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Posted Oct 26th

Thanks to all the Gents that made this fixture special. Extra special graditude to all the Gents that sacrificed their positions with the Gents and helped fill out the Wild Geese roster,such as, Frank Punch,Mike Toole,Mac Adams--there were more. Post match honors as follows:

Man of the Match=Russ Simoes was overlooked and did not play today, he never comlained;personal apologies from Cary,"my bad."

Inspirational=John Fleming,legendary Richmond prop going back 35 years,overcoming serious physical setbacks in recent years and coming back to play today

Lightning=Skip Yeager is still an active player competing at the highest level on the national 7 a side scene. He put the buzz in our backline today.

Bright surprise=Jim McClure at ourside center is pushing 60 but got his rugby legs back in rapid fashion today and mixed it up with the best of them.

Youngest looking=Al Lucas has a secret;plays with abandon, yet sure he is 40.

Finest Rugby Pitch=Our pitch was square! Wide as it was long---kinda like how our bodies morph over the years. We felt young and swift;we covered territory from 22 to 22 with aplomb.

Most appreciated:Marc Butler and Stokes McCune at prop

Best ref=Ron Murray

Best moment: Al Lucas barely grazes the goalposts and the left upright comes tumbling down in two pieces as players run for their mortal lives rather than risk impalement by a wood stud into the soft part of their skull. We got lucky.

Please visit your rugby site often: Our fall fixtures are disposed of--enjoy your holidays. This Spring we have three fixtures. Wild Geese will host us up at their pastoral rugby paradise in Maryland country side. Porter Cup in April and Commonwealth Cup in May 22.

John Fleming and Mike Puopolo

John Fleming and Cary Kennedy are your contact points for the international "Golden Oldies" to be held in San Diego 2005.
Welcome to the website for master ruggers in the greater Richmond, Virginia area and beyond. Any player over 35 is elgible to join us.

Our next fixture is the Highland Games Sunday Oct 26th. We expect to play the Wild Geese followed by match between Virginia OBs and Norfolk, Sons of Beaches. This venue is guaranteed good fun for the players,family, and entourage. Highland bagpipes,celtic dancing,fiddle,harp, and sporting events, and hospitality abound. Please contact Reyn and Cary if you wish to join the roster for that day and give us your position request. If ya have a kilt, wear it! Want to buy a sport kilt at a reasonable price? Click on:

Our motto on Oct 26th is "If it isn't Scottish;its Crap!"

Important details posted Oct 10th:

The first match Va.Gents v Wild Geese is at 2pm;followed by Va.OB v SOB approx. 3pm. Massive hospitality at the pavilion to follow. A limited number of complementary passes are available to the Va. Gents through Reyn Kinzey. These passes will be issued on a priority basis to members of the Va.Gents that are in "good standing" with their fall dues. How do you get your pass in advance of the event? Come to Dorey Park on Sat midday;THE ED LEE CUP will be underway, and we will have an opportunity to prepare for the next day if enough of our members show. Scroll to the bottom of this page to view members in "good standing" and to learn how you can get yourselve into "good standing."

Virginia Gent Panel


1 John Fleming,Charlie Grant,Mac Adams
2 Cary Kennedy, Ozark Harper
3 Marty Edrich,Stokes McCune
4 Mike McMaster,Frank Punch
5 Rudy Miller,Greg Schaall
6 Cajun,Stuart Corker,Billy Strauss
7 Steve Flynn,Doug Lubking
8 Phil Bassett
9 Mike Toole,Skip Yeager,Paul Meyer,Dave Franke
10 Mike Puopolo,Doug Clark
11 Greg Crandel,Matt Brachen,Brian Burnette
12 Todd Edwards,Roy Manuel
13 Chris Andres,Al Lucas
14 Reyn Kinzey,Jerry Gilfoyle,John O'Toole
15 Tom Oxenham,Rich Britten

Members in "good standing"

Jerry Manning
Russ Simoes
Tom Oxenham
Phil Bassett
Cary Kennedy
Reyn Kinzey
Noel Losen
Sam Hall
Stokes McCune
Marc Butler
Jay Shurley
Keff Kristec
Brent Harwood
Charles Grant

Send your check to restore your "good standing" to Cary Kennedy,9405 Barnes Road,Toano,Va. 23168 payable, "Reyn Kinzey,Va.Gent Trustee" for $25. OR go to and transfer funds instantly online with a credit card or paypal account; your payment email is SEAWRIGHT@WEBTV.NET


Charlie Grant

Reyn Kinzey

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