Virginia Gentlemen
Rugby Football Club

May 18th,2014

standing Stuart "Boomer" Willis,Brad Davis,Rob Seiler,Wil Thornton,Doug Lubking,Rob Bridges,Tommy Abbot,Charles Grant,knelling Jon Leach,Tim Dakanavich,Rory Lewis,Mike Witter,Eric Griese,Cary Kennedy

Wow,what a match yesterday. Every ruck was hand to hand warfare. We tackled like demons. Did not feel like a olboy match,flashbacks to the seventies when the players and refs did not really know the laws so the boots sorted out our differences. Thank you all! Twas a time machine. Brad Davis was a stud for finishing the match with one arm and executing the perfect drop goal. Jonathon Leach was mvp with a a break away try and an old fashion power try 6 meters out,dragging defenders the last three. Feel good,Boys, you are the best. Special mention to Tim "Cider Man" for delicious home brew.

Charles Lewis Grant It was a great effort and as cary said, it didn't feel like traditional Old Boys. The fact is, we don't like them much and they don't like us much and that's why we keep playing each other. Don't know about you guys, but I felt like someone had hit me with a bat when I got up this a.m. Let's set our sights on Monk Vaughan 7s and heal up for next fall.

Mike Witter

Cary Kennedy and Rory Lewis

Jonathon Leach

Tim Dakanavich

Wil Thornton,Rob Bridges,Charlie Grant