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Thanks to all the players that made the Master Rugby Classic a resounding success at the Porter Cup Sunday April 3rd. We expect to post some images in the near future at this site.

Our two sides today were composed of masters from all over the state. We divided up into two sides that battled to an exciting draw 15-15. Lots of running,tackling was good but not always present like any good master rugby match should be. The red side seemed to have the upper hand in the first half with interprising speed and ball handling coming from the backline lead by Todd Sowder,Dale,John Lawrence,and George Fiscella. The white side came back with a vengence in the second half. Matt Robinette and Phil Bassette combined for some violent running up the middle that got them back into the match.

Post match awards:

Most imaginative penalty play resulting in a try------Marc Butler
Nice pace------------------------------------------John Averill
Never stops----------------------------------------George Fiscella
Hard to tackle-------------------------------------Matt Robinette
Runs like the Terminator---------------------------Dayle Runner
Played scrumhalf and flanker at same time----------James Painter
Still makes the hits-------------------------------Tom West
Stud drinker with Polish shine---------------------Rich Britten

Confirmed Roster for the Master Rugby Classic/this roster represents TWO sides--we will sort out the sides on April 3rd.

1.Stokes McCune,Charlie Grant,Steve Merelman,Marc Butler,Andrew Dahl
2.Matt Godek,Tom West
3.Dan Bicehouse,Marty Edrich,Ian Mills
4.Frank Punch,Marty Edrich
5.Greg Schaale,Jerry Gilfoyle
6.Stuart Corker,James Painter
7.Jeff White,Doug Lubking,Rudy Miller
8.Tom Sarisky,Greg Robinette
9.Skip Yeager (maybe),Cary Kennedy
10.Will Thornton
11.Brian Burnette
12.Mike Puopolo
13.John Murphy,Phil Bassett
14.Conny Rousseau
15.Mike Tait

Lame and Pathetic begs offs this fine rugby weekend

Danny,Danny,Danny----put down your gardening spade, lift up your apron,and check for all your parts. Remember who you are man!

Your beg off is the lamest within living memory. Congratulations.

Kind regards,

--- Danny Patterson wrote:

I think I'm scheduled to plant tomatoes that day. I'll have to check.

-----Original Message----- From: Cary Kennedy [] Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2005 9:53 PM To: Danny Patterson Subject: Fwd: Master Rugby Classic April 3rd Dorey Park

Hey Danny,

Can you participate? If you are out of shape that is not an acceptable beg off.

Best regards,