email sent Nov 2000 from Mark to Cary

Cary - Yes, we have with some very good and some not so good experiences.

#1 - figure out what position you think can really benefit your team. I always think that you go right up the middle hooker or tighthead, #8, #10, #15. Depending upon your strength of competition?? My guess would be that #10 would be best - goal kicker - playmaker and the position generally requires an outgoing personality. I don't know your league or comp. but I would go with a #10. At the AC - we tend to opt for forwards #2,#3 and #8 for their ability to lead a pack as we have a historically had a good group of backs.

#2 - Compensation - this goes beyond $$ - you Richmond/Williamsburg-ites do a have an advantage with lower cost housing and jobs - you can over compensate for actual payments with a decent job. Generally - a round trip airticket - several grand and a job is going to do it. Aim low and see what they say. South Africans are usually a bargain for obvious reasons - I get tons of youngsters looking to come over. If your team has any connection to some local colleges that could be a good place to plop a younger kid. Oops - forgot - you suburbanites will probably have to provide him with a car.

#3 - Manage expectations - give him a clear picture of your club - its playing level and commitment level. If you only manage 15-20 guys at training give him that color. You don't want a pissed off and sulking KIWI moping around Richmond for 3-6months.

#4 - Clearly define what you expect from him - training twice a week - working with the players on skills. I would also see if you can get him to the local colleges - skills and recruiting for your club.

#5 - Get recommendations - from other US clubs or US based foreigners who know the person. You need to try to get a personality fit.

I hope some of this helps.


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