Virginia Gentlemen
Rugby Football Club

Post Highland Games Oct 24th,2004

Thank you Gents for participating. Old friendships are always the best. Great match, lots of trys,mostly by the props. Spongy delightfully soft defense on both sides. Does it get any better? Yes it does. Plenty of Guinness and Irish at post match hospitality within sight of the pitch.

Colin and Otis

Tom Sarisky,Stuart Corker,Russ Simoes,Mike Toole,John Lawrence,Will Thornton,Marty Edrich,Cary Kennedy,Matt Tatonka,Basil Nesbit,Kathleen Kennedy


Post Match Awards:

Most scoring-------------Marty Edrich
Best run-----------------Will Thornton
Guarantee try------------Tonk
Try in the corner--------Reyn Kinzey
Lamest cry off-----------Doug Lubking "I have to decorate for Halloween"
Best Ref-----------------Paeder
Best tackle--------------Did not see one
Most Appreciated---------Stokes: for sliding me some Irish
Best deal----------------Charlie got a Claymore for $40

Charles Grant,Frank Punch,Phil Bassett,Russ Simoes,Will Thornton,Marty Edrich,John Lawrence,

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Creative but pathetically lame cry offs:

Tom Oxenham wrote:

Sorry to miss the run around on Sunday, but I'll be in C'ville helping the Boss put away the Christmas decorations.

Happy New Year.

Otis wrote:

Unfortunately, there is a sale at Talbot's Petites that I have to attend during the time of the game. I always go with my wife to assure her that she does not look fat, and to reinforce her choices for an appropriate seasonal ensemble.

Thanks, Bill

--- Matt Szkotak wrote:

My excuses are:

I am not allowed to score more than 1 try in a month. (This is why I gave one up to Cary!) I am only 44 (almost)! Way too young, I don't want to hurt anyone. Sarisky won't let me stay over two weekends in a row. It is Halloween weekend and I have a five year old. Gas prices are too high! And number one - The wife would cut my nuggets off.

I hope this is enough. Great playing with you boys and seeing you all on Sunday. Thanks for the game and we will see you all again soon.

From Danny Patterson:

Sorry, not only do I have excuses, I also have plans.

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