Post Highland Games write up Oct 2004.Click here.

We are going to the Highland Games at The Richmond Fairgrounds Sunday Oct 24th.Expect KO at 2pm. We will convene at 12:30 to hone our vast reservoir of rugby skills and team precision. A limited number of free passes will be issued on a first come first serve basis. Please contact us ASAP if you wish to join the roster that day. Wear your kilt and act like a good Scotsman that day. If it isn't Scottish its crap. Great family fixture as well.

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Confirmed Roster for the Highland Games Sunday Oct 24th

1.Marty Edrich,Charlie Grant,Marc Butler
2.Perry Pence,Cary Kennedy,Rennie Deloretto
3.Tonk,Stokes McCune,Temple Cabell
4.Frank Punch,Greg Schaale
5.Colin Crawford,Phil Bassett
6.Russ Simoes,Doug Lubking,Stuart Corker
7.Tom Sarisky,Scotty Estep
8.Dayle Runner,Cajun,Jon Hill
9.Mike Toole,Peter
10.Doug Clark,Mike Puopolo
11.Tom Oxenham,Jim McClure
12.Danny Patterson,Todd Edwards
13.Will Thornton,John Lawrence
14.Reyn Kinzey,Chris Ball
15.Conny Roussos

emails about the Highland Games:


I'll be there! Thanks for the invite. Also, for all the Gents, we will have our famous Irish Coffee stand on the corner to support St. Patrick's Church! Come by for a shot before the match!

Put me down as prop, my South Beach effort turned into the Beached Whale Diet! Up with carbs!



Will is in, where ever you need me. The arm is much better. I have been playing with the youngsters and things seem to be working well. Please let me know where you need me at in the line up.



Hello Danny,

dammit,you are slotted at inside. that is the lamest excuse we have heard today.congratuations.

get ready to play.we need you.


--- Danny Patterson wrote:

probably not. I haven't had any time for training and I don't see any relief in sight.

Cary Kennedy wrote:Can ya play Danny?


I'm sorry ,but I will probably be throwing cabers and hammers one meter away from the game, but I will try to get over for moral support.

Steve Oldaker

pencil me in for either #1, or #3. We play Raleigh the day before and it all depends on how beat up and hungover I am.Charlie Grant
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