Long Westerlund,Gus Eckert,Otis Day,Whitney Lester,Bruce Weave,Greg Weaver

William and Mary Rugby Alumni dinner Jan 16,2010 at Jeff Heineman's nationally famous restaurant,The Grapeseedbistro,was a massive success. Thank you to all that showed. Special thanks to Jeff Heinemen and his staff for superb food,wine, and service.

We had 27 paricipants with players from Tribe rugby spanning four decades. Keynote appearance by founder and Captain of William and Mary RFC and rugby legend,Courtney Hoopes. Toasts and speeches from our Chairman and former Tribe Captain,Jon Hill,former Captain,Greg Hildebrand,former Captain,Dustin Dunbar,former 3 yr Match Secretary and Tribe Historian,Nick Huth.

Courtney Hoopes,Ross Spicer, Nick Huth

Kyle Petronella,John Smith,Chris White,Andy Newman,Dustin Dunbar

Kyle Petronella,Dan Souleles,John Regina,Dustin Dunbar,Jon Hill

Everything below the lines is pertinent to pre dinner details

Brian,Bruce,Gus,Whit,John,Cary at World Cup Sevens 2008

William and Mary Rugby
Alumni Dinner
Sat Jan 16th,2010

We are going to the nationally famous Grapeseedbistro,groovy restaurant,4865 Cordell Ave,Bethesda Maryland, for the nearly famous and venue for political tricksters left and right, Saturaday,January 16th for a very special dinner hosted by Chef/Owner Jeff Heineman,former mighty lock for William and Mary Rugby.

Start making plans with job and family that will allow your to attend. Wives,girlfriends,and/or babe of the month are welcome.


first course: some raw fish and braised Daikon, miso butter

second course: choice of: jerusalem artichoke soup or Wild Mushroom Fricassee over trufled polenta

third Course: Choice of: Pan Roasted Filet, Horseradish Mashed Potatoes, Oxtail Ragout or Seared Dorade, Hayman Potatoes, Pickled Shiitakes

Dessert My,Chef's Choice - we are changing our dessert offerings, I will have something for you

I will have some red and white wines picked out, about one bottle for every two people, after that Cash bar. $75 inclusive.

vegetarian entrée available ( $300 for them)


Original side of 1971-founder behind the ball Courtney Hoopes
Left-right standing Mark Koratash,Bill Magner,Doug Cravele,Ed McGuire,Jim Bouis,unknown,Lou Lerner,Scott Back, Jeremy Goddard
Kneeling Mike Scarse,Mike Wellford,Courtney Hoopes,unknown,Dick Hackman,Bill Smith

Rugby Practice Side late 80s,pictured in no particular order Ross Spicer,Jon Hill,Anthony Royer,Austin Manual,John Ferrell,Jeff Heineman,Robbie Brown,Bruce Weaver,Wendell Taylor,Chris Charuhas,Steve Flynn,Dan Fitzgerald,Whitney Lester,Cary Kennedy,Doug Pierson,Mike Kliesus,Jim Boyd,Greg Hare

Interested? Contact Cary 757 532 1356 now. You must be on the guestlist and confirmed to be included.

Chef Heineman insists that all are included on the guestlist. No partycrashers! You may crash Whitehouse receptions but never the Grapeseedbistro.

How do you get on the guestlist? Call or email Cary.

How do you confirm? Prepay your dinner. Cost is $75 per person which includes a world class fixed price menu,wine,all taxes and gratuities

Jeff Heineman will be publishing our menu soon. No substitutions,please. If you are vegetarian,please let us know IN ADVANCE. Dinner starts at 8:30pm followed by toasts,introductions,and speeches by our Club founder Courtney Hoopes,our Alumni Chairman Jon Hill, and current Captain Ben Arancibia.

We meet at Flanagan's Harp and Fiddle Pub @7:30pm for hospitality about 30 yards from the front door of Grapeseedbistro Restaurant and Wine Bar.

You can send dollars instantly and securely online via paypal.com. Your payment address is wmrugby@gmail.com,or you can send personal check,payable to William and Mary Rugby Alumni Association ("WM Rugby AA"), Send check to Cary Kennedy,9405 Barnes Road,Toano,Virginia,23168. Call Cary and tell him your check is in the mail. You must have the redball by your name to be "confirmed" for the guestlist. You know you are going so take care of pesky money matters. Your prepaid dollars are fully refundable if you notify Cary 48 hrs prior to our soiree at the famous Grapeseedbistro.

DRESS IS SMART CASUAL=sport coat and favorite Christmas tie

Guestlist of interested. Redball by your name indicates your confirmation. Jeff will prepare food based upon REDBALL COUNT.

Day,John D.
Whits Babe 
Souleles Dan


Jeff Heineman,John Ferrell, and Wendell Taylor
at Practice @Mathew Whaley late 80s

Directions and Map to Grapeseedbistro


Kathleen and Cary are staying at Doubletree/Hilton 8120 Wisconson Ave,one block from Grapeseedbistro. Good rate. prepay room for $87,book room with no deposit for about $20 more. Email Mike Hibler at hotels.com for this outstanding rate at fine full service hotel. Mike Hibler mhibler@hotels.com

Most powerful Tribe 7 a side at Cape Fear Sevens,Wilmington NC,July 91?,Brian Hightower,CR,Wendell Taylor,Don Noone,Steve Flynn,Bruce Weaver,Tim Sampson,Jeff Heineman,Ken Flynn

Tim Sampson,Cary Kennedy,Jeff Heineman,Bruce Weaver,Lester Whitney,Don Noone at Lud's Remembrance reception Great Hall Wren Building Sept 2003.

Greg Hildebrand up for ball v Navy,late 90s

Cary and Brian Hightower at Aspen Ruggerfest Sept 2006.
Virginia Cardinals took three sides to the Ruggerfest competing in the 34/45/50 division.

Bruce Weaver and Mark Ludvigsen Video


Cary: Well, now I'm getting pissed off (a little). I responded months ago that Jan 16 is good for me and that I would be attending. So, I'm not on the list; okay, I can deal with that. However, you've also got no pictures of me on the web page advertising the event. I was there several years back, when the only people who turned up at Grapeseed with you were Whitney, Eckert, Weaver--and me. Also, who was with you out at the San Diego Sevens a few years ago? Whitney, Eckert, Weaver, Hightower--and me. You've got to give me some credit here, Cary. Okay, my performances on the pitch weren't memorable, but I've been turning up (like a bad penny) over and over through the years. I'll be there on Jan 16--and looking forward to it, my friend. Take care, and happy new year. John D. Day 703.338.7051 mobile John_D_Day@yahoo. com
From: "Huth, Nicholas" View contact detailsTo: cary@richmondrugby.netI would describe my status as " all systems are GO". I will flying solo. I actually drove to the post office to mail my check to you today. Have you got any of our old Tribe killer Bee jerseys?
Hello Andy, Honored that you can make the soiree. In regard to friendly "scrimmage early in the day," Yes!,it starts at Fiddle and Harp Irish Pub about 30 yds from the front door of the Grapeseedbistro. cheers,Cary --- On Sun, 12/6/09, andrew goldkuhle wrote: From: andrew goldkuhle Subject: Re: Jan 16th WM rugby Dinner To: "Cary Kennedy" Date: Sunday, December 6, 2009, 8:20 PM I am, I just tend to think week to week....is there going to be a scrimage earlier in the day perhaps?
Hi Cary, I am in for the dinner on the 16th. Thanks for organizing this. I will mail or paypal my check shortly. John Regina
From:"Greg Hildebrand" View contact detailsTo: "Cary Kennedy" Cary, I am in... --greg
I'm in--if we're bringing significant others, it just makes it that much easier. Thanks. John D. Day 703.338.7051 mobile John_D_Day@yahoo.com
From: "Ross Spicer" View contact detailsTo: wm_rugby_alumni@yahoogroups.com My wife and I will be there. Thanks for setting it up Cary. Ross & Nicole Spicer
Cary, You can count my wife and I in for the dinner. We'll be traveling down from Philly for the dinner and will probably stay the night in the area. Or...will this be a "shoot the boot", don't bring the wife kind of dinner?? We can't wait! Matt Scranton, '06
From:"Whitney Lester" whitneylester@yahoo.com To: "Cary Kennedy" cary@richmondrugby.net Cary, Excellent to see you last week. Thanks so much for helping to make that night a great one for the family. Great fun. I am definitely in for the 16th. I will decide in the very near future whether to book slots for just me or for my girlfriend as well. If Bruce, Gus, etc, all are flying solo, I might do the same. Thanks again for setting things up with Heineman! See you soon. Whit
From: Andrew Brudevold-Newman apnewman@gmail.com Subject: Wm rugby dinner To: cary@richmondrugby.net Date: Wednesday, December 2, 2009, 5:07 PM I'm interested in a good night
I would love to attend, but may be far away..... Steve Vogel can be my representative.. David J. Erickson III, Ph.D. Computational Earth Sciences Group Computer Science and Mathematics Division Oak Ridge National Laboratory P. O. Box 2008, MS 6016 Oak Ridge, TN 37831 Phone: 865-574-3136 Fax: 865-576-5491 ericksondj@ornl.gov FEDEX: One Bethel Valley Rd.
From:"Kyle Petronella" kylepetronella@gmail.com To: cary@richmondrugby.net Cary, I am definitely interested in the Alumni dinner in January. At this point, there is a chance I will be in California, but for now, count me in. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Kyle
From: "Chris White" cewhite4@gmail.com To: wm_rugby_alumni@yahoogroups.com Cary, I am in for dinner on the 16th. Thanks for setting this up. As you may have guessed from my slow response, I can't make the tournament tomorrow. Good luck and I'll see you on the 16th. Chris