Prince Hill

Commonwealth of Virginia

Rugby Hall of Fame

Prince Hill attended Ferrum College and was a wide receiver on the football team. Chris Anderson recruited Prince Hill to NOVA rugby by 1991. By 1993, Prince was an A sider on the high flying NOVA seven a side and East All Star in 15s. Made the USA Eagle 7s pool in 1995 and was capped while representing our country at Air-France 7s now known as Paris 7s in 1996 on the WRC series. From 1998 to 1999, Prince Hill played pro rugby league with other notables like Jimmy Wilkerson,Nick Bell, Wheels Brewington, Rory Lewis, seeing international action v Australia,FIJI, Canada,and Ireland. In the nineties, Prince was a key player with the remarkable run by The Duck Brothers/NOVA 7s managed by Bill Gardner with numberous placements in the National semis,quarter finals, and finals, and a National Championship. Prince has coached NOVA 7s and he continues to play on the well respected master side, The Virginia Cardinals, with numerous appearances at Aspen Ruggerfest and FTL.

Commonwealth of Virginia Rugby Hall of Fame