Virginia Gentlemen
Rugby Football Club

May 5th,2013
Seven Pines v The Poltroons

standing left to right Dayle Runner,Phil Strunk,Charlie Grant,Jerry Gilfoyle,Duncan Stuart,Craig Nicholson,Wayne Thacker,Wil Souder,James Painter,Mitch Brown,Greg Robinette,Stuart Boomer Willis
knelling Phil Bassett,John Lawrence,Rob Seiler,Stuart Corker,George Fiscella,Eric Greise,Liam Riley,Scott Miller,Wil Thornton,Phil Moorehouse,Tim Mead,Tim Dakananovich,Harry The Dog

Magnificent day for The Gents,perfect weather, deadly back line,contentious pack,we rolled today. Thank you all for showing up. I can honestly say that this was one of the best Gentlemen sides that has taken the field in several years. You can all be proud.

Your next fixture is July 14th,sunday, at Cary's home
for rugby,hospitality,ice cream social, all players and family,please attend. We start at 4pm. RSVP Cary 757 532 1356 or email

Jerry Gilfoyle up the ball supported by Greg Robinette

Old Rats Phil Bassett and Dave Rackley

Sam Hall,Terry Byrd,John Fleming/Rugby Legends