More on Pete Sweet's days as a premier rugby player:

This is a picture of Pete competing with his club Old Richmond RFC--believe the player directly behing him is long time player from Norfolk,Mike " Ozzie" Osbourne, and player on the turf is Norfolk's Phil Mosser, legendary record setting rushing grideron fullback under Lou Holtz at William and Mary. Both Ozzie and Phil were members of the Norfolk side that made it to the National Club semi-finals in the early 80's. This picture is the Cherry Blossum Tourney in which Richmond defeated Norfolk just a few short weeks before Norfolk achieved third place in the Nation in the Div I National Club finals (that was the supreme Div then before the "super league" was formed).

Pete's player resume:

1975- Stared playing rugby for Richmond RFC, selected for the 1st VRU select side at wing forward

1977-Switched to backline and scored 17 trys his first season-selected to VRU

1981-Played on ony undefeated VRU side that won Famelton Cup (Northern Trials).

1981-Selected for VRU that competed at the Can Am Tournament, Saranac Lake

1981-Toured England with VRU and scored the first A side try

1983-Represented ERU (Old Eastern Rugby Union) at ITT's, set try scoring record

1983-Toured Canada with the ERU

1983-Selected for ERU side v Bermuda National Side

1983-ERU try score leader

1984-Selected as alternate to US Eagles in Hong Kong 7's

1984-Played on only ERU side to defeat Pacific Coast and win the ITT's

1985-Captain of ERU 7's side

1985-Captain and coach of VRU 7's side

1985-Selected to ERU Burmuda Tour*

1985-Selected to Eagle camp in San Deigo

1985-Selected to Hong Kong 7's*

1985-Selected to ERU ITT squad*

1985-Selected to ERU Wales Tour*

Named MVP for the season more than 10 times for Richmond RFC

*did not participate

Pete Sweet, ERU leading try scorer, breaks away v Burmuda National Side 1983

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Retirement email from Pete Sweet Dec 21,2005

I just got feedback after my knee operation and it looks like I am reduced to cheerleader forever. I had hoped to revisit the glory days more on the pitch with you guys but it will not happen. It was 35 years this past November since we kicked North Carolina's butts in our first ever VRU match and you guys have sure done a good job of representing us with that old winning tradition. Keep up the good work everyone and Mike thanks for a good run.


From Reggie Tift Dec 22nd 2005

Hey Pete Sweet, Sorry you will not be able to join us. But always remember you have played in the best sport ever invented. You have been bless to play for many years--and that is a blessing in itself. Iam sure over the years you have played against the best, drank with friends and foes, and build up friendships that last a lifetime. The game of rugby is fellowship that bonds between each and every player who put on a jersey. Its a game that feeds the core of our soul. Its a game that strives for us to not play as individuals but as a team. We sing the songs of loyalty, passion, life, and strength of the game. If you ever been when on tour you will find that your song also drive our fellow players in every country. AGAIN A COMMON BOND BETWEEN PLAYERS ACROSS THE WATER. Yes, you have been bless for 35 years to play a game. You have 35 years of memories. Many may never have a chance to play for 35 years. Rugby has been kind to me and Iam sure its been the same for you. As you watch the game from the sideline, remember the feelings you have for the game. Remember the passion and pass this feeling onto the future of our game. Remember even when we can't play no more that passion of the game is still within you. The knowledge inside of you need to be passed on. Stay around the game and keep the passion a live. As I enter my 26th year with the game, I find my passion and love for game has gotten stronger even thou my skills for the game are not how they used to be. I hope you will continue to be connected in the game. Stay in touch and pass the passion to young and old about the game you played for 35 years. NOW THERE IS A BLESSING THAT CAN LAST FOR THE NEXT 35 years. Reggie HOME