Rugby Colleagues:

If you are not already a member, you are encouraged to join the "PayPal" online service. This service is free, secure, the principal money service handler for EBay.com, and has gotten strong grades from the Wall Street Journal.

Porter Cup and Monk Vaughn 7's entries are encouraged to use this method of payment if it suits your convenience.

The registration is short and easy. You will be able to pay all your obligations to the club thru this service by the convenience of your online terminal and enjoy all kinds of money transaction necessities that go with day to day life.

Once you have registered--the payment email will be seawright@webtv.net plus amount--just follow the online prompts. Please info Chris Bowman,Treasurer,and Cary Kennedy,Webmaster, on any money transfers to the Club via PayPal.

Click http://www.paypal.com

Questions for the club? Click here.

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