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Have Mill-Will Travel

Our portable sawmill is located in historic James City County, Virginia close to ancient Williamsburg,--- Cary Kennedy would be delighted to hear from you.

Our mill is portable and we can travel to your site to transform your logs into valuable lumber for your woodshop or construction project. Or We can custom cut your order at our location.

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Cary by his LT-27 Mill

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Frequently asked questions:

What species and size of log do you saw?

answer: We will saw any variety of wood. The mill will saw any log up to 20 feet long with a maximum diameter of 30 inches.

Do you cut down trees and recover and move logs to the mill?

answer: Yes, we do, but our primary service is sawing and your best value derived from our service is to have the logs cut to length and arranged parallel ready to be loaded on the cutting bed.

How do you charge?

answer: We bill by the hour or by the board foot. Our hourly rate of $95/hr with a sawyer and off loader is generally your best value in contracting our sawing service. Blade and travel expenses may be involved. Larger jobs that involve more than two working days with proper set up can be contracted by the board foot.

How much lumber will your mill produce?

answer: If the lumber is of sufficient quality and size with diameters exceeding 15 inches to a maximum of 30inches and the logs are lined up and ready to be loaded on the mill, you can expect a production of 100- 200 board feet per hr.

What do you mean by "sufficient quality?"

answer: The log is clear of branch stumps,knots,dirt, and rot and has minimal taper from end to end.

What is a board foot?

answer: "Board Foot" is a unit of volume that equals a volume of wood 12 inches wide,12 inches long,1 inch thick.

How can I estimate the Board Feet in my logs? Answer: Go to the Scale. More Calculators

How much does clear dried hardwood, such as, oak,walnut, and popular retail for at established suppliers like Lowes?

answer: You can expect to pay over $4 a board foot; on select varieties the price can exceed $10 a board foot. A single board could cost you $50 easily. Contracting for a portable sawmill can be an extremely attractive value.

Can I just buy lumber from you and not contract for sawing services?

answer:Yes, we have air dried cherry,red and white oak,popular, and black walnut for sale. Very attractive prices--will custom cut to your specification.

Can I deliver logs to you for milling?

answer: Yes, but our primary value to you is milling the log on your site to avoid the cost and time of hauling.

How large is the mill? Is it noisy? How much room do we need to mill logs?

answer: The mill is about 20 feet long and the bandsaw is powered by a gasoline engine that produces less noise than a lawmower. The mill requires about 400 square feet to operate efficiently not counting the lay down area for the logs parallel to the mill. The mill requires reasonably level firm ground.

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