Bill Gardner with his lads,Champions Monk Vaughan 7's may 2003

Emails about Cardinal Rugby and Fort Lauderdale Ruggerfest

Posted Feb 25th

good evening Gentlemen,

Kathleen and I will be hitting the road early Wednesday for Ft.Lauderdale--so this is my last email.

Our current active player roster stands at 21 mates due to last minute unavoidable scratches by Phil Bassett and Todd Edwards. Although we will miss these fellas,our roster is near optimum. We will play harder because of their loss. Every player is more important than ever.

Bill Gardner has built a roster by master rugby standards similar to a "starship" capable of "light warp speed." All we have to do is avoid the "death star" and random "black holes."

Its all in our heads now; I encourage all of us to stay close and listen to our Captains Chris Petrakes and Mark Fowler. For the scrummies who speak a different language listen closely to Steve Yeager and his translator "Barney."

Tackle low,go in peace,

Posted Feb 23rd

--- Bill Russell wrote:

> Cary,

> > Thanks for all the updates. Could you please pass > on the following to the > email list when you send out the last update.

> > My wife gave birth the a wee baby boy on Thursday > last week (02/19/04). 7lb > 8oz and solid as a rock. 21 inches long. William > (wee Liam) James Melvin > Russell. The wee lad's fine but the wife's > recovering very slowly. Complex > delivery complicated by many problems during > pregnancy. As a result, I will > try to get up to Ft. L. for the tournament (and > bring along my other wee lad > (5) who's a good helper) in the role of support, > coaching and managing but > unfortunately I won't be playing.

> > Thanks Cary,
> Cheers,
> Bill Russell.

Just wanted to trade some cell phone numbers so we can find you. Gilfoyle and I are at the Holiday Inn Ft Lauderdale.

My cell is 202-329-6672. Gilfoyle's is 804-240-9144. See ya at the Friday 4pm practice.

Thomas J. Sarisky
TSA Headquarters, West Building
8th Floor, TSA-2 (Chief Counsel)
601 South 12th Street
Arlington, VA 22202-4220
direct: 571-227-2720
cell: 202-329-6672
fax: 571-227-1377

Posted Feb 23rd

It is self evident that our 35 side is built for speed. By master rugby standards,we have a "starship" capable of "warp lightspeed." All we have to do is stay away from the "deathstar" and the "blackholes."

All the best, Cary

Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 12:35:17 -0800 (PST)
From: "Cary Kennedy"
Subject: Re: cant make it practice
To: "Andy Truesdale" ,,,


Your beg off is creative,lame, and lengthy--well done!,do not feel obligated to buy beers for us in Florida even though we will expect some.

Cheers, Cary --- Andy Truesdale wrote:

> It seems my sisters cat is gravely ill and she needs > my support through > this difficult time, I'm sure that you understand > the cat must come > before rugby practice. It is with a heavy heart I > say this, good luck > with the practice see you in Florida

> > > > Andy Truesdale
> > BancStar Mortgage, LLC
> > 8120 Woodmont Ave #350
> > Bethesda, MD 20814
> >
> > 301-656-3863
> > 301-656-1005 Fax

Subject: RE: Practice Sunday Feb 22nd
To: "Cary Kennedy" ,
CC: "Lex Maccubbin"


I hooked up a room from my old teammates in Buffalo. I have Mike Herron as a roomie but I am sure we can squeeze in another. Let me know. The room is at the Holiday Inn Ft Lauderdale.


Cary Kennedy wrote:

Hey John,

Thank you for heads up--if you make practice on sunday all the way from Texas,allow me and Kathy to host ya sat night at my home.

Not sure about Lex,but I have copied him to this email so he can respond.

best regards,

--- wrote:

> I'm working on it...but nothing definite yet. We > have a cup match on the > 21st but I'm looking into flying in on Saturday > night. Will advise.

> > Also, my wife still hasn't made up her mind about > coming to Ft. > Lex still looking or has he found a > room?

> > Cheers, John

thank you for your reply Mark--worthy beg off,family comes first-- not lame enough,however,therefore, you may have to buy us a few beers at the beach.

kind regards,

--- wrote:

> Cary,

> My boys are playing indoor soccer and I do not know > the schedule as yet. I > will try my best to be there.

> > Regards,

> > Mark

To: "Albert Lucas"

thank you Al for your creative,exciting,lengthy,lame beg off.


--- Albert Lucas wrote:


I will be engaging in intense training all weekend. I will not, however, be able to make the trip from Cincinnati to Richmond for practice to do so. While I am now in full-training with my team here as our side is preparing for our play-off run this spring, it will not be rugby practice which I will be attending. The weekend in question will be dedicated to another type of training altogether. I will be in New Orleans with a Mardi Gras "crew" for one of the parade floats. The training I receive there will be especially useful during Spring Break at Ft.Lauderdale.


> Al

OK thanks Barney, see ya sunday feb 22,perhaps a little foggy?

--- "Darden, Darin" wrote:

> > Chris Porter and I plan on attending. > However, we have our Club Oyster Roast the night > before.

good day Virginia Cardinals,

Reminder and request that everyone please respond to this call for practice on sunday Feb 22nd.

Here's the deal. You have only two choices. Reply that you "can't wait to be at training" or forward creative albeit lame excuse for begging off.

If we do not hear from you, you will be expected to supply all your mates with beer,perform all the driving chores,purchase power bars, and haul water at the Beach.

Directions etc are published at our tour website


Feb 3rd-from tourney Director Mike Resta:


Here are the pairings ; over 35's

bracket 1; wilmington rfc, barfs, manhattan presidentsXV

bracket 2; tobacco rd legends, feces, buffallo

bracket 3;white plains, caribean rum runners, albany knicks

bracket 4; junior virginia cardinals, philly, st. lambert locks

over 45's

bracket 1, senior virginia cardinals, lauderdale silver knights, niagra old boys

bracket 2; ORBS, FOBS, older tobacco rd legends

there it is, in order to win in the over 35's you need to win 4 games, or was it 5, whatever, you need to win plenty and we will have a cup, plate and toilet bowl, so lots of hardware to go round.

The 45 is a little simpler 2 game winners from each bracket faceoff for cup next day, one game winners will faceoff next day for plate 2 game losers on first day will probably play late first eve for toilet bowl or maybe a boat race, you get the picture.

A few questions have popped up recently and i have touched on some of them already, but to recap; We are not interested to see who can put together the best allstar team for the finals, we want all teams to stay as close to their roster as possible, adding only for genuine injuries or guys who unbelievably must leave early(gimme a freakin break) Old boy play is becoming a big deal and serious to many teams abd competitors and we are taking the lead in trying to "firm up" rosters and keep teams intact throughout the competition. this is the only fair way to play it especially for those clubs who are better organized and come strong every year. so do your recriuting BEFORE you get here and play what you brung. many guys(myself included) have played for 3 or 4 of the teams coming to the tournament, pick a team and stay there, they lose, you lose. simple as that All of you know what age div you are entered in, what kind of guy gets a rush out of beating a guy maybe 15-20 years older than him?? keep the young guys out, dont make me check ID's and i better not see guys who arent shaving yet. we can all have fun if everyone does the right thing, isnt that a novel idea??

We have 46 teams total so the games are all day both days with no breaks, come ready to play, couple of guys are late etc, no problem youll have to pick up a couple, they will be lurking around as usual and in that case uuse who is available.

The capts party is fri night at the Parrott and the tournamnet party is downtown at the downtowner restaurant which is in the new riverwlak area which is boiling with people every weekend, should be fun for all, you may even get lucky.

Boca raton in the 35 div is short players, the lauderdale 35 guys will team up with them to fill out the team but any of you over 45 teams have some youngsters who want in bring them along to fill out the boca squad which will now be ft bocadale

Posted Feb 3rd

From: "Pete Sweet"
Subject: Ft.Lauderdale
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 11:23:47 -0500
Is anyone interested in golfing in Ft. Lauderdale on 2/27/04 ?

Brian Gallagher interprets VG's email within parentheses on why Vince cannot attend our training session Feb 22:

Won't be able to make it. (insecure about my ability to compete with all of you) Out of town (heading up to Frederick) and busy training hard (alternating sets of 4 pushups and 4 sit ups twice a day) , eating right (McDonalds happy meal's) , resting (out of work), and studying past mistakes (this could take the rest of the year) and philosophical position (where do I stand in a line out?).

Love Vicnent

Posted Jan 19th by Vince Granger on why he cannot attend training

Creative beg off but still lame,sorry.

your humble tour organizer,

Granger writes:

> Won't be able to make it. Out of town and busy > training hard, eating right, > resting, and studying past mistakes and > philosophical position.

From Jeff Sands Jan 19th on why he cannot attend practice on Feb 22nd: wrote: > Cary,

> Unless i can wear my sandals and tshirt (weather > permitting ) i will not > leave Pensacola fl

> Jeff >

From Vince Granger Jan 17th

Make my jersey a Medium then. Also, if Barney is 5'-9" (and he's the Barney I know from Norfolk) Then I'm 6'-7" VG

From Phil Bassett

On the advice of Barney (who is really around 5' 0" and 300 lbs) I guess I will need to switch my size back to XL. If you can't change the order, do not worry about it

good day Va. Cardinals,

Darin "Barney" Darden informs me from experience that our jerseys tend to run large. As an example, Barney is around 200 lbs about 5'9" and he is ordering a "L."

So--please review our jersey order at:

Reply to make a change asap.

Some random notes:

Bill Russell,former 7's eagle,Old Blue stalward, and National Coach,may be able to join us. His wife is due that week-so lets all pray that his lovely wife goes into labor on monday mar 1st and delivers a healthy beautiful talented future rugby player.

Have not heard from The Hammer,Steve Flynn.

Talk to us crafty one,Al Caravelli

Massive Lock Forward,Brian Cross,--chime in!

The Murcurial,Greg Aherns,--ya still onboard?

Jon Campbell,The Legend, has sent his regrets but will be in Miami for business---a premonition says Jon will show.

We are entertaining the possibility of a training session in Virginia mid feb on a sunday followed by hospitality. Realize we are far flung but are hopeful we can get ,at least, 75% to attend from the 35's and 45's--so we are looking at around a 30 man turn out--more to follow.

Also, we are arranging for a training session in Florida on friday 27 feb at 4pm--we realize some of us will be enroute and unable to attend but please make plans accordingly with all practicality.

rugby always,

Posted Jan 16th

From Darin Darden

I mailed my check 2271 for $ 50 to you.

We have the same P3 15 type of jerseys in Norfolk as the new VA. Cardinal jerseys and they run big. Porter and I changed our size with Christina(Matt's assistant) at Godek today. She said to call her if you want to change your size.


Posted Jan 15th

Skip Yeager wrote: > hey cary, > I still have not heard from Gerry, I'll try again...

> > btw..I have a good friend whom is from the Ft. > Lauderdale area, he recommended a hotel called > Riverside Hotel, great location, ...Al Lucas, Steve > and I are staying there...if you want to pass the > info > along: > regards,

> Skip

Posted Jan 15th

Hello Marty,

thank you for itiniary and accomadation plans. Competition is restricted to sat and sun only. However, John Ellis has scheduled a training session for the 45's at 4pm on friday.

all the best,

--- "Edrich, Marty MONROE" wrote: > John Lawerence and I have book the following flight > from Norfolk:

> > Thursday, February 26 - Norfolk(ORF) to Fort > Lauderdale(FLL)

> > > Flight 1219 > Depart Norfolk(ORF) at 07:10 AM and > arrive in Orlando(MCO) at 09:10 AM > Change planes to Flight 1735 > Depart Orlando(MCO) at 11:25 AM and > arrive in Fort Lauderdale(FLL) at 12:20 PM

> > Monday, March 1 - Fort Lauderdale(FLL) to > Norfolk(ORF)

> > > Flight 227 > Depart Fort Lauderdale(FLL) at 03:50 PM and > arrive in Jacksonville(JAX) at 05:00 PM > Change planes to Flight 1024 > Depart Jacksonville(JAX) at 06:05 PM and > arrive in Norfolk(ORF) at 07:30 PM

> > > > We have book a room at the Coral Ridge Inn.

> > > > I was told there was a possible game on Friday?

> > > Marty Edrich > DOIM/Network Team > Com: 757-788-4147; DSN: 8-680-4147 > Cell: 757-342-1711

good afternoon Bill,

Delighted that you may be able to join us as a player/coach---are old rugby players coachable? Will order your jersey and have it ready if all works out with family and job.

All the best,

--- Bill Russell wrote:

> Cary,

> > I am still waiting for confirmation that Old Blue will not > be coming down.

> > I will certainly be at the tournament and if OB are > not there, I will be > affiliated with you. > Petrekas called me yesterday (left a msg) to ask me > to play. Very nice of > him. I am > available to play -- fit and ready -- always have > been, always will be -- > but I have a couple > of other issues that I'm dealing with. My wife is > due RIGHT before the > tournament > begins and I also intend to start a new (very > demanding and high profile) > job in the next > couple of weeks. hence, my hands are tied to some > extent. Even if OB come > down, > I may just come out and coach them. I'd be happy to > coach you guys too if I > can get > the time away and there's not too much stress at > home.

> > Much appreciate you keeping me in the loop. > It'd be worth playing just to hang with > Porter, Skip, Petrakes, > Mala, > Vince, Fowler and Dixie. All are/were very good > friends.

> > I have just had confirmation of Old Blue NOT > attending. Therefore I will be > affiliated > with you guys and will be there God willing (that my > wife is not in labor > and my job > does not pull me away). I will intend to play but > *may* coach if I've been > sleepless > for the previous week.

> > Cheers,
> Bill Russell

Posted Jan 13th

good evening Virginia Cardinals,

Okay, we absolutely have to place the order this week. Here it is:

Darden Couch XL #1
Stuart Corker L #2
Todd Edwards XL #3
John Via XL #5
Larry Sweger XL #6
Steve Yeager L #6
Phil Bassett XXL #8
Skip Yeager M #9
Chris Petrakes M #10
Greg Aherns L #15
Frank Punch XL #4
Al Lucas XL #13
Vince Granger L #22
Malakai Delai L #11
Chris Porter L #12
Andy Truesdale L #13
Will Thorton L #13
John Lawrence L #13
Dixie Dean L #14
Mark Fowler XL #15
Bill Gardner XXL #3
Gerry MacDonald XXL #1
Brian Cross XXL #4
Al Caravelli M #9
Darin Dardin L #2
Steve Flynn L #7
Billy Russell L #15

Roster Notes:

Gentlemen the roster is basically closed unless we have any beg offs.

The top 19 names above are confirmed with deposits in hand.

Gerry MacDonald---Skip, let Bill and Me know what's up?

Brian Cross--is "90%" but still has to sort out pesky work schedule

Al Caravelli--is extremely interested and expects to know something this week; we're holding a slot for you!

Darin Darden--"is going", check has been in the mail about a week,

Steve Flynn--"interested" not sure about work--chime in Steve!

Billy Russell--possible--log in Bill!

Please reply if your jersey order is not correct.

If you're not in shape,its time to get off the couch,switch to light beer, and start chasing your wife around the sofa. If ya don't catch her, you're in trouble mate.


Posted Jan 12th

Cary wrote:

slave driver!

--- Bill Gardner wrote:

> Not so fast there. I need for you to run the show > until Saturday afternoon. > Submit rosters, get players to the pitch, distribute > kit and acquire a > cooler with water, Gatorade > and Power Bars. Use that $50 you owe me. Malakai's > jersey should be > either #11, 13 or 14 > and his chest is size 44.

> Cheers,

> Bill

> > Cary Kennedy wrote:

> > >good sunday to ya,Bill,

> > > >thank you for heads up on spelling and positional > >adjustments within the centers. I hope you,Chris > >Petrakes, and Mark Fowler will take care of the > actual > >selection chores,coaching, and management of the > team > >once in Florida; I expect to be having too much fun > >with the 45's and will serve as official > photographer > >and roving camcorder for the tour.

> > > >In answer to availability of "big cop," Brian > Cross, I > >expect to hear from Brian this week. He is "90%" > sure > >he can jump onboard.

> > > >I am ,also, trying to get Lt. Col Steve Flynn,USMC > and > >attorney for the Justice Dep and former Captain for > >the Marine Corps in several Combine Service > playoffs > >to join us. Steve is violent lock/flanker type and > >will add juice,leadership, and attitude to the > pack.

> > > >Look forward to seeing ya at the Coral Ridge Inn.

> > > >Cary

Posted Jan 12th from Mike Resta,Director Master Division Ft. Laud.

"When your team gets here make sure evryone is ready to play any hour of the weekend, we have 46 teams and a jampacked weekend, games from early until late"

Posted Jan 11th

From: "Danny Patterson" Add to Address Book To: "Cary Kennedy" , CC: Subject: Re: Lauderdale trip details Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2004 12:09:47 -0500

The responsibility of preparing our youth to become productive citizens is just too great for Chris,my wife, to take time away from teaching school. Either that or I want to raise hell unencumbered by husbandly duties and ogle at bikini clad ladies without catching hell. Present the message of your choice to your spouses when asked why Chris isn't coming with me.

----- Original Message ----- From: "Cary Kennedy" To: Cc: ; Sent: Sunday, January 11, 2004 12:01 PM Subject: Re: Lauderdale trip details

> thx Mike ---- t'will be great to see you and Bethany again. Kathy and I > will be checking into the Coral Ridge friday afternoon and check out > monday morning---we may drive down to Key West/and or Everglades Nat;l > Park for some sight seeing after the tourney.

> > best regards,
> Cary

Posted Jan 8th

Cary, I finally had a chance to PayPal my payment in today. Fullback 15, flyhalf 10 or wing 14 please.

David Dean

Posted Jan 9th

From Chris Porter

"I'm ready to go"

Posted Jan 8th


I am not flying down until late Friday night. I'll be more than happy to help out on selection with Chris and Bill etc. Sorry I can't help with the practice on Friday, but depending on what time we play, maybe Saturday morning we could have a team meeting/walk through. Anyway I'm excited about going, just hope I can stay healthy from now until then. (and during the weekend)

Mark Fowler

Posted Jan 7th


Cary- did some checking online. this is the flight we are taking, please circulate among team. We will stay with friend. delta had flights leaving earlier that were $202 from richmond. coming back sunday evening seems to be a big problem and early mon is filling fast. air trans from newpt nws is $212. Southwest from dull or bwi is about the same.

From: Name: Andrea Thornton

Below you will find a copy of an itinerary from, sent at the request of Andrea Thornton. Click this link if you would like to create a similar itinerary.

Posted Jan 6th

Hey John,

should be zero or a little refund if we get 25 deposits. Our team costs are 25 jersies x $38 for $950 and tourney fee of $250 for total team budget of $1200. 25 deposits x $50 for $1250 in revenue. So,theory says we will have $50 surplus--yahoo!--lets buy beer.


--- wrote: > Sounds good. Any estimate on what the balance due > -in addition to our > deposit - will be? > JV

> > -----Original Message----- > From: Cary Kennedy [] > Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2004 1:44 PM > To: Via,John,FORT WORTH,Manufacturing > Subject: RE: Virginia Cardinals to Ft.Lauderdale

> > > Great John--will see that friday. The jersies are > light warm weather 7's style. Navy Blue body with > Cardinal Red shoulders. Cardinal ( you are > responsible > for ouir name!) Logo over left chest.

> > Cheers,
> Cary

Posted Jan 6th

Cary: Happy New Year! Things are looking good for Lauderdale. I went there for Xmas, then down to Key West for a few days. I worked out in the "heat", man, does it take the starch out of you if you are not used to the hot weather! I am planning to book a flight this week. I found one that fits my travel time, it leaves at 5pm Friday and returns early Monday morning. My brother will "launder" the ticket money for me. I plan to stay with my frat brother, so lodging is not an issue.


Posted Jan 5th

From Andy Truesdale:

"the check I am fed-exing it out tomorrow have already addressed package and is waiting for pick up tomorrow"

Hey Al,

Delighted to hear from you---yes,of course, will hold a spot on the roster--look forward to hearing from you early next week.

south america for rugby?


--- Al Caravelli wrote: > Cary, > Sorry it's taken me so long to respond, I just got > back from Argentina & Uruguay. I want to go to Ft. > Lauderdale. I need to free some personal things up & > should know after this weekend.

> > Is that okay?

> > Thxs
> Al
> > Albert N. Caravelli
> Global Alliance Director IBM

> > 1 Penn Plaza > Suite 1721 > New York, NY 10019 > 203-431-1822 office > 646-334-4922 mobile > 203-286-2242 Fax > > ■

Jan 5th

good evening Rugby Friends,

It is 7 weeks to Ruggerfest. We order our jerseys this week in order to guarantee delivery before our departure south. I have sizes and numbers assigned to players below in the roster notes. Please contact me for any corrections.

Kathleen and I will be staying at the Coral Ridge Inn,(of late the Holiday Inn Express) in Ft. Lauderdale phone 954 566 4301/friendly rates $88/night. We will have a hospitality at our room early friday evening for all the players and entourage and retire to the beach for dinner and hospitality. If I do not see ya at my room to issue your jersey, see ya Sat morning at Tradewinds Park. We have more recommended options with accomadations listed at our tour site. It would be advantageous if we concentrated at our three recommended hotel sites to help with transport to the Park and keep the social atmosphere intact.

Also, group airfare rates are too high. It is to your advantage to arrange for your airfare on an individual basis. Rate will steadily increase as the fixture approaches--do it now and save. Round trip out of Dulles/ US Air is at $220 but do not expect the price to stay there.

At risk of sounding like a storm trooping prick, your jersey will not be issued until that pesky tour deposit is tendered. Go to our tour site for details on how to pay your deposit. Respectfully submitted.

Roster notes:

12 Players that have locked in their spot on the roster with deposits:

Darden Couch XL #1
Stuart Corker M #2
Todd Edwards XL #3
John Via XXL #5
Larry Sweger XL #4
Steve Yeager L #6
Phil Bassett XXL #8
Skip Yeager M #9
Chris Petrakes-Captain M #10
Greg Aherns L #15
Frank Punch XL #4
Al Lucas XL #13

Darin "Barney" Darden XL #2 - "in and check in the mail"

Mark "Animal" Miller XL #5- Chris Petrakes is working on Mark

Marty Pearlman-what's up Marty? what's his status Steve Yeager?

Steve Flynn XL #7-"checking job schedule,very interested"

Chris Campbell XXL #8-Dixie and Chris Petrakes are working on Chris

Jon Campbell--Jon is very interested and will be in touch--chime in Jon!

Vince Granger L #22--is "in"

Brian Gallagher-no direct reply from Brian yet--does anyone have a phone number on Brian

Chris Porter XL #12-is "in and check is in mail"

Mark Fowler L #10-wife says he can go and expects to bunk with Todd Edwards

Andy Truesdale XL #12-is "in and check is in mail"

Andy,Check has been in the mail for over 10 days?

Dixie Dean L #14--very probable and is helping us with

Chris Campbell

Bill Russell L #15-interested still has to sort out his options.

Bill Gardner XXL #3

John Redmond--have not heard from John?

Wheels Brewington--our Captain, Chris Petrakes, is working on Mr. Brewington.

Will Thorton-"really wants to go"

Brian Burnett- is a gifted club player and is an alternate if one of our "legends" must beg off.

Brent Harwood-is a gifted club player waiting on the touchline ready to join us if our invitees come up with a lame excuse to beg off.

Charles Grant-is another steadfast alternate ready to jump on board at front row if one of our stars must beg off.

Gentlemen, it is time to make a firm decision on your status if you have not already indicated so everyone will have the time to make travel plans etc. Look forward to hearing from you.


Cary Kennedy

Hi Cary,

Happy New Year. Thanks for the update. You've quite a crew coming down. I'll look into the Old Blue situation and be in touch.

Much appreciated,

Dr. William S. Russell, Producer
Archangel Films, LLC
3633 Poinciana Avenue Coconut Grove Miami, FL 33133 (305) 445 9977 (w) (305) 448 9725 (f) (305) 798 7955 (c)

----- Original Message ----- From: "Cary Kennedy" To: Cc: Sent: Saturday, January 03, 2004 12:31 PM Subject: Fwd: Check out Virginia Cardinals Reds Old Boys Fort Lauderdale

> good day Bill,

> > May I support all that Mike has shed light on. Our 35 > roster listed at the our tour website,as you will see, > has explosive rockin potential that you would enjoy > participating with. Hope to hear from you soon.

> > Best regards,
> Cary

thanks David-and happy new year!

--- David Dean wrote: > Cary, > Working on it, along with Bill G. > Thanks, > David > ----- Original Message ----- > From: "Cary Kennedy" > To: "David Dean" > Sent: Monday, December 29, 2003 8:31 PM > Subject: Chris Campbell/RUGBY

> > > > good evening David,

> > > > Could you encourage your old mate Chris to join > us? > > Please call his cell: > > > > 703 856 3567

> > > > Thanks,
> > Cary
> >

From Frank Punch Jan 2nd

FYI - Air Tran flies into FTL from Newport News- > last time I checked round trip flight was around > $180. Let me know what the deal is on the flight out > of Dulles and lodging. I think I'm splitting a room > with Phil Bassett.

Posted Jan 2nd

Hello Mark Fowler,

Delighted that you can join us! In regard to flights and accomadation,everyone is responsible for making their own arrangements. Yet, we do expect to have a hotel and airfare package published within days that you can choose to opt for. Stay tuned to our website for all things big and small. In a general way, I would budget around $250 for airfare and we expect to get a hotel package @ about $120/room/night. This is high season for south florida so discounted hotel rates are not plentiful. So you can swing the whole weekend counting travel/room/eats for around $500.

As you know, Bill Gardner has assembled a fabulous roster for this fixture; you will enjoy seeing and playing with some of your old mates from Northern Va.

In the meantime, we are requesting a $50 tour deposit to cover your tourney fee and jersey (that will become your personal property). Please send me $50 to my address and make check payable "Cary Kennedy/FTL Tour." 9405 Barnes Road,Toano,Virginia 23168. We need your phone number too.

Cannot tell ya how tickled I am to see ya onboard.


--- wrote:
> Cary,

> What date is the tour party flying out, or is it > everyone for themselves? I > have the OK from the wife so you can count me in. I > will probably room with > Todd edwards, what about cost?

> > Write back with specifics. I've checked the web > site but still don't know > about flights.

> > Regards,

> > Mark

Posted Dec 30th

The tourney is actually in Coconut Creek north of Ft.Lauderdale and west of I95,Tradewinds Park---we have a map published at the tour website to help ya navigate. Will have the skinny on our hotel next day or so.

Have not gotten any confirmation from Mark Fowler on his joining the roster---we would love to have him,of course.

Perhaps you and Phil Bassett and Stuart Corker could collaborate on a rental car?

Chime in Phil and Stuart.

Stay tuned,

--- wrote: > cary ill be doing the solo thing so ill be looking > for a room mate and let me > know about the airfare out of dulles right now out > of richmong round trip > will be about $230 so keep me posted. Iam going to > talk to mark fowler about > rooming with him and what about the car situation, > how close is the pitch. i > really dont feel like renting a car but chipping in > and catchiing rides is more my > style > todd

Posted 29 Dec


Here are a few selected shots from our fall season here in Ft. Worth...we are off to a 3-1-1 start so far. I'm #5 in white or green depending on the picture. Also, one from Aspen where I played with the KC Blues in the over 35 final where we defeated Aspen 27-22.

I'm playing Div. I first side again here in Ft. Worth....and will be ready to rumble in Ft. Lauderdale.

Cheers, John Via
#5 XXL Virginia Cardinals

Posted 28 Dec

happy new year Joe,

pleased that ya have interest--tell the new lady in your life "how about a winter vacation to Ft.Lauderdale?---by the way, I may be playing a little rugby on sat and sun."


--- Joe Somerville wrote:

> You've got the looks of a great side, I've played > with and against several > of these guys (Yeager, Pearlman, the NOVA guys, Jon > Campbell). I don't like > my chances of being a part of the action (if > anything I'd be a last minute > whore).

> > The Wheel is going to Phoenix in January and I may be > moving in with a little > lady in January and I already have her convinced > that spending Valentines > Day at the LA Sevens is a "good idea". I might > strain the boundaries of > credibility to convince her that a cross country > trip to FL soon thereafter > will "strengthen our bonds" (ha ha).

> > But you never know, I have the "golden tongue" > thanks to my W&M Law > training.

> > good luck either way and hope you are having a great > holiday.

Posted Dec 28th

good day Gentlemen,

Bill Gardner,our Team Manager, has recruited a trully impressive master side. We have a chance to be the talk of the tournament.

Some roster notes:

As of today we have 9 players locked in with deposits and they are:

Darden Couch Stuart Corker John Via Larry Sweger Phil Bassett Skip Yeager Chris Petrakes Frank Punch Steve Yeager

Vince Granger,Chris Porter,and Todd Edwards are "in" and expect deposits soon.

Al Lucus is "in" still trying to figure out how to navigate

David Dean is "probably" going and is exploring his travel options

Jon Campbell is a strong possiblity but needs to clear up his calendar to make the plunge

Matt Whelan sends regrets but really wanted to go and wishes us well.

Andy Truesdale is "in" and "check is in the mail."

Marty Pearlman has replyed and still very interested--Steve Yeager is in charge of Marty.

Will Thornton really wants to go but sponse will not let him use the credit card since they have just bought a new house---Will is on the "cash plan"

Have not heard back from Stokes McCune or Darin Dardin?----talk to me fellas

Bill Gardner has the Malakia Delai and Jason Wood connection in his phone book

We do not have an email on Chris Campbell? CAN ANYONE HELP HERE--Chris is invited!

We need another prop with select side history or better--can anyone help here!?

We have to order jerseys by Jan 7th to guarantee delivery by Feb 28th. Please reply to this email with your size and number request. Thanks

We expect to have an 800 number and hotel location for both sides in Pompano Beach this week. Stay tuned to our tour website for more on that.

Andy Truesdale and Larry Sweger are prepared to collaborate on hotel room and car rentals---you can contact them through the website--phone numbers at the bottom of the page or cut and paste their address out of the header in this email.

The buzz has already started--we will have a great weekend of rugby.

Happy New Year,


Posted Dec 27th

Larry Sweger is prepared to collarborate on hotel room and car rental--you can contact him at 717 215 0771

> Dear cary kennedy, > > You've got cash! > > lawrence sweger just sent you money with PayPal. > > lawrence sweger is a Verified buyer. > > ------------------------------ > Payment Details > ------------------------------ > > Amount: $50.00 USD > Transaction ID: 5FB53543960899108 > Subject: Fort Lauderdale Entry Fee > Note: > Hi, I am Larry Sweger of the Harrisburg Rugby Club. > I play Wing Forward > and I have played ScrumHalf and the Centers. If you > have any additional > information or questions, please contact me at > 717-215-0771.

Posted Dec 16th

Thanks for the info ... I am very interested and will confirm soon. Also, can you do me a favor and put that fatty Nick Bell in the forwards where he belongs.

All the best for the holidays,
Jon Campbell

Posted Dec 16th

Subject: Fort Lauderdale Beach 28 & 29 Feb 2004 Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 07:46:41 -0500

John Lawernce, I work it out so I can go. (I had to turn in allot of kitchen passes for this one). I started the training program to lose the weight, gain 30 pounds since Saranac. I figure to leave Friday 27 feb 2004 and come back on Monday 1 March 2004. I think its to early reserve a flight but I think we can get one for $200. the room is $129x3nights=390, rental car 70x4 days=280, tour fee 50, food 50X4+200.

200 flight 390 room $129/personx3nights=390 280 rental car 70x4 days=280 we can divided this up. 050 tour fee 200 50X4 food 920 total

Cary or (Old Boys committee) might be able to get a package deal . Cary probably need the fee as soon as possible.

Who else do you think would like to go?

Marty Edrich DOIM/Network Team Com: 757-788-4147; DSN: 8-680-4147 Cell: 757-342-1711

Posted by Vince Granger Dec 15th wrote: > > I'm IN. I've already made hotel arrangements, and > am looking for cheap > flights. > > VG

From: "Cary Kennedy" Dec 15th

To: "John Redmond" , "Dayle Runner" , "Vince Schoenig" , "Vince Schoenig" , "John Via" , "Todd Edwards" , "Stokes McCune" , "John Lawrence" , "John Lawrence" , "Al Lucas" , "Albert Lucas" , "Chris Porter" , "Rich Britten" , "Brian Gallagher" , "Vince Granger" , "Steve Griffith" , "David Dean" , "Jon Cambell" , "Al Caravelli" , "Al Caravelli" , "Stuart Corker" , "Skip Yeager" , "Steve Yeager" , "Phil Bassett" , "Phil Bassett" , "Nick Bell" , "marty pearlman" , "F Punch" , "Frank Punch" , "Frank Punch"

CC: "Bill Gardner"

good morning Cardinals,

Bill Gardner has assembled an exciting and explosive roster of "possibles" for this fixture. If we can confirm the majority of the invitees, we will have a rockin spectacular master side. How do we make sure this happens?

You must take action with that pesky tour deposit to guarantee your spot on the roster and prepared to make your travel and hotel arrangements. So if you are really for real-- do it. Your spot on the roster will not remain online indefinently---we already have mates that want to join the tour but have been placed on hold so our best and brightest can get onboard. The playing roster will be limited to less than 25 mates.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Details on how you can pay your tour deposit are contained at our tour website.


Hey Bill,

The substitution rule is generally waived if both sides are cool with that arrangement. The Tourney organizers at Saranac,for example, left it up to the competing sides. Concur with a 25 man roster or slightly less if we have a good balance of positions and hombres that can play more than one position with confidence. wrote:

> I'm definitely going - I got my kitchen pass > approved over the weekend and > had actually mailed you a check for $25 on the way > to work this morning. > Looks like you have raised the deposit to $50 (the > older email I had printed > had $25) so I'll send a second check along. > > I'll be buying a plane ticket sometime this week. > Where are you staying in > Ft. Lauderdale? The Holiday Inn?

> > Cheers, John Cary wrote: What is the substitution rule? If unlimited, the bring 25, limited bring 22. I think you get to name some of the roster. Nick Bell just committed.He lives in San Francisco. Bill

Cary Kennedy wrote:

Hello Bill,

Will email Brian with our website address. Emailed Chris Porter last night--will advise once I get a reply from him.

Also, have sent inquieries to John Redmond and Al Caravelli last night.

In regard to hotel location, near the beach!

Do you want to take care of the selection chores by yourself? or would you like to collaborate with a Captain/Player or coach? The tournament format guarentees us two matches and a final if we stay in the win column. All the tourists deserve,at least, two halves of play time for making the trip, at least, that is my message to the fellas when they ask. Would like to keep the roster limited to 25 or less players. Are you comfortable with those parameters?

Talk to ya soon,
Cary wrote:

Brian Gallagher World Cup 7s Maryland Old Boys outside/inside center put him in the loop; can you e-mail him the web site? if all these guys go, we will be unbeatable I now need Mark Miller (Animal) We still need tight five; please call Porter about that 2nd row Question: the tournament is not near the beach but the party is (I think). Do we want to stay near the grounds or the beach?


Cary Kennedy wrote:

Outstanding Bill,

Fill me in with contact info and hotel details at your convenience. We probably need to have some phone chat soon.

Cary 757 566 4727/call before 8am wrote Al Caravelli wants to play scrumhalf. I have hotel info but no time. Malakai is going ask former Eagle prop Jason Wood. Chris Porter has a second row and is asking Keith Wright to play prop.


Cary Kennedy wrote:

good afternoon Bill,

Congratulations on the Trinidad win and getting Malakai on board! I saw him play with OMBAC at 15's championship in Manchester and 7's championship in Philly a couple of years ago--a true legend. How do we stay in touch with Malakai? Also, do you have details on the accomadations you alluded to in an earlier email? Some of the fellas are already asking about our accomadation at the tourney. By the way, the 45's are prepared and eager to stay at the same hotel as the 35's. I have talked with Matt Godek about designing an economical,warm weather jersey for both sides. More details on the tour deposit are explained at our tour site wrote: > I'm definitely going - I got my kitchen pass > approved over the weekend and > had actually mailed you a check for $25 on the way > to work this morning. > Looks like you have raised the deposit to $50 (the > older email I had printed > had $25) so I'll send a second check along. > > I'll be buying a plane ticket sometime this week. > Where are you staying in > Ft. Lauderdale? The Holiday Inn? > > Cheers, John