Brian,Bruce,Gus,Whit,John,Cary at World Cup Sevens 2008

William and Mary Alumni Ruggers in San Diego

It was a fine rugby weekend. The rugby was stellar and I cannot think of better company to enjoy the games with. Still not sure if Gus has the proper order and use of tequila,salt,and lime?

Brian and John hobnob at hotel bar after the two day tournament

Bruce "Hitman" Weaver enjoys himself on sunday at the games

Cary and Whit on sunday night at hotel bar

Gus shows his love

Perly,Gus,Brian,Whit on sunday at PETCO PARK

Samoan Fan

Eagle make their final tour of stadium after epic final v Wales

Hey Whit--click HERE for video on Adrian returning for homecoming a few years ago and posing as Jamaican International rugby legend.

Posted by Long Westerlund

Did anybody gain any weight? You all look good... but is there any reason that the second picture looks like a lineup? "Yah, the old guy on the end, he did it... he walked into the place, put his balls on the bar, and fought off the hot ass with a stick."

Nice picture of Weaver. Doesn't look a day older than 39. That can of sardines you ate, the one that was sitting outside of your window sill for a few weeks, on the way to VMI or wherever must have given you extra fiber...

Great pictures Cary. Thanks for sharing. Good times. (I now have an image of Gus where he's not either puking on the ball after a try or near beer... wait, scratch that second part.)