Virginia Gentlemen
Rugby Football Club
Monk Vaughan Sevens 2011

knelling Phil Moorehouse,Darryl Dowery,Johnny Ace,Todd Edwards,Danny Paster,Paul Dierickx,Dayle Runner,not shown George Fiscella,standing Duncan Stewart,Doug Lubking,John Murphy,Bob Sottile,Boomer,Phil Basett,Shawn Bailey,Mat Estes,Gari Wyatt,Charlie Grant

Remarkable performance by a very capable,experienced,and talented Virginia Gent side at Monk Vaughan 7s. The Gents pitted themselves against a multitude of young fast seven sides. Spotting the young lads decades in total years but making up for this disparady of years with plenty of experience and treachery.

Post match awards as follows:

Trick Try-----------------Bob Sottile
Best tackle---------------Danny Paster
Best committment----------Johnny Ace
Scoring Machine-----------Gari Wyatt
Comeback Kid--------------Darryl Lowery
Ageless-------------------Todd Edwards
Rugby Pro-----------------Bucket

"Dammit I want my shirt back NOW"

Ace in the tackle,"Does anyone want the rock!!! Please take the rock"

Danny Paster, "I can run with my eyes closed"

Gari Wyatt is rubbing his chin hard in this picture. "Did I shave this morning?"

Bob is thinking "if I just suck up to the ref and make him feel comfortable I might get some favorable treatment" Everyone else in this picture approves of Bob's tactics with the gullible ref

John Murphy,Danny Paster,Johnny Ace,Boomer,Bob Sottile

"Look how high my knees are!"

Bucket is thinking "George,if you would just run turn around and run to me I could support you properly"