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postmatch v Legends Oct 19,2002

prior to match v VCU Old Boys

Virginia Gentlemen
Rugby Football Club

FALL Fixtures 2002

Sept 28th v VCU Old Boys high noon KO Dorey Park
Oct 19th v Tobacco Road Legends high noon KO Dorey Park
Oct 27th Richmond Highland Games v Wild Geese and Va. Old Boys--wear your Tartan and claymoor and a wee bit of scotch for the postmatch social

May 17, 2003--Va Gents to Brisbane, Australia for Golden Oldies---contact Jon Hill

Please contact Cary NOW if you are committed to Oct 27th with position of choice--Thanks---IMPORTANT details: Kick off is at 2:00pm but encourage you to arrive early with family and friends: there is plenty to see and do, and we need time to get the pitch prepared and sort out the sides and positions. I have a finite number of parking and admission passes that will be issed on a "first come" basis at the gate. Identify yourself as a "rugby player" and you might get in free. Wear your kilt if you have one. Our motto this Sunday is: "If its not Scottish--Its crap!"

Buy your authentic celtic sport kilt @ for the Highland games

Thanks to all that battled the Tobacco Road Legends on Oct 19 and to those that paid their dues.

Post Match Awards:

Best tackle--Steve Bracken
Sacrificed himself in the rucks--Peter
Best defense--Paul Keal
Finest Kick--Billy Cauthen
Closest to a try--Greg Crandall
Most versatile--Scotty Estep

Danny Patterson and Marc Butler

Video of Danny Patterson in action best viewed with Windows Media Player
Vital notice:

As of fall 2002, the Va. Gents must all be individually registered with USA Rugby just like the lads---liability issues compell us to comply. How do I register? Go online to and follow the prompts for CIPP registration. Or contact Cary and we will take care of this necessity.

You know you are ready to play for the Virginia Gentlemen when:

-The player next to you is young enough to be your son

-Your wife says, "Retiring again?" and then falls down laughing

-You show up for training and nobody picks you for touch rugby

-The player next to you IS your son

-You have to take pain killers and ice your knees BEFORE the friggin match

courtesy Andy Alpers-Rugby Magazine

Marc Butler score v Raleigh Old Boys Spring 2002

click on image to view the video

Old boys 1973 from the left-Gil Minor,Richard "Major" Reynolds, John Morgan, Robert "Steamboat" Fulton Porter.

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