Roster April 10,2011
Virginia Gentlemen RFC
road trip to Northern Virginia (Woods Academy,Bethesda) v The Poltroons

You must be committed to this fixture in good standing with your dues to get the coveted

Contact Cary to be listed on the roster.

757 532 1356

Roster is Closed as of March 20th Slots may open up if we get some beg offs. If you are listed on this roster and cannot participate. Please let us know asap in fairness to all.

1.Tyler Schmahl,Charlie Grant
2.Stuart Corker,Doug Lubking
3.Mac Adams,Marc Butler,Russ Simones
4.Tim Trivette,Phil Moorehouse
5.Frank Punch,Jerry Gilfoyle
6.Jason Figley,Greg Hildebrande,
7.Brandon Brucker,Duncan Stuart
8.Jon Leach,Mike Witter
9.Billy Wilson,Jeff Bush
10.Sal Montemarano,Mike Puopolo
11.Liam Riley
12.Phil Bassett,Wil Thornton
13.John Lawrence,Scott Adam
14.Skip Yeager,Adriann Verheul
15.George Fiscella

16.Cary Kennedy
17.Reyn Kinzey
18.Bill Gardner
19.Tom Sarisky