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Chris contemplates his chances
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May 27,2006

The Tribe goes to Monk 7s. click here

April 15,2006 v Newport News

We played hard and used all our skills and will to win this match with aplomb. Our focus and pace tended to vary but we did what was necessary to put this match away and cap a trully remarkable spring campaign. We can all be proud.

Longtime Captain and player,M, strode in with a couple of trys and contributed many pounding tackles for a fitting departure from Tribe Rugby.

Tribe Seniors Spring 2006

Hans at 8 was relentless and physical. Danny Joe,as usual, was a force with the close contact stuff. Trevor is the most impressive defensive player within living memory. Chris White ran and spinned and plunged ahead. Singapore continues to do the hard work at 9 and bring new options and surprise to all our offensive efforts.

Last match spring 2006

My final parting words for this summer is to continue to grow as a player. Seek out rugby this summer and play! Match experience is everything and separates the outstanding from the ordinary. To the seniors,THANK YOU! God speed,continue to play,stay in touch, it only gets better!

Hans,Trevor,Matt,Chris Spring 2006

April 1st v Hampton Sidney

From Dr. John Swaddle

Great game yesterday guys! That last home game was a fitting tribute to the seniors. It was especially gratifying to see different units of players, new guys included, work well as a team. Yes there were lots of breakaways, but there was also a lot of recycling. You controlled the game througout. For next week, we need to tighten up our posession and reduce the number of errors--particularly handling and passing errors. We also need to practice kick-off and 22 drop-put returns. This week we need everyone at practice for build up to GMU. This is your chance to shine against a very good Div1 side, so try and get out there this week. John.

From Cary Kennedy:

We obliterated our opponent today 111 to 7. My history goes back about 26 years without missing a season and I cannot recall a match where we put in over 100 points. Outstanding effort. We attacked with the ball in hand and our off loads in contact were brilliant. Deebo,Darin,Kelly,Regina,Garith,Hans,Whitey,Singa,Hawk,Kyle,Hammer --too many to mention all had some fine storming runs. Naturally we need to remind ourselves that our attacking frenzy will not work against George Mason next week. We need to keep it tighter,as Dr.Swaddle has reminded us, create a stable platform to attack. Some of our forwards,I will not mention names, just about stopped with their rucking and close support skills and looked for glory opportunities to run. No matter, we won,and won in style.

Video Stream wmv.file
Garith pummels his way in
Singa converts to his right
Singa to Regina
Hawk off loads to M
Kelly scoots
Regina wrong steps Adam Wes flys
Wes flys again

March 25th,2006 v VCU

We defeated State Champions VCU today. We played with passion and intensity start to end. We illuminated the best in ourselves and demonstrated that our defeat in the State finals last Nov was our kind gift to VCU.

Defensive man of the match to Trevor, he was a heat seeking missile today showing off some of the finest open field tackling within living memory. Chris W. was the hammer on defense and,also, some fine runs.

Gratifying to not only see our total committment today but to witness control and variety in our offense. Andy and Garrith were missing last Nov and these two hombres kept them guessing off our restarts with kicks,skips,and weakside moves the VCU defense could not anticipate

Hawk was da man. Hawk brought the house down and pulled the plug on any VCU hopes with his 80 meter solo try starting with a fine outlet pass from Andy,Hawk at full gallop,breaking tackles, to a long grubber kick,outpacing the pursuit,to the touchdown! Epic try!

New guy,Vincent,looked very strong.

Have to mention M's tenancious cover defense. Piles cool performance at fullback. Everyone stepped up today. Be happy,you earned it.


Feb 25 v ODU and W&L

We beat ODU in our first match. It was a tough game, but a lot of good forward ball. Hawk went over for 2 tries. The second game was a little more open and we beat W&L with Regina and Kelly going over for scores. A lot of new guys in this game and they all played well. The ceremony went well, a few people spoke and we really had quite a crowd. I think Matt was very happy with the result.

Richmond Feb 11,2006

This friendly with Richmond started with focus and overwhelming ball retention as we drove it into their half. It can be said that our pack has promising support/ruck/maul skills and showed urgency throughout the match. We created multiple opportunities and worked hard to get into scoring position,alas, we were either unlucky, untimely mistake,penalty,ref missed Scanton's touchdown prevented us from scoring a try all day. We are all frustrated but know within ourselves that continued hardwork and club unity will overcome our bad luck.

Outstanding recycle ball yet we could have opened the pitch up more with kicks to space,tested their stone handed winger,and released predatory wingers Wes and Hammer onto more kicks. The field was muddy and conditions were wet and cold-not ideal for constant running rugby. I was impressed by Singapore's options behind the pack with a few kicks,runs on his own,passes to backs and forwards. Singapore kept them guessing. Nice combination of Robbie and Singpore off the weakside for remarkable run. More variety will serve us well. We are just beginning to tap the remarkable potential of Jimmy,Wes,Hammer.

Matt,Dan Jo,Hawk

Scrimmage Feb 4th,2006

Post Scrimmage feb 6,2006
Outstanding scrimmage today. As the action proceeded we seemed to show better and better rugby on every restart. Garreth was imposing with the ball in hand. Regina showed excellent support and was rewarded with a couple of trys. Dan was always there in support. Brian,our new prop, rucked liked a veteran. M was his violent and effective self and represents our soul and passion. Jimmy's inside running was consistent and powerful.

We have a hopeful blend of veterans and promising new players. Stick together,work hard,and we will be rewarded with some fine rugby this spring.

find regards

Nov 6th,2005 v VCU, Virginia State Finals,Ed Lee Cup

This was a bitter defeat in the Virginia State finals particulary after our efficient dismantling of VCU at home Oct 1st. To sift through the ashes of today would be useless but we cannot ignore the loss of our flyhalf,Andy,on thursday before the tournament. Without Andy, it seemed like our timing,management of territory,and space were difficult to locate today.

Every player,nevertheless, can be proud of their effort,committment,and passion this season. The dice just did not roll our way today. We must recognize the outstanding leadership of M,Robbie,and Jimmy and the fine coaching from John,Larry,and Chris.

I am entering my 26th year in various capacities with the Tribe,and I can say with absolute conviction that our side this season was very very special,made the sacrifices,had the will,talent, and courage. I am humbled and proud to be a small part of this team the fall of 2005. We live to fight again.

Rugby forever,

A note from Jimmy,our Captain for 2006

A lot of things have been said about the game today, and I don't want to start another web of team emails, but let me just say one overriding thing. I'm so very proud of all you guys, the heart you put into our season and how much you care for one another. It's what makes our team special, and no one on that field or on this team should ever forget the sense of family we get from being Tribe Ruggers. Hold your heads high, and we'll get em next time around. Rest up, heal up, and drink up. We all have something to celebrate, together. Cheers, Jimmy

Note from Larry Summers:

It was a great effort this year and despite the loss in the finals it was an outstanding season. Our organization and leadership has been superb. Jimmy, "M", Robbie and John have done an absolutely great job in putting a team together. No one likes to lose a big game but we should not let that diminish our overall success this year.

VCU played extremely well and took us out of our game. It also seemed like we were so individually anxious to succeed that we made a lot of simple mistakes. Our injuries including those "walking wounded" on the pitch also affected our play. Yes, the ref didn't call a game to our liking but we also know that we must play the ref. We had too many penalties for the same offenses. I am sure that we had more penalties than in any match this year.

So celebrate our success, mourn our failings, and continue to develop into a team that can compete with anyone in any Virginia College. We have a good reputation throughout the state. Both the James River and Richmond men want to play us again. I watched the Collegiate mens final between Virginia and Virginia Tech. It was a good match that Virginia won in the final minutes but they aren't that far ahead of us. They aren't much bigger than us. We can compete with them. We should try to get early season matches or spring matches against teams like that, even if we have to travel.

I don't know if we will be having any more practices but we certainly need to continue to work on fitness and we also need to hit the weight room. Some of the freshmen and a few upperclassmen are a still a bit scrawny. Muscle can help in many ways including protecting against injury. We are also more likely to be injured when we are tired on the pitch so get out and run.

It was a pleasure working with you all this fall and I look forward to coming back again next fall. I am proud of your efforts. You have added another excellent chapter to your personal and the schools reputations.

Larry Summers
William and Mary Rugby

Note from Garith:

hey yall, just wanted to apologize for my absence on sunday. i had slept through my alarm and figured someone would come and wake me up. thats not much of an excuse, but im sorry that i wasnt there for you guys. i dont know how much i could have helped, short of wiping my bloody ass on vcu's faces, but i shoulda been there, and i shoulda been playing my last important game my senior year. i hear yall played a great game, got some tough calls, and vcu played good rugby, so i guess thats that. not gonna try n be inspirational n shit, ill let roz take care of that, but if cary can send gay jokes through email, i figured id drop a little video clip i like to watch before matches. again guys, im sorry i wasnt able to commit more of myself to this season. its something i know ill regret for the rest of my life. you guys are the most solid fuckin crew a rugger could ask for, and i thank you all for doin what you do. its been a fun four years. fuckin a

Oct 27th v Richmond

We started this match on fire promptly putting in three unanswered trys within the first 20 minutes. Ball retention and quick support at the tackle was outstanding. Our talented backline knew what to do. Jimmy consistently exploded through the gainline. Andy at fly was poised and unpredictable to the defense demonstrating good decision making,running,and passing. Matt Scranton drove the ball up into contact with fine effect. Really like the way Kelly sticks the ball up the field and his all out tackling. Wes had a nice try in the corner after some fine ball handling. Buff stuck one in for a try. Buff has the power to drag players in his wake. Hans has some storming runs showing lots of strength and desire.

Alas, our focus began to wane with less intensity at the breakdown. Some of our mates continued to play hard like Trevor, Kelly and Chris and others but some us seemed to let up. The ref was excellent but he allowed the forwards to sort out the ball more underfoot. We did not respond well to his interpretation of the laws. We did not clear out the rucks and some us tended to just refrain from entering the rucks--ergo the ball retention and platform resulted in slow ball and some lost ball as the Richmond forwards regained their confidence and over powered us in some cases. By the second half our tackling was high and without committment.

We are so much better than this! The business of ball retention is everything in regard to the forwards; it can be brutal; your ultimate worth is judged by your total committment at the breakdown to clear out and go over the ball. Our scrumhalf Chris got involved in too many rucks because of snowbirding forwards. The finest joy and satisfaction of a forward is derived when he blows the opposition off the ball. We have the backline to dominate--forwards--you have the talent and skills---use them!

Very respectfully,

PS. Too many of our mates are not wearing proper kit--we all need to be in black rugby shorts and solid dark green socks---lets look like a serious team and we will be perceived as a serious team. I know you are serious players! Matt Godek Rugby Supply will have his truck at the Ed Lee Cup--get your kit updated and looking right.

Oct 22,2005 Homecoming match v alumni

Homecoming 2005
We began with the Lud Cup and remembered Alex Reyno and Mark Ludvigsen--passed the bowl and then we proceeded to play the best field sport in the world.

This match was a brilliant display of offense from both sides. The Alumni started off with the most zeal pounding in four unansewered trys going uphill. Alex Stathes crashed and passed. Nate was speedy. Trully skilled ball retention going in and out of the tackle. Alas, the brilliance begin to fade with all the energy expenditure. The Lads begin to blow past the alumni in the second period as the wheels begin to fall off and the power glide transmission locked on the alumni as they searched for more oxygen bottles to no avail. The Lads essentially gave back exactly what they received in the first period. Scotty's running was outstanding and Shawn in support was textbook. Matt Scranton at fly was a revelation of fine kicking and passing---will he ever cheerfully go back to the front row?

Oct 8th at Rucktopher Fest in Danville

Great work this weekend against Dan River and NC State. We played 2 60 minute matches, fairly back-to-back against this surly NC men's team and a top Collegiate Div. 2 team who beat Radford this year. We did amazingly well, considering further that we were missing 6 "starters" due to nagging injuries. First, I'd like to thank the whole squad for travelling out there. We brought a 7 car contigent with about 25 guys, so thanks for making the drive guys. I'd also like to thank the Broughton family for hosting us with such amazing hospitality this weekend.

Dan River
Final Score: W 15-10
Tries: Scranton, M
Conversion: Piles
Penalty Goal: Hans

Individual efforts: Nice corner sprint from M for his try, I scored a try off a quick tap, Hans surprising everyone with his penalty goal, Hard tackling and huge presence from Kelly, Great jumping and lineout work from Josh, Monster rucking jobs out of Tony, Hans, and Trevor, Chris at scrumhalf was more aggressive than I ever imagined, Piles' stability in the back. In the 2nd half, we subbed in and saw great performances from our backs, especially Dan running harder than any guy his weight should be able to. Also, good effort out of Anthony at fullback, great guidance of the backs from Regina. Credit to Evan also for starting his first match at wing and being so aggressive.

Despite them being sloppy and the ref missing a lot, we still were a bit un-organized coming out of the blocks, uncharacteristic of us this fall. Our tackles were also quite poor, frankly. Good to see guys finally running hard on to the ball, credit to John Swaddle for our work in practices on that. Overall, a nice win to our belt over a good men's side, but left us with much room to improve.

Man of the Match: Kelly (flanker)

NC State
Final Score: L 38-5Mbr> Try: Hammer

The score here is a bit deceptive as at halftime our A side battled their A side to 10-5 after 30 minutes. NC State surprised us with their commitment to forward runners and real hard-nosed rugby. We adjusted quickly and our post and pillar defense was soon stopping them at the offsides line. Without strong tackling, NC State would have gone to the triple digits. With that, huge credit to Trevor, Kelly, and Hans for their tackling efforts. We responded by using our forward runners more than we have in a while and drove it back down their mouths. After creating the overlap, Hammer got his try. Andy's tactical kicks were outstanding in this game as well.

Also, great scrumming from the pack against this powerful team. With that, huge effort from Trevor at hooker. He stole a hook on a 5 meter scrum that allowed us to get out of our 22. The combination of my throwing to Josh jumping went perfect. Also, credit to the backs for getting in the rucks when needed and really doing a great job of it.

Improvements: The drilling and training of NC State showed. This is a shining example of how hard work in practice really pays off. Conditioning showed, but could be attributed to the hot weather and having played 60 minutes of rugby already. Their use of the forward pack inspired us to do the same, and with success. Overall boys, a huge effort and raising up against a strong team who placed 3rd at Rucktoberfest.

Special shout-out to Brendan (2nd row), Trevor (hooker), Hans (flanker), Kelly (flanker), and Josh (8 man) for playing all 120 minutes of rugby

Man of the match: Trevor (hooker)

At the social afterwards, Dan River supplied hospitality that was far and above what we could have imagined. They put on a real North Carolina barbecue for us and State that included lots of pork, beans, and other non parent-friendly beverages. On their club-owned pitch, we stayed late in the night in front of the bonfire telling stories, learning new rugby songs, and having a great time. This is what rugby is all about boys.

We've got a lot to work on in practice this week. I hope to see some alumni out next Saturday for a bit of a run-around. Watch out for my dropkicks, I promise a few.

Matt Scranton
Senior Tight-Head Prop

Oct 1st v Old Dominion University

We seized this match 22 to nil with a fine combination of willful competitive desire,quick support at the tackle zone,and some fine backline running and ball handling. This match was physical yet was struck by our discipline particulary around the tackle area. We had the lion's share of the ball and eventually generated a plentitude of penalties as the frustration within the ODU players mounted. Remarkable first try as Andy cut back inside the 22,advancing the ball some 15 meters,fine ruck,and Garith scores in the left corner. Hammer at wing was predatory and deadly as he was set up for two tries by the backine. M crashed and dashed all day. Kyle at inside center showed consisitent ability to crash beyond the gainline and his support at the tackle zone is like a forward. Kyle kept the ball alive and in our possession on numberous occassions.


Our defense and ball retention skills are trully reaching a high level. Our decision making in attack could,however, deserve a second look. We will let the coaches and leaders address those specifics during training.

Greg and Wes

The B side,I witnessed only the first half but we looked strong. Scott at winger shows talent and promise. The other long haired Kyle at center explodes onto the ball better than anyone on our club and his successful runs show the results of his fine anticipation onto the ball. It was good to see former Tribe Captain Jeff "Soulman" Soltess,on leave from the Marine Corps putting in some play time and setting up Regina with his try into the corner. Former Tribe President Nate Sandell at scrumhalf showed fine form too.


We can be gratified by this victory. It was earned by hard work,fine leadership,committment to training, and excellent coaching from Summers,Swaddle,and Ball.

We have a rare opportunity to make some history this fall. We have a side capable of suprising the rugby community within the Virginia Rugby Union at the State Championships in Nov--IF we continue to improve and challange ourselves. Good rugby is rare and fleeting. Be proud of our effort but remember good rugby is never a gift but must be earned everytime you strap on your boots.


Sept 24th v Virginia Commonwealth University

Tribe A Side on Sept 24th,2005 prior to KO v VCU

Outstanding effort against VCU today boys. We synthesized 4 hard weeks of work into a real TEAM effort today. Our backline was as good as I've ever seen it. No fancy stuff, just hard running, solid support, great 50/50 passes, and real teamwork. The support from the forwards today was also exemplary. Robbie and Garrett were outstanding leading the pack into the rucks. We've got to keep the intensity up this week going into ODU.

Score: 22-0
Penalty Goal: Piles (1)
Conversions: Piles (2)
Tries: Wes (ZULU), Hammer (ZULU), Andy
Some individual efforts to showcase: Best tackling I've seen in a long time from Hans, Trevor, 2 weeks into his hooker career, stealing every hook in sight, Robbie in his adaptability with our ref, Garrett with a cutting 50 yard run, Ras with unprecedented controlled anger, Chris-Andy exchange: 100x improved, Amazing intensity from "The Fam", Best hard running I've seen of anyone from Wes and especially Hammer. Apparently I was fast today which blows my mind.

Improvements: Some guys need to get more familiar with parts of the game. We gave up a lot of stupid penalties today, mainly for not releasing in the ruck. Come Ed Lee, those penalties lose games and championships. Our hands were also not as improved as they should have been. I've never scrummaged more in a game, and my black and blue shoulders show it.

B side match: In my 4 years here, I've never seen as many numbers out for a game as today. Amazing work guys. The B team won handily against a squad filled with VCU A-siders. Brett looked lethal out there. Sunshine, Dan, and Greg Teich also did very well. Kiell managed to play all 15 positions in the game and score a try. Scrummaging needs a lot of work, and vertical running needs to be emphasized. Other than that boys, really great rugby, especially since most of you are very new to the game.

Social: Was going well with a rookie lift, and man of the match shots, until the cops showed up and stopped our fun. The highlight of the whole day still had to be Buff McMuscles' 60+ year old dad doing a 56 second kegstand! Outstanding!

Great effort guys, rest well, drink up, and let's come out Tuesday firing again for ODU

Matt Scranton
Senior, Tight Head Prop

More from Larry Summers


A superb performance on Saturday. Particularly the first half. Our rucking and tackling were very good and our ball handling surprised me. Jimmy showed that he can be a first class inside center, M performed in a manner that I had always hoped for but hadn't expected. He was defending as a back should and unselfishly setting up others in the attack. Trevor played a great game for a new guy. Our entire back row was eminently destructive. The Chris/Andy combination just gets better. Wes & Hammer showed their potential. Pyle(sp?) played an excellent match. That said, there are still improvements that need to be made. The penalties in the 2nd half killed us. We must do better at taking what the ref allows us and not more. Our kicking game needs a lot of work. Positioning, particularly for the new players, also needs work.

The B game was also outstanding. I saw some great action there. Both Kyles were awsome. Josh, Stefan, Ham, Kevin, Adam and the rest of the scrum did a great job. Timing and positioning still needs work. Sunshine had the best open field tackle of the day. The entire backline moved the ball well and didn't miss many tackles. I see some challenges to players on the "A" side.

John Swaddle and Chris Ball deserve a lot of credit for making all the pieces work well. I think that we have a distinct advantage over most other college teams because of the many coaching perspectives that we have. Cary came through as he always does the new jerseys looked great. Now comes the next big challenge. Will ODU be better than VCU?? I don't know but they can be much better. They have surprised us in the past. We must not rest on our laurels, we must get to practice, we must run outside of practice and we must have the right attitude.

Sept 10th,2005 v Virginia Gentlemen and Richmond Lions RFC

Outstanding effort and astounding improvement in nearly all areas of our game. We have been convened for two weeks and have played three hard city clubs. We are responding to the rigourous demands and the payoff is becoming apparent.

The first match v The Virginia Gentlemen,35 and over mob for Richmond, was a good test. The Tribe recyled the ball during some early phases with confidence and good technique. As the match proceeded the Va.Gents begin to wilt and our pace and competitive desire rewarded us with two late trys. It should be noted that Captain for the Va.Gents was Marc Butler,loosehead,former Tribe Captain 1984-86,Eastern Rugby Union Select,and well known master rugger on the East Coast. Also,Va.Gent hooker,Tom West, is in his 71st year on this planet--rugby is forever,lads,enjoy the ride!

The A side match v Richmond Lions Division II power was a pleasure to witness. Jimmy plunged into and beyond the gainline with some consistent carries in the first half. M,Steve,Hawk,Joe were all over the field with the cover defense. Lineouts are much more consistent and we stole some to their ball! Thank you Danny Jo. Robbie had some explosive runs up the pitch. Matt Scranton plowed up the pitch with consistent ball retention going into contact. I saw effort and competitive will with everyone--good rugby comes only after everyone has established their importance and value with contributions on the field of play--we are getting there---but take nothing for granted--good rugby is earned only by hard work and committment every week.

I talked with the Richmond Boys after the match and they were surprised by our quality effort. Richmond has not played a 15s match since last spring which illuminates how valuable match play,quality match play, can raise your game to a level beyond our expectations. Richmond has run only drills and fitness during their preseason without scrimmaging---it showed today. Continue the hard work of preparation and we will be rewarded this fall with much continued success.

Thanks to John Swaddle and Chris Ball for all their coaching attention,as well.

For those interested,Cary is going to the Aspen Ruggerfest next week. More about that is published HERE.

Sept 3,2005 v Newport News RFC

Newport News had their way today but lets recognize that we have been convened for only one week and have played two tough seasoned adult clubs in that interval. We can be proud of our work and experience we have accrued in this short period. We will be vastly improved by early Oct if we continue to train and compete. I have not missed a season with the Tribe since 1980. We stick together this fall;we will prevail. I have seen this progression many times. Let's all resolve to improve,show greater patience with ourselves, respect the game and your mates. We have the will,talent,and leadership to be an outstanding side.

Outstanding try by M today,obliterating their fly,picking up the ball for the touchdown. Saw great pursuit defense from Joe and M. Andy made some nice low tackles. Anthony was cool at fullback. Really impressed with Piles first showing at fly--nice kicking,good decision making,cool under fire. Freshman Hawk was impressive with the hits--Hawk shows much promise for the future. Adam Kiel had some impressive runs into contact and his rundown of their back for a sure try was awsome. Raz was onto everything;the forwards have a great example in Raz--follow that dude around the pitch and we will win all our rucks.

Matt,Dan,Adam get ready to packdown.

April 16th 2005 v George Mason

We made the trek to George Mason,Div I Collegiate Division, with nine eager and game players; we will call the Magnificent Nine. I had to leave the match after the first 25 minutes of play but was impressed with our start. Alex Norment kept GM pinned inside their 22 with accurate kicks. We had some good chances and stayed down there for 15 minutes without letting them relax and play their ruck and run game. Adam Kiel played outside center and his cover defense was extremely effective. Jimmy at inside had some awesome runs up the middle showing quickness,power going into and out of contact,and making the pass after contact. Alex was magnificent. Kelly stuck them. Buff had some nice hits too. Regina was cool and collected at scrumhalf. We have much to be proud of. Game time is everything and I feel sorry for our mates that could not make this match. If anyone could share more about this match, please forward and I will publish. cary@richmondrugby.net

Jimmy shares on GM match

I thought we did a pretty damn good job against GMU given the circumstances. All of our guys played well and it was certainly a good learning experience to end the season on. We sliced and diced through a D-1 backline (without the help of M and Comiskey, no less) which I think should be a serious indicator of what we should try to do in the fall.

From Alex Norment,our Scottish flyhalf

The lads who went up to that game were great, they reflected all that is good about this club. Sure we were not at out strongest and were missing some big game players but that was not shown by their approach to the game and mentality during the match. Not one of them gave up throughout the whole 80 minutes and for my last game with this club i could not have spent it with any one more dedicated, enthusiastic and driven than those 8 players. I thank you for making this year so great and allowing me to be part of a team that i will never forget.

April 9th v Richmond

Tremendous turn around from two weeks ago. Jimmy ran straight and true. Kelly was everywhere with the tackles and superb committment with the close contact ball retention chores. M ran hard and tackled hard. Andy was brilliant at scrumhalf and kept our attack pacey and relentless. Hamilton was outstanding to the loose ball and made some nice decisions around the ball. Joe was great. In short, everyone played to their strengths and we thrived.

We can learn from Richmond's desire to play the match despite having only 11 players. Game time is the single biggest facter in one's development as a rugby player. Experience is everything. We can follow that example. It may not yield a victory on that given day but will pay you dividends in the future.

Well done,fellas! Not just for the victory but our resolve the last couple of weeks to improve and honor the game we love.

Kelly up for the ball

March 19th 2005 v ODU

We were not ready for this match. We self destructed faster than a Mission Impossible Cassette. We found more ways to turn the ball over than our collective imaginations could muster. Failure to make touch was catastrophic. Disturbing lose of will and effort by many of our mates during the dying minutes of the match. Respect the game and your mates that continue to play hard no matter the score. Never,never,never stop competing whatever the score.

We did have some phases of outstanding play. The Forwards worked well together late in first half retainng the ball in the close contact stuff. We dominated the scrummaging when we chose to act. Outstanding defenseive effort by Kelly and M.

What now? Follow your Captain,we are lucky to have him.

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