Virginia Gentlemen Rugby

Left to right standing:Larry,Otis,Cajun,Jon Hill,Greg Schaale,Frank Punch,Not sure,Paul Meyer,Will Thornton,John Via,Jeff White,Stuart Corker,Jerry Gilfyole
knelling:Mitch Hoffman,Ron Murray,Cary Kennedy,Tom West,Deke Ealy,Reyn Kinzey,Connie Rousseau

Thank you and a well done to the Gentlemen that made the trek to Edgehill Farm and competed in the Commonwealth Cup May 22,2004. The sun and heat was a bit of a factor so our first match v Wild Geese was a "warm up" session for us. We worked on our tackling practice and attempted to experiment with a workable offensive plan. We lost the match but we learned. We rested in the shade,reviewed past mistakes,repented,and recovered for an outstanding effort v The Sons of Beaches. Will Thornton sorted out our attack with some innovative tactics that rewarded us with devastating offensive pressure up the middle from our flankers,Stuart Corker,Jon Hill, John Via and Will's courageous running. Otis at scrumhalf never faded in the heat--his duties and responsibilites today were titanic under the circumstanse. Paul Meyer,once again, was the scrummage machine. Charlie's consistent ball retention skills in the close contact stuff was a comfort. Frank Punch's work in the lineouts and timely offense was superb. Connie Roussous, our venerable fullback, who goes back to the seventies in these woods was impressive with the old juke and jive moves that sorely pressed the defense. Deke Ealy and Jon Hill made some impressive hits and had some good runs. Thank you Jeff White for all your toll at hooker. Alas,we lost our lead in the second half as our focus faded off temporarily but we finished the match with the try of the day. Once again we exploded up the middle starting with Corker to a ball up to Via who took on three or four defenders about 10 meters to a textbook pass back to the inside for our bursting prop,Larry, who touched it down between the sticks. Great finish Boys!

The hospitality was outstanding. Plenty of cold beer,hotdogs and burgers at the tent. The postmatch hob nob at South African Tavern "She-deb" had classy food layout,homemade style euro bread,prosuto ham,turkey,olives,tomatoes, sauces I could not ID but were wonderful and all the Guiness or Light beer you could drink on upscale veranda--thank you Virginia Rugby.

Our spring fixtures are virtually disposed of but we do expect to make an appearance at the Monk Vaughan's May 29th. Please contact the panel ASAP if you wish to participate.

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