Master Rugby Classic-Porter Cup--April 3rd,2005 The Classic on April 3rd will be one match, all OBs invited, we divide up into forwards and backs and make two sides and go at it--nothing but fun--watch the open finals after our match and enjoy hospitiality at Dorey Park.

About the old Classic

The Master Rugby Classic on sunday March 30 was attended by VCU Old Boys, Virginia Gentlemen, Sons of Beaches,Virginia Old Boys, and The Tobacco Road Legends. The weather was awful and proceeded in the afternoon to unbelivable conditions of sleet and freezing wind. Yet, all the sides got in , at least, one match. We trully questioned our sanity for the last match as our wet jerseys from previous play and our shorts began to freeze hard on our bodies. Our motivation to play somehow was ignited--couldn't tell ya where the motivation originates but once play started the rugby DNA kicks in and we plunged into that glorious moment we all dwell while playing our game. Thanks and appreciation to all the Master Ruggers that competed today. To our credit , the only other team that had a remote interest in continuing were The Marines in the open division.
Post match Gents/VCU

Sons and Virginia OBs

Email from Tom West, longtime hooker Norfolk Blues, mailed a day after the tourney:

"Don't know if he (Bob Harvey) broke his jaw but I sure know that my nose got a good licking.. Guess I stuck it in the wrong place.. Terry was fine.. Matter of fact .. maybe he was the one that knocked me into the next field.. Didn't matter,... did not feel it till warmed up about half way back to Norfolk.. Feel fine today.. Can't hurt aged beef.. (69.4 years)"

Tom West

"Take Care..Can't wait till the next mach.. Too long in between.. Got to keep playing club side. "

Super Mario

Post match Sons/Va. OBs

Dave Hamburg

Legend Jim with The Cup


Mike Puopulo

Virginia OB

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