Say no to the proposed subdivision in Skillman Estates to be heard by the County Supervisors tues April 8th

Why is this proposal ill advised, poorly planned, and dangerous to all motor traffic on Barnes Road?

The subdivision would effectively double the traffic usage of the gravel entry and exit into Skillman Estates. Futhermore, if this subdivision is approved without any road and entry improvements ,the precedent is set and other owners in the Skillman Estate property could also opt for subdividing their property. Usage on this single width gravel road would explode. It would be irresponsible to approve additional homes in Skillman Estates without addressing the road safety issues.

View of single width gravel road that services all the residents and owners of the Skilman Property. This road was intended for light usage with low density homes on 8-10 acre lots.
The only entry/exit into Skilman Estates accesses Barnes Road on a blind curve! Murphy's Law is already effectively operating at this junction. Do we want to exponentially increase traffic at this junction?

South View of entry/exit onto Barnes Road

North View of the entry/exit onto Barnes Road

Diagram of entry/exit on Double blind curves
This is a clear example of unplanned development that impacts safety. Please Say No to the subdivision until the road safety issues are addressed and dealt with in a responsible,fair, and professional manner.

Letter of Trott's to Board of Supervisors

Cary and Kathleen Kennedy 566 4727 or Lynn and Barry Trott 566 1422

"My name is Kathleen Kennedy and my husband Cary Kennedy and I own lot 13 of Skillman Estates which shares the property line with ____ Skillman Drive the property of Mr ____________________. Like the other property owners in Skillman Estates we opted for rural property in an A-! zone for the same reason other people choose to live in a city condominium or suburban cul-de-sac or a gated retirement community on a golf course. A large lot with a modest to moderate home on it was our choice of lifestyle and we had every expectation that the rest of the lots would attract and be bought and developed by like minded homeowners. We readily agreed to the stipulation that we pay for and oversee the maintenance of our frontage of the narrow gravel road that serves Skillman Estates because we only foresaw the addition of 7 or 8 more homes coming to the neighborhood

It seems to me that setting a precedent for family subdivisions on the remaining lots of Skillman Estates is opening a Pandora’s Box of amateur, unregulated speculating and land developing. I think it is a reasonable fear that once a precedent is set for family subdivisions in Skillman Estates other requests will follow and the number of lots into which a piece of property will be carved will be limited only by the number of the owners children. I believe that it is another reasonable fear that what starts as a family subdivision could very quickly become a cluster of spec houses or even worse become a cluster of rental units owned by family members that had no intention of living in those houses in the first place. Please understand that I am in no way implying that this is the intention of the petitioner. I am just stating a fear that could become a reality on another of the Skillman properies.

My other reasonable fear concerns the traffic on our gravel road which is only 8 to 10 feet wide. Passing a car coming in the other direction requires one of the cars pulling off onto the shoulder and deferring to the other. I know that much of the remaining property in Skillman Estates is heavily ravined and hilly. I believe it can be assumed that grading and land preparation and road building will be required if several houses are to be put on any one of these 10 to 13 acre properties. The heavy machinery and trucks needed to perform such a job will only have one way to access the building sites – down the narrow little gravel road that the residents of Skillman Estates maintain and pay for. Then there will be the trucks of contractors, carpenters,. painters, electricians, masons, plumbers, roofers, moving vans and delivery trucks. When all of that is over there will be the traffic of the 2.5 cars per household that Americans are supposed to own. How many cars will there be if some or all of those lots have multiple houses.

I know the saying that everyone that moves to James City County wants to be the last person to move to James City County. I don’t think the residents of Skillman Estates want or think they should be the last people to live there. We expect development and welcome new neighbors. I believe it is a reasonable expectation that at the very least while we are zoned Agricultural and our road is so meager irresponsible proliferation of housing in our subdivision should not be encouraged."