standing l to r Tim Trivett,Jeff Bush,Skip Yeager,James Painter,Billy Wilson,Rory Lewis,Mike Puopolo,Eric Brand,Ryan Brewer,knellin Ed Logue,Lazo,Jason Figley,Charley,Tom Oxenham,Roy Manual,Wim Brown,John Archer,sitting Brad Mills

Virginia Gentlemen
Rugby Football Club

The Virginia Gents rode to Gravely Point May 6th,2007 with a fine contingent of players. The Poltroons put up some violent and savy rugby but the Gents had a bit of an edge with the good looks,youth,and and speed and prevailed. Fine hospitality at the Marina after the match.

We raised $80 for the ground fund,thank you Boys! Record of payments can be viewed HERE.

We expect to enter some sides in the extravagent and massive beach touch rugby tournament in Virginia Beach June 9th/10th. Reply with interest.

Skip Yeager with his daughters
and Bill Gardner

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