Robert F. Steamboat Porter Cup Spring 1972

Front three : Johnny Ellis (10), Ralph Robertson (3), Woody Woolfolk (15). Squatting left : Monk Vaughan (11). Standing, L to R : Basil Nisbet (Coach), Mr. Referee ??, Richard King (7), Chalkie Eades (8), Stan Hall (9), Tommy Valentine (4), Barry Myers (12), Bill Bolton (5), Bill Tichacek (6) C, Sam Hall (2), Steve Myers (14), George Dintiman (13). Missing from Photo : John Fleming (1)..........getting stitches!!!

Commonwealth of Virginia
Hall of Fame

In the end, we will NOT be remembered:

For our wealth

For our wisdom

For our good looks

For our magnificent Homes

For our beautiful wives, husbands, and children

For our contributions to mankind and charity and goodworks

But, rather , how hard we played and loved this game called RUGBY

First VRU Select Side

Standing left to right:Terry Curtler,Bubba Green,Clarence Culpepper,Terry Byrd,Mike Thompson,Pete Sweet,Steve Granger,Joe Kenny,Ray Equi,John Mellish

Knelling left to right:Bill Bolton,Les Straken,Steve Bartley, Mike Ossie Osborne,John Fleming in bandage

Sitting left to right:Pat Carlson,Otis Purvis,Bill Stephens,Bubba Floyd,Jim Bowden


Eagles Men:

George Sucher (JMU, Norfolk)
Mike Coyner (JMU, Norfolk)
Clarence Culpepper (Roanoke)
Brian Hightower (W&M)
Terry Whelan (Richmond)
Neal Brendel (VRFC)
Dick Cooke (VRFC)*no contact info
Bill Hayward (Blackwater)

Jamie Burke makes tackle v Australia

Eagles Women

Annie Collier (Tidewater Storm)
Jamie Burke (UVA)
M.A. Sorensen (W&M)
K.O. Onufrey (BRATS aka Blue Ridge Area Training Side)
Samantha Pankey (James River RFC)
Beth Pepper (W&M)
Jenn Starkey (JMU)

Club Founders:

Terry Curtler (James River)deceased
Robert Steamboat Porter (Richmond)deceased
John Ryan (Norfolk)
Jim Bowden(Roanoke)
Bob Copty (Roanoke)
Bill Walker (UVA)
Jeff Savage (UVA)
Tony Young (Lynchburg)*no contact info

Class of 2013

Terry "TBird" Byrd
John Ellis
Courtney Hoopes
Basil Nisbet
Pete Sweet

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Commonwealth Cup Poster circa 1962

Back Row: Basil, Rich Waddell (Roanoke) Dave Howard (JR) Terry Byrd, Pete Sweet , unknown, Bill Stephens (JR) , Glen Miller (JR) David Beckner Roanoke, Front Row : Joe Langley( I think ??)George Boothby, Steve Bartley (Roanoke) Bubba Floyd (JR) Jim Bowden (Roanoke) Linton Farmer (JR) Phil Mosser (Norfolk). Game was played at Green School - Richmond against the PRU

circa late 70s

"This is a picture of the Piedmont side. Other wise Richmond select side. That team played a combination side from the HMS Arc Royal & HMS Hempshire. I'm pretty sure we won it was a close game. The #8 & captain also played for Richmond Surry England, so I played against him again when I toured to England with Richmond. I later ran into him when he coached the Royal Navy in DC. His name was Lee Merrick. He was very good. More than you asked but I like the story ." Terry Byrd

Virginia Rugby Union Hall of Fame Articles
Approved September 26, 2010
Sponsored by the Richmond Rugby Foundation
Purpose: The Virginia Rugby Union Hall of Fame is to recognize men and women who have played and/or contributed to club rugby (men and women’s) within the Virginia Rugby Union.
It is envisioned that a Collegiate Virginia Rugby Union Hall of Fame will be created in the future.
Eligibility: Players, coaches, referees and administrators who have made a significant contribution to club rugby within the Virginia Rugby Union.
All Virginia Rugby Union Hall of Fame member and nominees must be of good social standing and have done nothing to bring the game of rugby into disrepute. Should any Virginia Rugby Union Hall of Fame member fail to meet this requirement after being elected as a member the voting committee may elect to remove this individual.
Virginia Rugby Hall of Fame memberships will be offered each year.
The Richmond Ruby Foundation (RRF) will host an annual Virginia Rugby Hall of Fame event. This event is envisioned to be an Old Boys Rugby “tournament” (or series of matches) to be held in the spring of each year. It is anticipated that the event will become grander as the years go by.
First Year “charter memberships” will be presented to those individuals who have played in the VRU and have also played for the men or women’s national teams at either 15 a side or 7 a side (“capped” players) and to the recognized “founders” of the clubs which made up the original VRU.
In future years, members would be elected to the Virginia Rugby Union Hall of Fame by a voting committee. The voting committee will be comprised of:
All current living members of the Virginia Rugby Union Hall of Fame. Two voting members to be selected annually by the VRU Executive committee. One representative from the VRS, to be selected annually by the Referees Society of Virginia (RSV) Executive committee.
Nominees for the first year of voting must have be active in VRU rugby in the 1970’s (although they may also have been active in later years); nominees for the second year of voting must have been active in VRU rugby in the 1980’s (although they may have also been active in the 1970’s and in later years); after the first two years of voting, there will be no restrictions on the years of activity for nominees.

Any one may make a nomination for an individual to be elected to the Virginia Rugby Union Hall of Fame. The nomination must be made in writing to the Virginia Rugby Union Hall of Fame and detail the individual’s rugby accomplishments as to why they feel the individual should be included in the Virginia Rugby Union Hall of Fame. Nominations must be made by October 1 preceeding the year of induction. Voting will be conducted in November, and successful nominees will be notified by December 31. They will be officially inducted at the following spring event.
All nominations that receive at least fifty percent of the total votes received from the voting committee will be elected into the Virginia Rugby Union Hall of Fame. There is no limit to the number of individuals elected each year.
Player nominees shall have retired from serious (“A” side”) competition, although they may still play old boy rugby or an occasional “B” side match.
A non-voting representative from the Richmond Rugby Foundation (RRF) will serve as the administrator of the Virginia Hall of Fame. The responsibilities of this administrator will be to schedule meetings, prepare ballots and tally votes.
Should less than 50% of the eligible voters chose to cast a vote, the non-voting representative of the RRF shall be given one vote to assure continuity of elections.
The Virginia Rugby Union shall recognize the Virginia Rugby Union Hall of Fame as a valid institution.
The Articles of the Virginia Rugby Union Hall of Fame may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the voting committee, subject to ratification by the Virginia Rugby Union.

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