The Virginia Gentlemen RFC galloped into Gravely Point on May 21 with a strong side nearly two deep in every position and loaded with talent. It was a good day of sporting master rugby and The Gents pretty much dealt out devastation all over the pitch. Tom Sarisky was his normal violent self. Phil Bassett was a titan with his big runs and lineout work. Jerry Gilfoyle is always the master mechanic with the maul stuff. Stuart was into everything. Steve Flynn at flanker was defensive man of the day making nearly every tackle during the first half and stopping their dangerous fly. Mike Puopolo in his normal cool manner ripped off some outrageous breaks down the field. It was a delight and honor to have Rory Lewis,former capped Eagle, slot in at wing and ghosting over for a nice try to seal the scoring margin in the first match. As always, Mike Toole is a steady rock at 9. Roy Manual managed the backline with aplomb launching many effective backline thrusts. Boomer at inside was particulary helpful getting up the field and ALWAYS making the ball available. Otis and Conny still have the moves. Ed Gafney was fearful with the counter attacking flair and a delight to support. John Rosato at outside was extremely confident with his runs nearly unstoppable one on one. A big welcome to Sisco,Wim,and John for contributing so much flair and running and pace to our game. Sisco,Wim,and John,you are now Virginia Gents forever. Everyone brought their game today,thank you.

standing Will Thornton,Mike Puopolo,Rory Lewis,Mike Toole,Mike Herron,Phil Bassett,Boomer,Steve Flynn,Ed Gafney,Colin Crawford,George Durocher,Wim Brown,Jerry Gilfoyle,Tom Sarisky,Rudy Miller,Cary Kennedy,Todd Edwards

kneeling John Watts,Ted Dinch,Conny Rousseau,Otis Oxenham,Stuart Corker,Dave Eisenburg,John Rosato,Roy Manual,Sisco,John

Linda and Jerry

Tom and Jerry