Lions/Gents post match

March 20th,2004

Age and treachery prevailed today over youth and enthusiasm as the Va.Gents exploded in the second half with three tries to put the match away. Phil Bassett at 8 was particulary effective attacking from the base of the scrum and moving to the middle of the field and off loading to exploding centers Danny Patterson,Will Thornton,and John Lawrence. Paul Keal at 10 keep the pressure off with booming clearing kicks and astounding defense. The play was surprisingly intense for a fun friendly match and The Gents were pressed hard on defense to contain Cody Sutton,Mongo,and Brian Patterson.

It was especially nice to see Todd Sowder back on the pitch after a long patch with back problems. Todd can run,sees the field, and makes plays like no other flanker in living memory.

Todd and Will


Phil and daugther

Pete Sweet



Gents March 2004 left to right standing Paul Keal,John Lawrence,Will Thornton,Kenny,Phil Bassett,Stuart Corker,Rudy Miller,Brian Burnett,Doug Lubking,Marty Edrich,Mike Toole,Ted Dinch,Todd Sowder,Charlie Grant,knelling left to right Tom Oxenham,Stephen Massey,Greg Schaale,Rackley