 'em! Go Vikings!

From Chris Porter for VRU Men's Club players:

******************** Gentlemen,

The time has come to put the VRU back on the map in the MARFU. On Sunday Sept. 28th, we will be holding our only training/trial for the VRU Select Side team.

The session will be in Richmond, at Dorey Park, from 11-3. It will consist of a fitness test, sprint test, ball handling, and then the backs and forwards will separate and go over scrums and lineouts.

Depending on the numbers there will be a scrimmage at the end. I hope to see ANYONE who feels like they can play for the VRU (that means all you veterans also. Let's together and get our players on that MARFU squad.

I'll see y'all on the 28th.


Chris Porter

Posted Sept 16th

Coach Sweet asked me to pass along the following note to everyone regarding our conduct on and off the pitch.

A couple of people seem to forget that this is something most of us do for fun. It is less fun for the people around you if they have to listen to you complain constantly. Before we took the pitch we knew the game on a narrow (50 yard) wide field would be ugly. I saw our guys present the ball in loose rucks better than I have ever seen before but with rookies in key positions we lost as much ball as we won. These players got valuable experience that may help a lot later in the season when we need them. I know it's hard to ignore loud negative people but every winning side I have ever been part of did just that, ignore the negative and work with the positive.

Posted Sept 14th

Fellers: First, we won Saturday! Yep, we're now 2-0 on both sides. Now the road gets tough with Rocky Gorge this Saturday at 1:00 at Dorey. Be there at 11:30 ready to rumble. Darryl tells me he's so psyched he's setting up a tee-pee Friday night at Dorey.

Be at practice on Tuesday. With Isabell bearing down on us, Thursday may be a complete disaster, so it's imperative that we get together our A and B sides on Tuesday.

This brings me to another subject: last Saturday we looked like a bunch of dopes standing around on the side-lines complaining about everything from the ref to the field. 98% of us are in this for the fun and while we often equate fun with winning, we shouldn't lose perspective here. I heard from several people including our head coach about the fact that we had players standing on the sidelines yelling and screaming, bitching and moaning about our own players on the field. We had a narrow field that ran at a 7 degree grade from one end to the other. It was also very narrow. Too bad, that's what we had to work with and it does no good to yell and scream at our teammates about mistakes they made because of these conditions or because they were have a "bad day". As Archie Bunker would have said "stifle yourself, dummy up you". This whole thing translated into the ref ultimately stomping off the field early on in the B-side match because he'd heard enough from both sides. That sucks and we as United players ought to be above that sort of crap. Look at the good things we accomplished out there despite the conditions, not the petty little BS things that last for an instance. Look at the International players and what they do during a match--they sit quietly on the bench win or lose. The coach isn't stomping around like Bill Cower (sp?) in Pittsburgh because he didn't have his team prepared to play. The great players and coaches observe and learn, they don't act like babies. I know of one coach in our area who actually goes well off the field to have a cigar during the match. Enough Said.

I can't emphasize enough how important practice tomorrow is going to be. Gorge is a very tough opponent. We have momentum right now and a grand opportunity to take the match on our home turf. Your e-mail homey here is questionable for tomorrow due to Isabell and the fact that I have a house in Kitty Hawk that I need to secure. Get out there, prepare for Saturday, quit complaining and let's lay the wood on Gorge (kinda like Radford did to Tech 24-0 this past Saturday--go Highlanders!).

Oh, by the way, we're a Club and you're part of the Club. If you see a piece of equipment that's cheap and that we're lacking--step up and buy it. We seemed to be missing a tee last Saturday. they cost about $3.00 at Dick's, Godek etc. Buy a damn tee even if you don't kick. You guys who use tape--buy some! Quit coming out there and bumming everything from socks to shorts to tape

Posted Sept 11th


The Richmond SportsBackers just called, and they want us to man a water stop for the Richmond Marathon on Saturday, November 15. We would need 25 people. It looks like the best spot for us would be at Westmoreland and Wythe (there's a middle school there, I think). The bad part is that we would have to be there from 7:30 -- 9:30 AM. Then we could go to Easy Street for bloody maries.

We wouldn't get paid anything, but we can wear our colors and put up banners. So, it would be very good publicity for the club.

And more important, it would help us with our developing relationship with the SportsBackers. We can't expect them to help us if we don't help them, and we'll never get but so far in this town if we don't have a relationship with people like them.

So I think it's a must do. I told them we'd dicsuss it at the meeting on Monday night and I'd get back with them on Tuesday.

I'll see if some of the VCU women and men might be willing to help, but I'd like United to take the lead and make the commitment on this. I'll also ask the old boys.

Thanks -- see you Monday night

Reyn Kinzey

Posted Sept 6th

ShowTime is tomorrow, so a few last minute items of importance for everyone to consider today:

Be at Dorey Park by 11:00 tomorrow morning so that we can run through the plays, get warmed up and basically do the things we should have been able to do last night if not for the electrical monsoon. Also, if you have a ball please bring it. This 20 guys and 3 balls crap is just that--crap!

Please take it easy tonight first and foremost. We need everyone in top form tomorrow. Don't go hitting the Mexican Buffet tonight either.

Remember that 'B' side matches now officially count and will be tracked by MARFU/VRU, so don't come out thinking "gosh, it's just b-side so who cares".

Our uniform consists of: game jersey (duh), black shorts, solid black socks. Don't come out wearing hoop socks and white shorts. Let's look like a team! Make sure all of your equipment is in order tonight so that you're not running around tomorrow trying to borrow tape, shorts, boots etc.

Bring water! It's should be a smashing day out there with temps topping off around 80, but you will still need plenty-o-aqua. You dig?

If you haven't paid dues yet, you better have it tomorrow ($75). Ditto with CIPP ($25).

Some other things to consider:

Do you know where you are supposed to be on the field at all times? If you are a sub, do you know the assignments for each position you might play? Have you thought what to do in certain situations? Forwards, what will you do if you are pinned between 2 defenders and they are trying to hold up the ball and keep you from presenting it? Backs, what happens if you are pinned in the corner and have no escape? Answer these questions in advance...think through different scenarios... Do you know all of your team's plays? Do you understand the flyhalf's and the scrumhalf's calls? Do you know all the lineout calls, etc? Do you know how we are countering a wheel? If you don't, call someone before you get to the field! Do you know where you should be on defense - what are your responsibilities? (what happened to tackle, post, post?) Is your kit game ready? If you are binding are your shorts in good repair? Forwards being lifted, are your shorts too loose costing us valuable inches? Does everyone have the right cleats for the weather (studs - don't show up in short cleats Saturday!)? Are you getting hydrated and stretching the day and night before?

Posted Aug 26th

1. Since we don't have Crestview tomorrow for training, we will practice at Dorey Park. We don't have lights out there so try to get there as close to 6:30 as possible. For new players who haven't yet been to Dorey, please go to the website and click on directions. Remember, we're in "fine tuning" mode for Roanoke, so if you haven't been to training you might want to be there tomorrow evening and next week.

While I have you, Pete Sweet once again made it abundantly clear that if you have not paid your dues to the Club you will not play. Cash & Checks are accepted and you may fork over the dough to either Chris Bowman or me. Dues is $75.00 per player. If you're not CIPPed with USA Rugby, you'll need to do that too and that'll run you an additional $25.00 payable guessed it, USA Rugby!

2. We need a BIG showing on Sunday on Brown's Island for the Annual BBQ Battle starting at 11:00. We get 10% of all the beer and soda sales plus $.50 per ticket sold through our gate. That's some pretty hefty chicken if'n you ask me. We need about 30 people, so bring your girlfriends, wives (another Mormon thing for Wes), mistresses, fag buddies whatever. We need bodies working for United. This thing is a great deal of fun every year and this year it looks to be a great money maker for us and the Foundation. Remember that our goal is to clear and develop our own pitch and clubhouse facility. We need the money to accomplish this so that we aren't beholden to the whims of county administrators in the greater Richmond area anymore.

3. Recruiting: We as a team really need to get on the recruiting trail. No it's not too late to be recruiting for this season and it certainly is a good time to be recruiting for the spring season. High School football season is upon us now and that's a fertile ground. Go to a game, find the players who look like they want to knock the crap out of some opposing players, all the while sitting on the bench, and talk with them. Get creative. You obviously have a computer, so zip out a few flyers or cards and sprinkle them around at your local gym, the high school games, the colleges etc. We need increased numbers of new players to represent the future of our Club. We have a great developmental coach in Danny Patterson who looked bored stiff last night. So if nothing else, do it for him, do it for Danny.

Charlie Grant, Secretary & Propaganda Minister
Richmond United Rugby
804-790-1721 (w)
804-790-1784 (h)
804-338-4556 (c)

Posted Aug 25th

Fellers: First, smashing success on the Harrisburg trip. I caught up with several of the guys at Easy St. (imagine that?!) who told me we put on quite a show scoring somewhere between 5&7 tries to their 2 or 3. Nicely done and if anyone who was there would care to jot down a short postmatch commentary for the site it would be welcomed.

Now we turn our sites to our ole pals down yonder in Roanoke. Before I launch into my typical Roanoke "well butter my butt and call me a biscuit" routine (which I will probably do early next week), I thought I'd use this opportunity to encourage everyone to get out to practice this week and next. The 'Real' season has begun and we need every swinging $%&^ we can get. Some of you have been out there consistently and some of you only 1 practice or not at all. If plan to play this season, get out there and arrive with your checkbook for team dues. No pay, no play.

Posted 13 Aug

Gents: Get out to practice! This week we're hosting a fantastic coach from Bath, Eng. who is also a hooker. In last night's session he radically changed many of the things we've been doing in the scrum, in mauls and line-outs (and that's just the Forward stuff). He's only here for one more session on Thursday. Because of these new strategies, if you miss Thursday you'll be behind the 8-ball with the rest of the team and will spend much time playing catch-up. In addition, keep in mind that we have a match on Saturday the 23rd meaning we only have 3 practices left. We all realize that some situations are absolutely unavoidable such as work, family emergency etc. but if you're going to make a practice, tomorrow night's session is an important one to make.

Dues: Keep in mind that Coach Sweet has directed that if you haven't paid dues, you don't play. The dues is $75.00 per player. If you need the United Payment Plan, this can be worked out with Chris Bowman our treasurer. So bring your check book Thursday, scroll the check for dues (and CIPP for new players to the team with a check for $25.00 made out to USA Rugby), attend practice and get ready for the 23rd.

The players who come to practice and pay their dues are the ones who will play this season.

Posted July 30th

Fellers: Fall training is upon us. We gather at 6:30ish at Crestview Elementary School tomorrow evening ( has directions). Coach Sweet will address the team with his expectations and we will discuss important matters of State as a team, followed by some touch rugby. Please be there, it's very important. Coach Patterson forwarded to me the following exposé to pass on as we tune our mental dials to the great game once again.

Danny Patterson writes:

"I will miss the first few practices due to an Old Boys tournament in New York but I look forward to seeing everyone when I return. Frank Punch sent this article to me some time ago and as we approach our fall season I think this is a good time to include it in our daily devotions. "

Reaching a cut above the rest

By Bruce Cook, IRB Training Manager (based on an original article by Rick Newkirk)


What makes a good player better, or a poor player good? Sound basic skills? Size? Strength? Scoring ability? Speed? Perhaps it's Attitude. The ability to accept situations and make them work in their favor.

Losers never seem to know why they lose. They blame the referees for poor decisions, the ground conditions, the training program, their teammates, etc. Winners on the other hand play above the problems.

A wise man once said, " It's not what life hands us, but what we do about it".

What is the most important measurement on rugby pitch? Without a doubt, it is the six inches between your ears.

Winning and losing comes down to who can stay focused. Great players never let their opponent or outside conditions control their game. They are mentally tough and mentally conditioned. It's easy to get frustrated when pressure and mistakes happen. The more you dwell on it, the more mistakes you'll make.

[United RFC][ Calendar][ Fixtures][ History][ Matchlog]

Posted July 28th

First, thanks to everyone who came out last night to help tune up the Old Boys for the Saranac CanAm tourney this weekend. Go Gents!

Now a poem:

Booger's getting married
to some chick named Cari
to ease his nervous fears
we need to help him drink some beers

We'll meet at Jim Cook's
for wings of good looks
On Friday night the 8th
From early-on 'til late

On Saturday there's more
We'll go to Baltimore
To Hard Rock, Hooters, ESPN Zone
Then Sunday we'll come home

Nice eh? As mentioned above we're having a two part matrimony jubilee for President Payne. The first will be on the 8th at Jim's house (details to follow soon). The second phase will be a road trip to the Big City--Baltimore. There we'll have hotel rooms and lots of party places to visit at Inner Harbor. If you're interested in the Baltimore fun and games, please either contact me or Mitch Brown at so we'll know how many rooms to book.

Charlie Grant, Secretary & Propaganda Minister
Richmond United Rugby
804-790-1721 (w)
804-790-1784 (h)
804-338-4556 (c)

Posted July 18th

Fellers: Come on out for our Recruiting Social tonight at Legends starting at 7:00. Tim Brown will be there by about 8:30 or so and he has one of our famous framed signed jerseys to present to the folks at Legends. Go to the website for directions under the "sponsors" link.

Fun, fun, fun! Next Sunday at 6:00 at Mountain Rd. the Virginia Gents need us to come out to provide some opposition for them for about an hour as a tune-up for their trip to the Saranac Can Am in early August. They tell me they're footing the bill afterwards for beer and pizza at the Dugout!!! Now, you youngsters remember the hurting the Gents put on you at the St. Paddy's Day match, right? Well this might be an opportunity for some redemption, even though it's supposed to be a "friendly" exercise. Darryl says he'll be there because he wants revenge on Mitch Brown who was getting ever so close to turning him into a rug when the match was called by Ref Sam Hall. So come on out and bear witness!

Cheers & run, run, run! The season starts soon!

Charlie Grant, Secretary & Propaganda Minister

Richmond United Rugby
804-790-1721 (w)
804-790-1784 (h)
804-338-4556 (c)

Sent: Tuesday, July 15, 2003 12:06 PM
Subject: United Update

Fellers: A few things to update you on. This Friday (18th), Chief Darryl Lowery of the Blackbutt Indian Tribe of Central Virginia has won a Tiki Bob's party. No cover, none of that crap, something like $1.00 beers and $1.50 high balls along with all the free food you want. It goes from 5-9 and Tiki Bob's is located in Shockoe Bottom. Darryl kindly requests that you bring as many young perky chicks as you possibly can. These parties are always fun, so c'mon down!

Next Monday, July 21st we'll hold our next Recruiting Social at 7:00 at Legends. Directions to Legends are on the website under Sponsors. We encourage all new players and veteran players to attend. Bring a prospect if you know of one and treat him to a couple of brewskies!

Please join me in welcoming back to our ranks Patrick Benner. After spending a year with the enemy in Newport News, he's back with us and will once again prove to be an extremely valuable asset. Great to have you back Pat! We also welcome Erik Welle, Sika and the other players who have contacted us to play during this off-season.

NOTE: 15s training is only weeks away, so get out and run, run, run. Do your weight lifting too. Our schedule (go to is tough this fall with a debut against our hated foe Roanoke. We wanna beat those hillbillies like a drum and that means YOU need to be in shape from day uno! Our first practice will be held Thursday, July 31st at Crestview Elementary School. (here again, the website has the directions). At this practice we'll get with Coach Sweet to understand his expectations for the upcoming season, take care of administrative details and then play some touch 7s. Our first "full contact" practice will be held on Saturday August 2nd at 10:00 a.m. It is our intention to hold practices on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays--all at Crestview! If we're going to win, we need to be well practiced and in shape.

Finally, the new playstation rugby is out and can be found at the following link:

I have several money making opportunities during our Summer City Fest. I know that this is short notice, but if you are interested please give me a call as soon as possible. The dates are as follows:


Saturday, July 12 10 volunteers needed 3:30 - 9:30

Sunday, July 13 10 volunteers needed 3:30 - 9:30

Thursday, July 17 14 volunteers needed 5:30 - 9:30

Parking will be provided for these dates in the upper Ethyl lot.

Please call or email me if you have any questions.


Mavis C. Wynn
Events Coordinator
200 S. Third Street
Richmond, VA 23219
V: 788.6466
F: 788.6477

From: Charlie Grant
Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2003 1:46 PM
Subject: 3 Doors Down Concert
Due to the popularity of 3 Doors Down, we've been asked to submit a list of the names of United players, girlfriends, wives etc. who will be helping out this Thursday starting at about 5:30 on Brown's Island. Please RSVP to me or to Booger at if you plan to attend. We need a good showing Thursday night so make plans to be there.

Charlie Grant, Secretary & Propaganda Minister
Richmond United Rugby
804-790-1721 (w)
804-790-1784 (h)
804-338-4556 (c)

From: "scrumprop1791"
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003
Subject: [united rugby] PigStock 2003

Attention Props/Locks

All hands are needed for the Prop Breakfast and Pig Roast. This Saturday, June 21, 2003, 0700 (7:00 am for you civilian folks) at Tuckaway Daycare on Cold Harbor Rd. in Mechanicsville. Jerry said all of the breakfast food will be there and ready to go when we get done setting up. I've heard the the menu and it's sound great. Tight five guys are needed to set up the tables, chairs and whatever else there is. We have to do it because the backs are too weak!! I don't know what time the "golden elixer of life" will be there so you might want to start by bringing your own. I will. For you night owls, the pig cooking guys will be out there about 0100 (again 1:00 am) so if you'd like to go out there, I think they'd like the company.

If you have any other questions, call me 677-3682 or e-mail

Posted June 11th

Fellers: Just a simple reminder about several upcoming events (Pigstock, Batteaus from Tim's, Recruiting Social at O'Toole's & Friday Cheers Special Event featuring 3 Doors Down):

1. Pigstock: The annual Pig Roast is on June 21st and Tuckaway Day Care. Go to the website for further details and directions. A United event not to be missed!

2. Batteau Watching at Tim Brown's cabin on June 15th. See details below from Tim on how to get there. If you would like to come out please RSVP by mid-week the week of the festival so we can try to predict how much food and drink to bring (there are not any stores around the corner). I will e-mail you directions from where you are but figure on 1:15 travel time from Richmond and about 25 minutes past Lynchburg for those coming from Roanoke. Our address is Gladstone, VA but we are actually off State Rt 605 on the south side of the river. It is helpful to have a 4x4 but if you are willing to walk down a 1/4 mile hill anyone can make it...The "locals" say that the boats are quite a site coming down the river... Also, there is a vineyard right down the road from us that is supposed to have a nice tour and tasting.

You do not need to bring anything except for a lawn chair. If you do not prefer burgers you are more than welcome to bring your own grill specialty. If you want to go swimming there are a few good places right out front. Those who want to camp out the night before are also welcome! See you there!

Tim Brown
cell: 804-683-4973
mobile mail:
3. Recruiting Social at O'Toole's, June 24th at 7:00. Come on out and bring a recruit. We'll get together at O'Toole's for some famous Ale and Fish and Chips. A great time for all players new and old. The fall season rapidly approaches and we need more players!

4. Friday Cheers Special Event on Brown's Island featuring 3 Doors Down on THURSDAY, June 26th. Great fundraiser for our new field. We get $350.00 for every 10 guys, girlfriends, wives etc. that we bring out to work the event. You'll need to sign in by 5:30 to be counted though if you call one of us ahead of time that you'll be there but might be late, we'll sign you in.

Keep in mind too that training is only about 6 weeks away, so get out and run, run, run and hit the weights too.

Posted June 7th, 2003

Fellers: A couple of late breaking news worthy tidbits for your sunny Friday afternoon. Firstly, We now have a link on the website ( for the Piggy Roast (Pigstock) with directions. The address for Tuckaway Daycare is 6857 Cold Harbor Rd., Mechanicsville, VA 23111. Go to either or if you need additional directions. Remember, it's $25 per male if you pay by Wednesday the 18th or $30 at the door. Women and children are free!

Secondly, we will not be working Friday Cheers on the 13th as previously scheduled. "Why?" you ask. Because they have tapped us for a bigger gig. Get this, 3 Doors Down will be playing Brown's Island on Thursday, June 26th. We'll be working the beer and ticket sales bit as usual and we'll receive $350.00 for every 10 people we bring out to work. In order for you to be counted you'll need to sign in at the, eh, "sign in tent" before 5:30 that day. This is a big opportunity for us to reap some financial rewards and help push along the development of our own field and clubhouse (something we all desperately want).

Thirdly, put it on your calendar that Tuesday June 24th we will be holding the first of our off-season recruiting socials. This first one will be at O'Toole's at the corner of Forest Hill Ave. and Westover Hills Blvd. at 7:00. Know of a potential recruit? Bring him out and we'll buy him a round or two. We encourage everyone to attend. Booger, Jerry O'Connor and I stopped by O'Toole's last night and warned them of the onslaught to come on the 24th (actually, I'm lying. We really went there to drink some Bass Ale--imagine that!) Spread the word, we really need to do a better job of recruiting and the fall season is right around the corner.


Charlie Grant, Secretary & Propaganda Minister United Rugby
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804-790-1784 (h)
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