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This is an archival page. Our next reunion dinner is Jan 16th,2010. click HERE

Greetings Gentlemen

This is your invitation to rejoin your mates for dinner May 5th in Bethesda, Maryland at the nationally acclaimed Grapeseedbistro owned and operated by our , Jeff Heinemen, WM rugby legend of the late 80's. PLEASE NOTE THE DATE CHANGE FROM APRIL 7th to MAY 5th

If you are interested in participating that Sat, May 5th, please contact me now. Kathy and I are staying Sat night at the Holiday Inn Bethesda on Wisconson Ave toll free tel: 877 888 3001-easy distanse from the Bistro.

Please advise on your committment to the dinner and separately to your status for some golf Sat afternoon and /or rugby at Gravely Park on Sunday with the Wild Geese RFC.

Very Respectfully,

Telephone 757 566 4727 Fax 810 283 0994

Confirmed attendees as of April 15th

Jeff Heineman
Lester Whitney
Sandy Gentiles
Pete Rodgers
Bruce Weaver
Cary Kennedy
Kathleen Kennedy
Ken Flynn
Steve Flynn
Matt Flynn
Nick Huth
Tim Sampson
Ian Dewey

Email quotes:

"Does the Bistro have handrails and suitable flooring for beer slides?"

To Nick: "yes, the light fixtures are welded to the beams and our waitress will be beautiful and easy and shuddle service to Mary Wash is budgeted."

"Due to my brother's attendance at the subject soiree, I am also obligated to attend this event. My brother does not get out much and this sort of affair has all the requisite ingredients for a scandal."

"Hey Cary,even though I am a JMU/ECU BOY WITH limited WM experience (served with honor at Va Beach 7's and a few HC matches), I would love to play with my bros and you again. Sign me up on the playing roster."

"Can we get Nick to revive the "flaming asshole trick" or have Austin teach us how to use a broken Jack Daniels bottle to slow our naked beer slides."

For rendition of LA WOMAN courtesy Jim Morrison click on the

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