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William and Mary Rugby

Feb 19th v Newport News

Wow! What a transformation this week! Be played hard,smart,and with attitude. The tackling was low and committed. Special recognition to Kelly for stand out defensive performance. Kelly was everywhere on the hits,rucks, presented the ball well going into contact. Our two man lineouts were effective; the Danny to Joe connection was consistent.

Most gratifying element of our play was the fine support we had at the tackle zone. We enjoyed multiple possessions on the recycled ball; our forwards Chris,Joe,Kelly,and Danny Joe were superlative in their effort to secure the ball in the contact situation.

Backline play was intense. M made crunching defensive tackles and was our leader today in spirit and deed. Cominsky continues to show outstanding running with the ball; his explosion onto the ball and off speed running is outstanding. Really enjoyed our try starting with M's contact with the defense,nice pass to Jimmy, beatiful pass from Jimmy to our winger, and Kelly pounced on the loose ball for the try. True team effort. Where do we go from here? Easy! Stay close to your Captain;listen,resolve to get better, always know that good rugby is never guaranteed but must be earned every week at training and on Sat.

Jimmy on the run just prior to our winning try, click on his picture for the video.WMV

Feb 12,2005 v University of Richmond

We dropped this match quickly in the first half. Debacle is a short description of our performance. We all know the steps we must take to prevent this unpleasant experience from occurring again this spring. Your Captain and the leaders of our club have clearly identified the areas that must be addressed in order for us to move forward. Stay close to your Captain. Listen carefully and find new resolve. Good rugby is rare and demands nothing but your best.
We had some outstanding individual performances we must recognize. Joe played his heart out;clearly the defensive player of the match with over 20 tackles. Piles at fullback was heartening,showing much promise and poise for his first match. He made the tackles and kicks. Andy at scrumhalf looked dangerous. M at center was his usual violent self. Kiel's prozac wore off and the testosterone took over in the second half. Kiel had some huge hits and scored our only try in the second half. The backline in general ran hard and looked for opportunity.
The rugger's toughest opponent is always himself. Conquer yourself and the rest is gravy.


Joe moves forward off the lineout v Richmond Feb 2005
Oct 30,2004 v Longwood University

Gentlemen of W&M Rugby,

It was a wonderful effort on Saturday. Yes, we fell short but the camraderie and team spirit generated by your actions was great. Seeing that kind of effort and the desire behind it is what has kept me in rugby all of these years.

We had our problems on the pitch with ball possession and must remember that, unlike football, that extra yard or two is meaningless unless the try line is in front of you. Hold on to the ball and don't make a bad pass. Our execution of moves and support for moves and in defense was poor. Part of that was the last minute changes we had to make in the lineup and part was the effect of too many missing practices.

Our pack did extremely well in the scrums, overcoming the much bigger and stronger Longwood forwards. Our front row of Matt, Danny and Adam has come thru all year long and dominated all the packs we have met. I don't know where Robbie gets his power from but he manages to always have it when we most need it. His lineout work gets better each game. Matt Taylor has been a great addition this year. Kyle, and Garett have been, at times, awesome both on defense and in attack. Hans did a great job filling in in this game and will certainly become a mainstay in the pack.

I wish that our new Andrew/Alex combination were both freshmen and could stay together for four years. What a great nucleus to work with in a backline. Bowflex was surely missed in the match. His great running does not often turn into a try for himself but sets up most of the subsequent backline movements. Nobody gets by him on defense. Alex Comisky has grown from a skinny unassuming freshman to a strong dynamic force on the backline both in attack and on defense. The marvelous "M" has changed from an uncontrolled force of nature to a semi-controlled force of nature. Rias did more damage to Longwoods attacks than would seem possible. I have never seen so many determined runners hit the ground so hard as when they were tackled by Rias. He is the best pure tackler on the team. Jimmy, recovering from an injury. filled in at fullback most of the game. It is not his best position but he did it and did it well for the team. Anthony played the first half for us and did well but needs more game experience to hone his skills. George showed his raw talent which, if he could fully develop, would make him one of the best wingers in the state. Watch out for Mike next season and next year. He has natural skills and plays like someone who has been playing for years. John Regina came through again when we needed him. He is a smart determined player, unwavering in his approach to rugby. I expect great things from him in the future.

To the people who didn't play Saturday the effort was as much yours as the players on the field. Ras has been a great leader of this team. I don't think the team wuld have done nearly as well without him. Yes, it is difficult not to start all the time but real leaders always put the good of the group before their personal desires. Ras is a real leader. Gregg was supposed to be the starting scrumhalf this year before our freshman wiz showed up. Gregg has continued to be there and perform any task the team needed. Supreme team player. So many others have supported this team unselfishly. In fairness we have not had enough "B" games to fully develop each of you. Hang in there, hit the weight room this winter. The team needs you all now but especially in the future. Your time will come.

It has been a wonderful 10 years of working with W&M Rugby. Yes, I am of an age where I have to mostly get my rugby playing thrills vicariously. You, and the Tribe ruggers before you have provided that in abundance. It is also great for me to see the changes in players from their freshmen years to their senior years. They, you, start thinking that they are fully muture as freshmen. Most actually do seem to get there by the time they become seniors. I hope that rugby has had some part in that maturing process for all of you. Keep playing the game after college. It provides a magnificent release from everyday tensions and gives you an instant group of like-minded friends wherver you may be.

I am going sailing for an indetermined length of time. I will see you all again.

Larry Summers
William & Mary Rugby

This play off match for Division III honors in our union was a gallant effort. The scoreline simply does not reflect how close this match was. We dominated territory with Alex's kicks and created opportunities to score points. Alas,we simply could not convert our many chances that we worked so hard to create. It was heartbreaking to witness. This match was a stark reminder that the difference in victory and defeat can be small,unfair,unlucky. Sure we made some miscues with the ball;probably tried to pass the ball too much out of contact rather than recyling from a ruck or maul but that does not diminish our steadfast effort or the simple truth that we could have easily won this match. We missed Hepler and Bowflex due to injury. Yet, we have to recognize the monstorous effort of Garrith on defense and his devastating plunges into the defense with the ball. M's early break up the middle and pass to Cominsky who beat multiple defenders with off speed running to score a brilliant try was awsome. Kiel's effort in the second half was off the chart. He ran down a sure breakaway try and made many tackles. His running was superlative. Danny Jo worked hard the entire match. Matt Scranton had some nice runs into contact in the second half. Riaz was the most valuable player in the first half with his textbook and courageous tackles. Robbie and Kyle both had some exciting forays with the ball. James made a difficult try saving tackle. Our new mates Mike and Kelly looked good in action. Mike's hands are the best. Andy's ball service to Alex was superlative and he, too, made some deadly strikes with the ball. I am trully proud of this side for their character and committment. Also, we must recognize our mates that did not play today but came prepared to support the side and stood ready for action if needed. In many ways,it is more difficult to stand on the touchline than to play the game. Successful rugby sides never consist of 15 players but a cadre of players all supporting the effort and striving for that precious play time. Thank you,lads.

Sincere gratitude to Bowflex and Ras,our outgoing leaders, for their leadership. It is no accident that we have thrived the last two or three seasons ; we can trace it back to all the effort and committment of these two mates. Also, a big thanks to Larry Summers who has made huge coaching contributions over the last 10 years. Larry's passion,game knowledge,and true love of the game has translated into much success for the Tribe Rugby over the years. Larry will be going on an epic sailing trip and we may not see him in Williamsburg in the foreseeable future. Calm winds and following sea to Larry! Let us all resolve to recommit ourselves to much success this spring. Support our new officers,train,never underestimate your ability to get better, play as much rugby as you can,rugby experience at the College level is everything, we live to play again!

Best regards,

Dan and Matt assault Longwood player

Robbie lineout

Hans,our new prop

Oct 23,2004 v Christopher Newport University

We took this match 35 to 5 with minimal effort. Outstanding attacking enterprise from the backs. Alex at Fly started off the scoring with a kick and chase to his own ball for the dot down. Bowflex struck up the middle with a pass to Riaz to a brilliant pop pass to Cominsky for the try. Alex put in another solo try stretching nearly 80 meters with a high long kick to a fortunate bounce into his outstretched sprinting form into the try zone. Brilliant! Cominsky almost put one in but was supported by Texas Matt for the try. Bowflex combined again with Cominsky on the loop for a try. The backline was in a scoring mood today. Fun to watch.

front row Matt Scranton,Matt Lambert,Hans

Our defense and tackling in the first half was without passion or production except for a notable and always consistent effort from Bowflex. Riaz made some nice hits too. Statistically we made 33 tackles during the match. A tackle is credited to a mate that makes contact and gets the ball carrier to the ground. Bowflex was credited with 7 tackles followed by Cominsky and Riaz with 4 and several others with 3,lots guys with 2 or 1. There were some mates with no tackles for the whole match! Riaz,Bowflex,and Cominsky accounted for close to 50% of the tackles,the flankers were less than 10%. On a typical club side the flankers and scrumhalf easily grab most of the tackles. I will write off our dismal defensive effort because we witnessed such fine offense from the backs.

Matt makes the catch

We go into contact and present the ball well. Matt Scanton,Danny Jo,and Hans made great efforts to make the ball available,alas, we allowed our ball carriers to get isolated and endure punishment before we supported their strike into the defense. The moment of support just prior to contact and as contact is made is the essense and distillation of good ball retention. Urgency to support during these critical moments is the heart of good rugby. We can do better. An easy victory allows this writer to be critical.

We have all the elements to be an epic side as we enter the most important part of the season. Resolve to be better than ever,tackle low and hard, support the ball carrier as he goes into contact with all the focus and energy you can muster. We win!
Postmatch v CNU

Sept 25th,2004

Both the A and B sides whomped on Old Dominion Univesity with committed clean play. The forwards had their day today in the first match. We dominated the scrummaging and had a wealth of possession in the loose play. It was gratifying to see the fine committment by the pack. Kyle as usual was titanic. Matt Scrantan's consistent ability to present the ball in contact was a comfort. Garith had his normal violent game. The Andy to Alex connection is getting better all the time. Their enterprise at the penalty mark was astounding. Alex's kicking is accurate and timely. Bowflex continues to show his ability to knive into into the opposition. Dan Jo worked his ass off today with his play and represents the best in Tribe effort. Really like Andy's cagey and deadly try off the lineout in the second half. James got some nice hits in at winger. Nathan at fullback had an outstanding match handling all the kicks.

The B side match was a revelation and copy of the first. Please do not let this get to our heads but this was one of the finest B side matches I have witnessed in many a season. Anthony at fullback ran with confidence and wisdom. Riaz at wing was on fire with the running and tackles. Riaz ability to present the ball after going into contact was courageous and consistent. Our new center,Mike, shows much promise,good hands! Kelly at flanker was outstanding with the tackles and running. Kevin Kennedy,one of my long lost cousins, had an epic try up the middle. Well done Highlander! We must be grateful to Ras in the B side match. His experience and versatility lead the B side to a focused victory. Thanks Ras! I am proud of our lads today. I could gush some more but enough is enough.

Good rugby is fleeting, fame is only momentary, we committ again to be better than ever. Resolve to be the best that you can be.

Click here to see Andy's try. In video WMV format.

Matrix match v University of Richmond

This match was a bitter defeat to Richmond 7 to 17. We had our chances but some ball handling jitters in both halves stalled our effort. Outstanding effort I might add. Its just about impossible to be too hard on us this early in the season. Our side has lost over 6 starters from last spring, two of our best backs were on the touchline with injuries, and we had experienced players slotted into new positions. Richmond to their credit leaped on our mistakes and showed a consistent ability to maintain possession during some critical phases of play.

Andy at 9 and Alex at 10 grew into this match and by the end were exhibiting outstanding confidence with their ball handling,kicking,and running. Cominskky scored a breathtaking try that was started by Bowflex who took the ball into the thick of things, stayed on his feet and off loaded to the ever present Ras who spun it to Alex for the dot down. Beautiful! Garrith was a titan on the tackles and his confidence going into contact with the ball is superlative always making it available. Tony at prop had an eyepopping run with the ball over 25 meters dragging many defenders with powerful running. Robbie was everywhere. Kyle's work in the loose is epic. Kyle's effort,quickness,skill,and steadfast competivness is awsome. The overall skill of Ras is consistent always with his support in the loose,good passes, and cagey ability to find the ball on defense. Our new lock,Matt, shows much promise. Matt Scranton had some nice runs in heavy traffic and consisitenly presented the ball to his mates. James at winger was a hustling monster with hits. Greg at the other wing mixed it up with the best. Hepler at fullback was under lots of pressure today and he held up well. He needs more help from the backline on those big high kicks. I could go on.

The B side match was spirited. There is no doubt about our competitive spirit; more preparation and experience will see us through.

Lads, never underestimate our ability to get better. How we proceed after defeat is much more important than how we react to victory. We have all the essentials to be an outstanding side this fall.

We are in a race with all our other collegiate foes. How fast can we get better? There is no doubt that we will reach a higher level of play, yet all the collegiate clubs can expect that dynamic. How many players and how fast is the big question. We address that question with committed preparation and that includes every player and every coach.



Scrimmage v Newport News Sept 4th, 2004
Outstanding effort from everyone. The experienced players took their chances and rookies showed willful competitive courage. We have much to be hopeful for this season. Cominsky cherry picked a pass for a brilliant touchdown between the sticks. Andrew our new back from Hong Kong scored a determined try on the left side. Daniel's work at hooker was prodigious in the loose and he was rewarded with a try in the left corner. Normant's vision and decision making is outstanding. Adam showed outstanding speed and cover defense. There is more to gloat over but lets move on--. We have only convened for a week;and we are looking fine. Take nothing for granted. Potential and good rugby is fleeting; we must work for it always.

{Home} {Bleep Test}

April 17 v Virginia Military Institude

We finished our season with a steadfast effort that earned us the win. VMI had plenty of spirit,fitness,and talent and so the first half was really a testing and adjustment period for us. In that, our previous fixtures fell through and poor weather denied us training time, we had to remind ourselves on all the skills and committment it takes to retain possession in the close contact stuff. By the second half, we were back to our old selves recyling the ball multiple times with fine running. Matt,at prop, ran well off the rucks and presented the ball with outstanding predictability. Detrich was everywhere in support, on the attack, and in defense. Kyle was prominent. Adam,as always, lead with his play. John Smith's cool rugby play is a joy to witness. The first half try that started with a cagey grubber kick from Alex to Bowflex who carried the mail half the length of the field for the touchdown was extradinary. Emron's second half run was epic and a back breaker for VMI,as he broke multiple tackles and cut inside to outpace all 15 of the VMI keydets for the try.

Imran finishes long run for the try

Yet, we cannot finish this commentary without recognizing Nate Sandell with two brilliant trys finishing his rugby career with the Tribe with spectacular flair. Nate's loyalty,leadership,long service,and talent epitomizes the William and Mary rugger at his best. Thank you,Nate! Special thanks to all the seniors in their final appearance in the Green and Gold. The seniors represent an epic run for our club that started roughly three years ago during the Alex Stathes era. They have left us with a high standard to emulate. Thank you fellas, and remember you will always be Tribe Ruggers no matter where life leads you or where you choose to lead your life. To the players that must carry on, you have witnessed our model and example, its for us to continue and make it better.

Match play is the single most important factor in your development as a player. I encourage you to seek other clubs this summer and play 7 a side in your local area. Expect to remain in the local area? See Cary and I will get you local training with The Richmond Lions RFC.

Carson and Brendon

Blowflex and Adam April 2004

March 27th v Cornell

This match was a true test versus an experienced Div I opponent that plays the likes of perenial National power Army. Our effort and competitive will is alive and well but we have already recognized early this season that our retention and ball recycle at the point of contact has yet to take consistent form. We paid dearly today for our short comings in this area yet as the match proceeded we responded with better and better ball retention. It was gratifying to see us rise to the challange. Cornell had some very tough players and we responded in an extradinary way to raise our level of play. Alas, not enough time. This spring, we have not really been seriously challanged by our opponents, so we need not be too hard on ourselves. Hard matches make hard players. If we had a second chance to play Cornell the next day, we would have prevailed. I was struck by our steadfast tackling. Emron was a terror and heat seeking missle. Nick,John,Robbie,Bowflex to name a few made the tackles. WE all tackled well and continued to respond and got better as the match proceeded.

We are capable of outstanding rugby. We simply need better competition and continued resolve to compete and dominate.

v Hampton Sidney March 20th

We headed out to Hampden-Sydney with a young squad today and beat Hampden Sydney 31-0. Brendan Hooke powered into the try-zone to score his first try from a few yards out. Carson Davis took the defense by surprise with a quick tap going half the length of the field to score. Off a backline overlap inside their 22, Bowflex scored a nice try cutting between two defenders. We finished up the first half with a tough defensive stand inside the try zone successfully tying up the ball. With the second half came a few odd subs. The backline was held down strongly by Hooker Adam Kurtz at Inside Center, Scrumhalf Nathan Sandell at Outside Center, and Prop Adam Kiell at Winger. Robbie Broughton scored a sweet try in the second half juking a plethora of Hampden- Sydney players for a 25 yard try. Nathan Sandell followed up with a speedy run through the Hampden-Sydney backline to score our final try. Kudos to Carson making 2 conversions, and Adam Kiell for surprisingly converting 1. Other standout performances included John Regina playing the whole game at Flyhalf, masterful cutting runs by Jimmy, an energetic corn-rowed Greg turned in a strong performance at Scrumhalf, and strong forward runs and rucking from the whole pack.

This was a great game for the Tribe but left us with a few things to work on. Our forwards need to take the ball with speed off of the ruck, not standing still. Tackling, while ok, can always improve. Our pace of game is still a bit fast, and we could benefit from going out to the backline more than we did. All around, great game Tribe, and good confidence builder going into Cornell.

Respectfully Submitted,
Sophomore Tight head prop Matt Scranton and Junior Captain
Inside Center Mike "Bowflex" Krentzman.

Posted Feb 22 by Ras


Despite the debacle of start time, I think it was definetly a well-worth day; that we learned several critical facts about ourselves as a team.

While we won the match, and almost everyone got a chance to play and learn, we displayed some fundamental weaknesses. We panic around the ball. While speed is indeed an important part of rugby, control is of greater import to the squad's success. We are still not vocal enough. Without communicating to each other, our decision making skills are greatly impaired - causing us to lose control of the ball several times through a poor decision.

So far we have not lost to any college teams, and these are the games that truly matter for us. BUT, we have our two toughest competitors from our league this weekend. Longwood, whom we play on saturday, was a division II team which would still be there had they not been suspended for a year and forced to reenter as a division III team. We CANNOT underestimate them. Last fall, in one of the most dramatic and exciting rugby matches I have ever seen, we beat ODU by a single point, courtesy of Carson's well-placed kick. Had ODU not conceded a penalty so close to their try-zone, we would have lost to them a second year in a row. They will desperatly be looking to beat us both this weekend and this fall, and we must NOT allow that to happen.

We have a long way to go before we achieve our potential, but reach it we must, or we will surely lose. This week, we must regroup our efforts as a team - all of us - and train harder than we have all year. Recently there have been too many people not showing up to trainning, too many people showing up late to miss the run. We cannot afford that. This tuesday, let us start right by all being there on time at 3:30pm at the athletic field across the road from the IM field. Be prepared for trainning to go late. Those of you who have classes, come when you are through, wear your kit to class and come straight away. You could still get an hour's trainning.

Lads, all that being said...I have every confidence in us. With our combination of heart, determination and skill, I see no reason why we should lose to anyone else we have scheduled. Even Cornell. But in order to do it, we must all have the guts and determination, and discipline, to suck up some hard trainning, and realise that if we do not, we don't just hurt ourselves as individuals, we hurt ourselves as a team.

There is nowhere else I would rather be, than on a rugby pitch with each and every one of you. Lets show them who we are.


Feb 20th

We defeated CNU today 15 to nil. Trys by Adam and Nate and almost a try by Hepler on a brilliant counter attack move. Its difficult to characterize this match, yet the elements of our play are consistent in effort,lots of good tackling, and tremendous will to win at all times. CNU is not well coached or disiplined around the contact point so it was difficult for us to raise our level of play above and beyond the ball poaching,sea gulling, barely onside tactics that CNU employed. We have IDed the fact that we need more focus and attention to the point of contact,consistent ball retention, and consolated rucking and mauling platforms that will allow us to launch our gifted backline to better effect. We will deal with that at training. Bowflex,Cominsky,and Hepler looked dangerous out there today. Garith at 8 showed some strong running form,as well. Adam took lots of iniative with the ball. John Smith is consistent,cagey,and patient with his game. We should be gratified by our promise;lets resolve to get better than ever. Every week we must get better and prove ourselves again; as I know we will.

respectfully submitted,

Feb 14th

Tribe Feb 2004

Our half v Newport News was an outstanding display of will,courage, and competitive instincts that were demonstrated in our agressive forward pressure defense--the tackling was superb. We have a special group of players that brought their game today. John,Robbie,Mark,Bowflex,and Alex to name a few made low devastating tackles on the News Boys that clearly had an edge in experience and size. In the end , we matched up with them physically. News quickly realized they could not intimidate us. Where did we fall short? We had sufficient possession but our timing in the backline needs honing--understandable so early in the season. We are on the right path to excellence. In regard to the CNU match, again we went forward in defense which yeilded us loose ball trys from Bowflex and Cominsky. Ras's has directed us well in seeing the value of an organized defense that moves forward and hunts the ball with veorocity. We overwhelmed CNU,yet, we squandered too much energy with our ball retention in that we won our ball but we often attacked at the base of our rucks only to have to struggle and expend needless energy to win the ball again without putting any effective pressure on their defense. How do we proceed. Consolidate your possesion, lets be more patience, attack off the rucks and mauls in pairs, and most important--let the backline have a crack now and then. We played too much "ten man" rugby.

Overall superb effort and proud and honored to be part of this team. How do we get better? Train! Play matches! You were born to compete!

Oct 11th and 12th 2003

This weekend we produced a titanic effort sending three of our matrix foes to the loss column, defeating Virginia Commonwealth University and Old Dominion University on Sat and Washington and Lee on Sunday in Lexington.

Mohawk Tribe Seniors prior to VCU match

Our first match v VCU was a consistent workmanlike performance. We played hard enough to win. Bowflex at center again lead the offense with two beautiful trys.

Mike "Bowflex" prepares to touchdown v VCU--click on his picture to view the video.stream.WMV

The match was close at the end, 17-10, we defended courageously at the end for an eternity it seemed to preserve the victory. Our will to win is outstanding.

Our second match v ODU followed only 40 minutes after the conclusion of the first. It was clear from the beginning that ODU had a fast,experienced, and deadly backline. We responded to this challange with a defensive effort beyond anything I have witnessed in all my days at William and Mary. This match was epic in every way. Everyone became a warrior today. We simply would not allow their backline to uncoil and strike. Alex Cominsky lead the backline defense with instant pressure on every possession they had ; we jammed their fly and inside and then corralled and trapped the rest of their movements against the touchline or better yet intercepted their passes. Our backline was in their face ALWAYS. Gradually we drained their confidence and vision to attack with effectiveness and we did this against a trully outstanding and dangerous backline. Mike and Pat in defense made tackles that defy description---low,instant,and far ranging. Nick,Nate,Robbie to name a few were,also, evident on the tackles. Our match v VCU seemed like a scrimmage compared to the intensity and sporting effort we made to achieve this victory. ODU has stood in our way for several years in regard to VRU honors--we came home today. Pat was a titan on the penalty play with his try. Our forwards graduallly put the ODU pack in their place as we grabbed the lion share of the ball at the point of contact. Our wealth of possesion was vital in denying their gifted backline the ball. Our kick and chase terriorized their back three. Lastly, Carson's penalty kick in the dying minutes of the match to secure the victory will never be forgotten. Carson must have stopped his heart and chilled his blood below freezing to make that kick. It flew off his foot with power and height---their was no doubt! We won 13-12!

Carson Aug 2003
Carson Davis

We always knew we had a special side this fall--we just put it to the test and proved it this weekend. Let us be mindful that the outstanding rugby we demonstrated this weekend is precious and rare--you will remember the ODU match for the rest of your life. We take nothing for granted,however; we must dispose of The University of Richmond and Hampton Sidney and then we go to The State Championship and lay some TRIBE rugby on our Div I and II opponents. I can tell you already that the Mary Washington RFC in Div II considers us a "social side" without the necessities to wage rugby over a long season.

Very respectfully,

Oct 4th v CNU RFC


That was an awesome game we played today. We manhandled CNU 48-0 and we've still never lost to them. We did start a tad slow, but within about 5 minutes everything was clicking full cylinders. Great rucks, great mauling, awesome line outs, and great contributions from the younger more inexperienced guys. I can't single everyone out, but I thought that Nate, Kyle, Lambert, Dave, Comiskey, and pretty much the whole pack played excellent. Special thanks to John Swaddle for refing the game. I hope all of you new guys learned something today. We've got a few Zulus coming up for Robbie and Imran....I might be forgetting others. Our practice schedule has changed slightly, but I'll send out an email later with the details. The gist of it is that we're pushing back practice by half an hour to 5pm on Tuesdays, and in return we will have IM field to ourselves on Thursdays. Hope to see everyone at the social.


Some of the imbedded text is hyerlinked to images and video stream--just click on the text that is highlighted

We took this one with a a convincing score of 48 to nil. We started kinda slow due to our extended and unavoidable layoff courtesy Isabel. Yet, as the match proceeded we tightened our strangle hold on CNU. Bowflex set the early standard with hard running as he challanged their defense. Greg Green had a fabulous run for the try line early in the second half that was finished off by Jon for the try. Impressed with Cominsky's looping support and try. Carson made a couple of try saving tackles. Greg Green started a move supported by Bowflex supported by Robbie for a beauty of a try. In defense our tackling was low and effective, however, we let their scrumhalf attack off the scrumdowns to the right over and over forcing our flyhalf into making too many tackles. Flankers and 8 need to shut down these forays and maintain pressure on the scrumhalf and fly so our backline, also, can pressure and trap with more confidence. We ,also, had some difficulty with knock ons going into contact--we had too many--ball retention is everything and a core necessitity if we wish to beat stronger opposition.

Overall performance was outstanding and our clean play and sportsmanship was of the highest caliber.

best regards,Cary

Captain Bowflex Oct 2003

Sept 5th v Newport News RFC

Scrumdown v Newport News

This match required and brought out the best of our character,courage, and defensive fortitude. Everyone tackled;we honored our Club and the game we play. Yet, we really had no answer to their size and experience. Newport News is a battled hardened club with recent National playoff experience--but a good test for us, nevertheless. Mark,Alex,Dave,Robbie were noteworthy in their defensive effort---everyone demonstrated lots of competitive will. We have a special side this fall with talent and desire--with work and dedication we will dominate the matrix.

April 5th Cherry Blossum Tournament

Cherry Blossum Side April 2004
We had the rare priviledge and treat to play The United States Naval Academy twice in one morning due to a last minute forfeit by ODU. The Middies were machine like, fit, and efficient. No real solutions today--Our tax dollars at work here gentlemen. In short, our opponent overwhelmed us. Yet, I was struck by our defensive fortitude, courage, and bravery. We never backed down and their legendary coach, Mike Flanagan extended his respect and remarked on our steadfast willingness to tackle and fight during the entire match. Win or lose, rugby respect is extended when we do our best. Mike "Bowflex" and Patrick made some awsome defensive stops throughout the first match. Cominsky's cover defense saved out tails more than once. Nate stuck em. Robbie loves to mix it up. Alex pounded them with the ball every opportunity. The second match--I like Garrith's big work rate and desire for contact. I could go on.

Special thanks to Carson Davis for the huge administrative effort to get us to the Cherry Blossum and all the responsibilities that go with it.

respectfully submitted,

Post Tournament Commentary by Larry Summers:

This past weekend William & Mary rose to the occasion and won the Plate for the college men at the Cherry Blossom Tournament. Just to get into the tournament took a tremendous effort by Carson Davis due to an administrative error by the tournament committee. Our first round pool included Navy and ODU. (ODU didn't show and we won by forefit). Navy, however, was there and started their "B" team against us, although some of their players told me that there were a couple of "A" players on the pitch. It was a rough match for us. It was the first time in several years that a team could drive us off our own ball. They spoiled all of our ball and never lost theri own. Ultimately we ended up with very few offensive chances. It was, however, a tremendous defensive effort for us. Yes, we lost 36-0 but we fought them for every inch of territory and for every loose ball.

scrumdown v Navy
We probably had to make more tackles against them than in all of our previous games this year. Patrick, Rob and Chris in the back row were all over their inside runners. Alex, Kyle, Dave, Mike and Jon supported against a seemingly unending onslaught of ruckers and runners. Our backs, particularly inside, put up the same kind of effort. Navy was unable to get an outside attack going against our backline and concentrated on the rucking and support that they do so well. It was a loss and a leson at the same time. That lesson we applied in our matches on Sunday.

In the first Sunday match we played against the State University of New York at Fredonia. We made a few line-up changes but the major difference in this match was that we were able to win our own ball and a steal some of theirs. Patrick O'Brien set the tone for the match with both hard tackling and determined running. No one player on Fredonia's team could stop him. Our support on the ensuing mauls and the rucks was fantastic. Dave, Alex, Jon and Kyle rolled over the opposition. It was the best rucking I have ever seen this team do. We came in low and hard and dominated them. We won the ball and got it outside to our backs who used it well. The combination of Nathan to Alex has never been better. Sure hands and well executed moves, particularly between Mike "Bowflex" and Mike Pickford really set the tone.

Inside Center "Bowflex" at the Cherry Blossum

Our victory at 33-7 was not surprising. Most of their scoring was after we started substituting in our newer players.

Bowflex scores The plate final was against the Merchant Marine Academy of Kings Point New York. This was a quality team that beat Va Techs "B" team 22-5. We used much the same starting team with our young project Mike on the wing. With a great deal of guidance from Carson he played an outstanding match making some great tackles against players twice his size. Speaking of Mikes, we have a lot of them, Mike at second row played the best game of his short career against Kings Point. He was getting lower and hitting harder than ever.

The game started with pretty even play. Again we were able to win our own ball and spoil theirs. Their pack was stronger and faster than Fredonia and their back were quite capable. Patrick and Nathan again were unstoppable running off rucks, mauls and, for Nathan off penalty situations. The back movement and defense were outstanding. They had no answer for the quick ball that Comisky distributed and for the moves executed by the Mikes at centers. George, who gets better every game, had his best game with a couple of truly dynamic runs and, in one case, a chip kick, when he ran out of room. Carson, as he did the entire tournament, made Kings Point pay for their failure to make touch. He either turned them into running attacks or kicked excellent coverable tactical kicks which gained a great deal of field position for the team. Superb handling and defense by the backs. Garett came into his own in this match. He came out of nowhere, it seemed, to shut down potential breaks by runners from Kings Point. Two tries stand out in this match. One was a great run by senior Mike Pickford in his last match for the Tribe. It was a nice way to cap off a dedicated, and somewhat flamboyant career at the school. The second try that I truly enjoyed was Alex Comiskys. He has always been good running around defenders but his determined drive through two defenders on the goal line was superb. That is the kind of attitude that makes winners out of just contenders. The 26-0 score showed our domination in this match. The hearts, minds and resolute attitude of the William & Mary ruggers were mightily displayed during the entire Cherry Blossom Tournament. As a last word we have to thank the two blocks of Granite that have anchored our pack the last several years. Kyle and Alex were more than just outstanding players. They were also outstanding leaders whose can do attitudes buoyed this team through defeat and inspired it to victory. Except for Navy in this tournament no one could out scrum them. The pair took this personal and it showed in this tournament as well their entire careers. When Fredonias and Kings Points packs were knocked off rucks or when our mauls were rolling down the field it was most frequently because of their huge efforts. Getting as low as they did in the front row wasn't something thay enjoyed but the results seemed truly satisfying to them. Their shoes will be hard to fill. Thanks also to P.J. who was unable play this weekend, but was there to support us as he always has both on and off the pitch.

Carson May 2004
Captain Carson Davis--holds the prize

Oh, one more note. The party was a lot of fun and our players seemed to have a good time. There was a rumour about a couple of seniors and Tequila but I doubt if it could be true.

Commentary from Cherry Blossum Tournament Director:

"This year's tourney was a great event. We all saw and participated in some tremendous rugby. I'd like to take a quick moment to show off a couple of squads who really showed rugby spirit. I'm sure that there were plenty of other classy displays of character that I didn't see, but I'd like to point out a few that I noticed.

William & Mary also had a tough first draw against Navy, early on saturaday. Not only did their ruggers play a heck of a match, they turned around and played Navy again with the help of some Doylestown Men's players to give Navy another game due to a late cancellation in the College Men's bracket. Thanks to Doylestown and W&M for their efforts."

March 15th v Elon College

The game went pretty well for a loss. The final score was 24-12, but it was a tight game throughout. In our opinion, there were two tries that could have been called for us that weren't, which would have possibly put the score in our favor. Our rucking and possession was overall very good, but we still need to support our long runs better and we need to watch the overcommitting of forwards to the rucks and mauls. Elon was good about spreading out their forwards and at times our backs would be matched up with their forwards on defense. Elon was the biggest team we've faced, and our tackling was as good as I've seen it in some time, although we can always do better. The forwards should be given a lot of credit for that as always. George scored his first A side try outrunning the opposing winger and fullback from about 15 meters out, so we have his zulu to look forward to in the coming weeks. I scored the other try. In the B-side game, Garrett looked good tackling and mauling. Paul was steady as always. Unfortunately Raz suffered a broken pinkie at the end of the game, which may end his season. It's a tough loss for the club of an experienced player who knows the game. The experience we got in North Carolina will only improve our depth for Cherry Blossom.

These were my observations of the match, and I know Nate and Stathes will probably have much to add.


Feb 23, 2003

Tribe Feb 2002
Rick and Nate

This was our first match of the spring campaign and the action was spirited and intense. We took this one 14 to nil under challanging playing conditions--no width and water everywhere. Heaven for forwards , Hell for backs. Our trys were secured in close by the forwards. We trully do know how to raise our intensity and desire to score inside the 22. Mark touched down the first one followed by Nate at the back of a 8 man shove in the second half. Was this a try by Alex? Dave and Robbie in the pack were outstanding in their range over the pitch. Dave is a power house with the close contact stuff. Carson was cool and collected at fullback handling the kicking barrage from VCU. Nate was especially effective with the quick tape off the penalty marks. We can feel good about our victory--have a great spring break. We still have a long way to go in our preparation for the Cherry Blossum , our premier fixture this spring. Special thanks to Larry for reffing both the A side and B side.

Alex makes the call
John gets ready
Backline in action
Before the VCU match Feb 03

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