MA Sorensen,Virginia Rugby Union Hall of Fame

MA Sorensen started her epic rugby career in 1975 at the College of William and Mary. MA was on the first womens rugby side that assembled at the College of WM. MA pointed out how lucky she was to have Jack Russell, Jim Booker & Bill Sharpe coaching their college side.

When MA graduated in 1978 & moved to Philadelphia for medical school, she played with the Philadelphia Women's club from 1978-1985, then went to the Bethlehem Maulie Maguires from 1985-1988, then returned to Philly again. MA Sorensen played for Philadelphia until @2000, serving as captain from 1990-1999.

During this time, MA played multiple venues for the Eastern Penn Select side. She finally made it to the Eastern Rugby Union select side in 1989 & played with that side in many of the Interterritorial tournaments from 1989-1995. The old ERU was disbanded. From 1995 till 2000, MA Sorensen represented the Mid Atlantic Rugby Union (MARFU).

MA Sorensen was selected to the US Women's Eagles in 1990 and represented the US in 25 international matches at prop until 2000. Some of those include:

World Cup 1991 in Cardiff Wales (1st place)
1992- match vs Canada
Canada Cup 1993 in Toronto vs England & Canada
World Cup 1994 (2nd place)
Canada Cup 1996 in Edmonton- vs Canada, France & New Zealand
Match vs Canada 1997 in Toronto
Australia / Fiji tour1997
World Cup 1998 in Amsterdam(2nd place)
Match vs Canada 1999 in Saranac Lake, NY
Tri-Nations 1999 in New Zealand -vs Canada & New Zealand

MA coached Philadelphia Women's club from 2002-2008 ( approx) and served as assistant coach for MARFU women 2005-2008(approx.) In May 2012, MA Sorensen was elected to Philadelphia Women's Rugby Football Club Hall of Fame. She also served on USARFU Board of Directors from 1996-2000 as an International Athlete Representative.

Personal note from VRU Hall of Famer,MA Sorensen

"Some of the dates I may be a little sketchy on, but to the best of my knowledge, I think they are correct. I am still so honored, I can barely believe it! I never ever had any of this in mind when I fell in love with rugby-- the sport itself just made me feel so alive and free! I am lucky I was able to play so long! None of it can compare to the great amount of fun I had playing, or the pride I felt after a game well played, or the incredible number of wonderful people I have met through the game."

extract from Philadelphia Women's RFC Hall of Fame