players of note: Standing left to right Joe Kawugule,Toby Bryant,Andrew Petta, Jeff Crenshaw, Brian Moon,Matt Baker, Cory Engelhard,Benjamin Goeke, Brooks HOneycott, Lucas Elzie,Ben Martin,Frank Furrow, Will Anderson,Nick Elzie, Al Laravee, John Lawrence, Josh Chapman,Phil Moorehouse, Jerry Gilfoyle,Wil Thornton, Wil Souder,Knelling Nate Sikrota,Jon Leach,Dean Miller, Sam Abdelhalim,Billy Tilson,Jerry OConner, Geroge Fiscella, Stuart Corker,Russ Simones,Mac Adams,Danny Paster,Liam Riley,Phil Bassett,Tony Greulich,Phil Perrault
The Virginia Gentlemen played Lions B today on a perfect sunny day in the low 70's. Spirited friendly match. I think the final score was 19-12 in favor of the Gents but the scoreline was really irrelevant to the good vibe and sportsmanship of the day. The Lads almost caught the Gents at the end with two tries less than a minute apart. If the match had continued,Lions B younger legs and big pack would have prevailed.

Man of the Match to Jon Leach, Jon was just coming off a sick spell and he said he was really only good for a few minutes of playtime. Well, Jon stayed in the entire match and scored two predatory tries in the best tradition of Va Gent rugby. Great performance for the ageless George Fiscella at fullback covering the kicks,brilliant counter attacks, fearless defense. George was so motivated today;he was sighted ripping off chin ups on the goal posts before the match. How in the hell did he grap the 10' crossbar? George is not more that 5'9' probably closer to 5'8"?

Special thanks to Liam Riley and Pete Sweet for getting the pitch ready for play and special thanks to Wil Souder for grilling the burgers and dogs and administering the PBR.

Captain Phil Bassett named a co-man of the match. Name escapes me. Chime in Phil so we can log it for history.

Phil Bassett responds:"Neil "Shaggy" Gillette was the co- Man of the Match. His constant support was accompanied by powerful runs. Tremendous thanks to the members of the Richmond Lions for their sportsmanship and their paitience with us old dudes. In addition, thank you Cary and your supporting cast for putting it all together. It was a great day!
Cheers, Phil Bassett "
Monk Vaughan 7s is July 16th. Let assemble a side or sides for this great local 7s tourney. Let me know. cheers,Cary


Pre match stuff

The Virginia Gents assemble on May 7th at Seven Pines for a match,picnic, music,family and friends. Bring your favorite food and beverage.

We KO at 1pm

If you are not listed on the player roster and want to be included,please contact Cary immediately to be included.

1.Mac Adams
2.Stuart Corker
3.Charlie Grant,Marc Butler
4.Frank Punch,Phil Moorehouse
5.Vince Warner,Jerry Gilfoyle
6.Liam Riley
7.James Painter
8.Jon Leach
10.Mike Puopolo
11.Chris Dolan,Alan Larivee
12.Phil Bassett
13.Will Thornton,John Lawrence
14.Anthony Greulich
15.George Fiscella