Official United Rugby Gear
Welcome shopper to the official United Rugby site for gear. We would be delighted to hear from you, answer questions, and sell you our official club products. For a closer look at the item for sale, click on the image.

Auto magnet/4 x 6 inches $2-see Charlie
front view see Charlie to purchase
back view contact Charlie to purchase
Official United Rugby Ball $30 S&H $6 total= $36
Official United RFC Polo Shirt, available in black or white, $30
Official Porter Cup Tee spring 2002 on sale for $5! S&H $6---Buy 10 and S&H will be waived!
Black New Zealand style rugby shorts $25
Black and White hoops sock $7

United Trading Post

Rugby Paintings

How do I buy this stuff? Contact Cary and Charlie. Recommend that you use Paypal. Payment must be submitted before any shipping or individual delivery arrangements are executed.

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