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Charlie and Jimmy Wilkinson

Wil "Wheels" Brewington and Charlie Wilkinson

From Bill Gardner

Charlie and Jimmy were part of the legendary Wilkinson Brothers,all four, that started winning local 7s tournaments in the early 80's. AKA The Duck Brothers. Why the "Duck Brother?" Because Tommy Self said that they all walked like ducks but man could they play 7s rugby! Charlie and Jimmy were the best players and The Duck Brothers made there first big splash winning the Hartford 7s in 1985.National Finals in 1985. National Club champions in 1986. Finals in 1988. National Champions in 1989 beating OMBAC. Finals in 1990 and 1995. Charlie could run backwards faster than most players could run forward. Wizard with the foot. Fast but not world class really not necessary. Jimmy was a phenom. Looked ordinary with duck walk and wide belt size. Doubts would melt as soon as the action started. Razor quick,anticipated movement way before anyone else. Great play maker and best defensive player on the field yet one of the slowest. Jimmy had the game all figured out in his head while everyone else was still taking it in. Have not seen anyone before or since that played 7s like Jimmy and Charlie.

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From Emil Signes

I know there have been a lot of great rugby players out of VA, but Charlie and Jimmy Wilkinson both deserve to be in any state's HoF, fabulous players ... Charlie could be in the running for the US HoF.

Charlie played for US in 1986 when I think Steve Gray was the coach... Then I was coach from 1987 to 1990 - we made the Cup in 1987 and won the Plate in 1988 ... Then - and I can't believe this mea culpa, I figured we needed more speed than Charlie and didn't pick him in 1989 ... We played terribly and he was back on the team in 1990 ... From 1991 to 1993 I was team manager to Steve Finkel and I believe Charlie was on the team all of those years (BUT I'M NOT SURE - NEED TO CHECK) and Finkel could probably tell you how long Charlie was on..

I picked Jimmy in 1988 and he was on the team when we won the Plate ... Then I think Jimmy also went by the wayside in my ill-conceived search for more speed, and he too was back on in 1990 ... (I'd like to say that we did better in 1990 but I don't believe we did) .. also I forget exactly which years Jimmy was on the team, but I know he became the coach for a year in --- hmm, in the mid-90s - possibly 1995 or 1996. In 1995 I took Atlantis to Punta del Este and I BELIEVE Charlie was on the team that year, but - again - I need to check dates and years ... there was one year (I think 1995) that Jimmy played for the US - I think he was player-coach, and Atlantis had to play them, and Charlie wouldn't play against his brother, so we had to play the US without Charlie... I think we lost a close game, ... ...

This was Punta del Este 1995. Jimmy was coaching US, Charlie was playing for Atlantis ... Charlie refused to play against a team coached by his brother (I'm pretty sure - you can check on this), BUT as luck would have it, we ended up playing Spain instead of the US, so it was all moot.

I think I've got to the end of the Wilkinsons and the US ... sorry there are a couple of key moments missing ... 1990, 91, 92 at least

Amazingly, I couldn't find a Rugby Mag article on the 1989 Hong Kong 7s, in which we played poorly ... and I didn't play Charlie, Jimmy or Tommy Smith ... BUT - I did play them the following week in Sydney and we played really well - and ... I'm sure I wrote something up on HK 1989, but I don't have it in my files ... may have to look if I have the print copies ... or maybe you know someone that has it - would be April 1989 ...

Apologies for the delayed response. It’s been a busy week.

I have enjoyed briefly browsing Chris and Steve’s comments. The silliness, both in act and attire, are consistent with nearly all my memories of playing with Jimmy and Charlie. 

I was never certain exactly how either Wilkinson brother  (particularly Jimmy) was able to be at the core of the on-field attack, but they seemingly always managed to pull it off and would frequently then continue as the center of the post-game party during the times I shared with them in Hong Kong, Melrose, Sydney, and many other rugby tournaments around the world. 

Often the target of their own verbal spears, Jimmy and Charlie will always hold a spot in my heart and mind as two of the funnier, and somehow effective teammates with whom I had the pleasure of sharing the pitch!

Congratulations boys!!

Gary Hein

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On Apr 21, 2018, at 9:07 AM, Chris Petrakes  wrote:

> Thanks Stevie…I had hoped that embarrassing interview with NBC’s Olympic Bobsled Guru John Morgan, had died a long time before the Internet could carve it into virtual stone.
> Anyway, Emil…(nothing like some last minute comments…party starts in an hour.)
> Since Charlie is currently studying at a Catholic Seminary, I suppose retelling stories such as the time in Tucson when Charlie spent the night in a trailer park with a girl named “Jack”…OR…after dancing with some Canadian girls at Hong Kong’s “Go Down Club” & loooong before Viagra was invented…while wearing some khaki’s that didn’t fit, Charlie had to spend 20 minutes in the men’s room trying to rid himself of a clearly visible erection…are not the kind of stories you’re looking for?
> Silliness
> Despite their on-field accomplishments, many people immediately think of the hilarious and “Keystone Cops” type of situations we’ve all been in with the Ducks.  Few could match Charlie & Jimmy in pure silliness.  For Example:
> Knowing that I’m a reasonably skilled plumber, Charlie once called me to his townhouse to fix a clogged laundry tub in the basement and a leaking shower in his bathroom.  Laundry tub was a pretty simple fix. But when I went up to Charlie’s bathroom, I noticed all his damp clothes (and a lot of flies) hanging all over his bathroom…and a box of laundry detergent on the rim of his bath tub.
> Charlie explained that since their washing machine could not be used, he had the bright idea to just wear his dirty clothes into the shower and use laundry detergent instead of soap…not sure why he didn’t just use the dryer, because that still worked…but needless to say, this quickly developed into a moldy, fruit-fly stench.  Brilliant!
> For Jimmy, it had to be the time that Gary Lambert insisted that we send 10 days of sweaty practice gear down to the laundry service at the Hong Kong Hilton.  When the Concierge wheeled the rack of clean clothes back to our room, what jumped out was about (5) pairs of Jimmy’s coffee-brown colored & hole filled, not-so-tighty…not-so-whitey underwear, neatly pressed, wrapped and hung on individual hangers.  The bill for both of us was about $65.00…we could have gone to Stanley market and bought all brand, new clothes for $20.00.  Thanks Lambo!
> Competition
> Very few people on this email thread have had to complete with these guys as much as I’ve had to.  Not only on the pitch…but on the golf course, basketball & tennis courts, charades, card games, board games, ping pong…you name it.  They will do anything to gain an advantage.  (Sometimes known as “cheating?”)  Even though they would never admit to any physical disadvantage (physique, strength, speed?) part of their advantage was that you might underestimate them…you might be disarmed by their friendly and comical demeanor.  One minute you’re smoking & joking…and before you could make the mental adjustment…you would be out of position and they’d be past you.
> Hope this gives you something to say this afternoon
> Petrakes

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